Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The One With The Psychic..

For the sake of this post, lets call the psychic John Smith.

Last night, I went to see a medium/psychic. The last time I had heard of John was the day that Princess was born. My Mum and Aunty had gone to a reading with him before coming to see me at the hospital. (I will add by the way my family had already been to see me once that day - they didn't blow me off in favour of a reading!)

When my Mum arrived at the hospital, she told me what he had said. My Grandma had died before Princess was born and it still fills me with huge sadness that she never got to meet her. Apparently, this psychic said to my Mum upon meeting her for the first time in his life: "Your Mum said, tell your daughter she is beautiful and congratulations." This man did not know my Mum, did not know that her daughter had just given birth just 12 hours previously, and didn't even know that my Mum had lost her own Mother only 6 months prior. He also picked up on the name Amelia which is what I had planned on calling Princess originally.

Now it's needless to say, my hopes were high. I miss my Grandma so much, I was hoping for a little piece of anything. A little sign that she had been watching over me or Princess.

I went in to the room with sweaty palms, shaking hands and a pounding heartbeat.

John Smith was not what I expected. He sat at the table, phone by his side, an earring in his right ear and soft blue eyes. He was blunt and straight to the point. He told me he didn't "fuck about". He wasn't going to lie to me and he would tell me straight up what he was hearing about me. He didn't predict the future as such, just what he could see happening within the next 12months.

One of the first things he guessed is that Princess has recently been diagnosed with asthma. Straight away he knew that. He also told me she would be fine.

After that, it all seemed to go a little downhill. He told me my Grandma was with him and that she was telling him that "I was highly strung, high maintenance and needed to tone it down a bit." If I could believe it, I would have. Except that the one thing my Grandma always said about me was "I was so laid back, I may as well be lying down." She admired me for my coolness, my ability to stay calm and the fact that I didn't let much bother me. As soon as he said those words, I knew it wasn't true.

He also told me that I had found a good man in Ross. He didn't see marriage happening any time soon, which was more to do with me than it was with him. He said that Ross would never cheat on me. Those bits I believe. I wasn't astounded, any person could say that just to make someone feel better, but I do truly believe that. Things were looking up.

Until he said that I was far too hard on Ross and I needed to lay off him a bit. I know a lot of women like this, and don't get me wrong, I am far from perfect.. but that part was so wrong it was almost laughable. I don't do confrontation. Even if I'm seething with anger, I don't confront people and I am not argumentative. It's not often I ask Ross to do anything. I am a perfectionist and like things done my way, so I do them myself without fuss. He leads a fairly easy life in those terms. I don't stop him from doing anything and it's very rare we even argue.

I left the room feeling quite disappointed.

Nothing that he had told me wasn't something I hadn't already mentioned. He summarised that Ross and I argue but all couples do, it was nothing to worry about. Things were looking up on the job front for Ross, he is going to find work soon. Princess's asthma is fine and nothing to worry about. My Great Grandad is really poorly but he's not going anywhere any time soon. I may have a baby within the next 12 months. I suffer anxiety but my depression is thankfully under control. We want to move house but money won't allow us to,and he doesn't see it in the next 12 months. I have no health issues. I am a high maintenance bitch and I need to stop it.

None of this stuff is news to me. Also quite a chunk of it untrue. And the majority of it he told me after he'd already asked me.

Oh.. he also asked if I'd had a miscarriage or if anyone I knew had recently had one. I wasn't sure if maybe he had gotten this mixed up with the cyst on my ovary, but that's a pretty big mix up.

Overall, I wasn't impressed. I wouldn't pay money to see him again. He was a lovely bloke, very reassuring and calming as he told me I was a horrible cow and I was lucky Ross put up with my shit.. but in the end I felt deflated and like he was a bit of a fraud.

Everyone else seemed quite impressed with their reading and I feel guilty that I've put doubt in to some of their minds. He'd been a lot more accurate and specific with everyone else, I'm left with the feeling I'm quite hard to read. He spent a lot of time looking at me like he was confused or trying to gouge information from my eyes. Obviously, it didn't happen and he's not a mind reader.

I would still go to see a psychic again.. but I wouldn't get my hopes up. After I'd got home and gone over everything he had said, I ended up feeling quite upset. I felt like a horrible person and was left wondering why the people I loved the most that had passed away hadn't been mentioned. I know this wasn't his fault.. how was he to know that my Grandma was the most important person in my life for many years and that Ross's Mum had recently passed away? Neither of those subjects came up and I found I'd been hoping they had.

I feel like John Smith is a bit of a fraud. There is no doubt in my mind he is excellent at picking up on body language and little titbits of information.. but apart from that, I definitely didn't feel like I'd had my future predicted.

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Louise Fairweather said...

I soooooo want to believe in psychics but Derren Brown is pretty good at convincing you that they are all frauds xx