Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Grumblebees

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Princess has taken to school life like a fish to water and I have no doubt in my mind that she loves every second of it.

She will often tell us stories of what she's been up to that day, what stories they've read and charm us with newly learned nursery rhymes. The last week or so however, she's been different.

She won't sleep.

Now in Princess world, this is nothing new. She stopped napping at 10months old, will often still be awake gone 10pm at night and bright as a button in the morning. This time though, it was something different keeping her awake. She was scared.

This is new for us. There's not much that scares Princess. Don't get me wrong, she has the odd small anxieties like shadows in her bedroom and she was rather freaked out by the Scream masks during the Halloween period - but nothing has ever scared her enough to stop her from even venturing upstairs.

I've been on annual leave from work for nearly a fortnight so I initially thought it may be the change in routine. After about the 4th or so night of melt downs, tears and tantrums whilst trying to get her to bed, she finally succumbed and told us the reason.

She was frightened of the Grumblebees.

A flash of recognition came in to my mind. Earlier that day, on the way to nursery, she had told me that once we got home she was going to help me tidy my bedroom. When I asked why she said that if my room wasn't tidy, then the Grumblebee's would come and get me. I didn't think much of it at first, just assumed it was a story she'd heard, or even one she'd created - her imagination is huge.

Later that night though, after again another round of tears trying to get her to bed, we gave in and left her be on the sofa. She was quiet for a while, fiddling with her fingers and I assumed it was because she was tired. Eventually she came over to me crying and showed me her hands. She had picked her nail right down, and then had even started picking it across so only half of her nail was left.

When I asked her why she had done it, she said because she was tired.

I could have cried. My happy, confident and bright girl had physically hurt herself in order to stay awake. She was that terrified of going to sleep.

I was furious. I googled the Grumblebees and found the book online. It's about 2 older bee's who teach their niece & nephew a lesson by showing them how 'gross, uncomfortable and horrible' things can be when you don't 'clean up after yourself, get enough sleep and misbehave'.

In some ways it sounds fairly innocent, but I don't agree that the nursery should have read it to her. For a start, the reading age is 4-8years which is not within the right age group anyway. I've had a word with her teacher, and explained how it's effected my girl. The teacher herself was shocked as I explained the lengths Princess had gone to in order to keep herself awake. She too was worried, and rightly so. She agreed to speak with Princess and explain to her that the stories we read in books aren't real. I'm not sure if it will work, but hopefully hearing it from someone else will help her realise.

 The nursery haven't mentioned anything since, but Princess is still afraid of the Grumblebee's; even after Grandad said he had captured them all and put them in the bin. She's not slept properly in nearly 2 weeks. The lack of sleep is causing her to be grumpy and misbehave. Ross and I are struggling to handle bedtime because she simply refuses. We've relented and agreed to let her sleep on the sofa until we go to bed, but that just means she'll mess around for as long as possible, fighting sleep.

There's not much more we can do. We've spoken to the source who have agreed to help. We've tried reading her different stories at bedtime in the hopes it will take her mind off of monsters. We've tried having her in our bed which doesn't make much difference.

All I can hope, is that it is another night time phase she will grow out of. We've always had trouble with her sleeping routine and bedtime habits - she's incapable of sticking to a routine for long. Most of the time she settles in to a routine that suits us all by herself, but after a few weeks, that routine can change. It doesn't matter how strict, persuasive or adamant we are - if she doesn't want to sleep, she's not sleeping.

In future, I will have more interaction with the nursery about the books they are reading to Princess.  I don't want it to get to this point again. I think her overactive imagination and the fact she's an intent listener has just allowed her to misinterpret the story. But even so, I think parents should have more involvement in the books they read to our children. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Weeks That Were - Sports, Reports & MOT's

Since my Clean 9 results, I've been pretty quiet over here - I've been enjoying my new found weight loss. Also, not much interesting has happened.

