Monday, 6 January 2014

The Worlds Most Amazing Blackhead Killer!

Through some sort of crazy miracle, I am very lucky to have nice skin. It isn't oily, tends to be a little dry but nothing a touch of moisturizer can't sort out.

I know how lucky I am. I have never really suffered with spots the way most teenagers do. I have the odd one that breaks out every now and again but it disappears just as quickly as it came. It is soft. Minus a few moles here and there, I don't have any complaints.

Ross on the other hand suffers rather badly with his skin. From a young age, he has suffered from what the Doctors call 'cystic acne'. I don't think they really know what his skin condition is, or what causes is, but it is something that doesn't go away. It isn't teenage acne that disappears after a few years and it isn't a 'break-out' that most of us have had to endure at least once in our lives.

He has scars. On his face, neck and upper back. He gets the odd cyst on his arm that bursts. Blackheads seem to appear daily and I will help him get rid of them. I must love him considering I can't even pop my own spots. But I see him suffer and I do anything I can to help.

Most people don't notice it when they look at him. I don't. To me, his skin tells a story and it is every much a part of him as Princess and I are.

Recently, StyleLux sent a couple of Blackhead Killer masks to try out. After relating to them my lack of skin troubles, I asked if I could use this on Ross and relate to you my readers his story and his experience. Basically, this is his review.

The face mask itself is a thick and sticky black like substance. Despite this, it's easy to apply. It's also helpful as you can see exactly the areas you have missed and where to apply more. After about 20 minutes or so, the mask will dry in to a rubbery texture which you can then peel away.

The one thing I will advise on this, especially for men, is make sure you shave before hand. This mask really gets in to your pours and will rip out any piece of hair you have on your face. I made sure I avoided eyebrows and hairline.

I couldn't tell you from personal experience, but Ross says it is quite painful to remove the mask. Not unendurable pain but definitely uncomfortable. However, because of this, you know it's working.

The result is instantaneous. Straight away I could see the difference in his skin. It was clearer and less red. Any blackheads that the mask failed to pull out completely, had been drawn to the skin and we were able to get them out easily.

Ross commented on how much better his skin felt. It felt tight and soft and after applying a bit of moisturiser, any pain he had felt went away.

It couldn't have hurt him that much because we have been repeating this once a week!

I'm tempted to try it on myself. I honestly would if I had any blackheads on my face but I really am lucky to not have any. I'm just a bit worried if I did apply it, with the absence of blackheads, what would I be pulling off my face!?

It costs just £14.95 for a 5 pack of Blackhead Killers from StyleLux. Usually I would only spend so much on a moisturiser, but I really would say that these masks are worth it.

Seeing the change in Ross's skin right before my eyes is proof enough to me of the effects the masks can have. We will continue buying these from now on, even if they don't cure his skin completely, any sort of relief they can give him is worth it.

We were kindly sent these Blackhead Killer masks for the purpose of this review.

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25castleson25clouds said...

I feel his pain, I get spots if my skin is too dry, too oily, if I get stressed.. honestly the list goes on! Do you have a link I could follow as I would be keen to try something that works. The only thing I have found so far is sunlight, but I can't afford a move to sunnier climates!