Although over the past few weeks, TONNES has happened. However, because so much has happened, I haven't had the time to update the blog.

We saw Princess take part in her very first sports day! I won't bore you with loads of pictures - mainly because the school doesn't allow any to be shared on social media - but I was so proud of how well she did.

We were a bit worried at first - Princess can be competitive. However she's not the most sportiest of children. Our fears were soon dashed though as we watched her eager to take part and actually begin to enjoy herself once she got in to the swing of things. There was a hiccup during the running race, reason being because she didn't win. At first she was at the back, but next thing you know, she's overtaking kids like she's Michael Schumacher and speeds her way in to 3rd place. She could well have come 2nd if she hadn't given up at the final hurdle after realising she wasn't going to come first. There were a few tears and was adamant that was IT, but she eventually got herself back in there and went on to win the tomato & spoon race.


As well as her very first sports day, we also received Princess's first school report. I was so pleased to read the comments the teachers had written about our girl. She's confident, sociable and eager to please. She's attentive, imaginative and helpful. All of this we already knew, but don't get to see as much of at home. They don't set targets in the first year at nursery as the teacher said all children start with a clean slate - neither of them better or worse at something than another child. When September starts the will all receive individual evaluations that they will base their reports on. Right now though, we are so proud of where she is. She has fitted in to school routine so well, and I know that given the chance, she would go at least 3 days a week rather than the afternoons she does now.

 Unfortunately, all of this wonderful praise coming our way over our brilliant daughter, could  not help the car pass it's MOT. When Ross called me and told me it had failed - I wasn't surprised. We had expected it to fail over the CV boot (I don't know what that is - I'm just pretending) However, it failed on more than that. The handbrake wasn't working properly and the brake pipes were severely corroded.

After a quick trip to Ross's friend at the garage at the top of our road - we were informed that the pipes weren't corroded, just had surface rust. At most, it should have been an advisory, nowhere near a fail. We panicked. We didn't have the money to replace them at £300+. So we did the next best thing... we cleaned them. That's right, yours truly got underneath a jacked up Vauxhall Vectra with a scrubbing brush, some sandpaper and some grease and cleaned away. Ross changed the brake pads to get the maximum hold from his handbrake and I scrubbed until the pipes sparkled.

It passed!

The most annoying thing about the situation is that if we'd have had the funds to replace the brake pipes - we would have. But it turns out that the fail was completely unnecessary and all they needed was a clean, not replacing. They didn't even get an advisory on the retest! That's how good of a cleaner I am! It feels like the garage failed it, hoping Ross would have paid them to fix the car when it didn't even need fixing. My tip would be that if you ever feel like your car was unfairly denied an MOT, then remember most garages will do a free brake/tyre/engine check. Get a second opinion!

So there are my weeks that were.

I feel like I'm falling behind again, but I'm trying. Things are tough, but they're looking up. We're getting on with life day by day and enjoying the good parts whilst we can.

Monday, 30 June 2014

10 Random Facts About Me

So I'm totally bored, suffering from insomnia and I've had a few too many glasses of wine. This has all lead to you've guessed it.. 10 facts about me! I will try to make them as random as possible, but really.. who knows? Let's see..

If I were 2 inches shorter I would be classed as a dwarf. I really am that short. I just about reach exactly 5ft (or so my Doctor says) so stood next to most people, I'm very little. And people like to point this fact out. All. The. Time. They also tend to pick me up when they hug me. Just so you know.. that's not okay.

I was offered the chance to go to a private girls school on scholarship. That's right bitches, I'm actually quite clever. I aced my SAT's in Primary School and my teacher put me forward for a scholarship to continue my education and it was successful. Unfortunately being so young, I turned it down in favour of going to secondary school with my friends. I was also a bit nervous about the uniform. It didn't end too badly though, I passed all GCSE's with Grade C or higher and I have A Levels in Sociology and Psychology *pops collar*


I was not named after the film "Play Misty for Me". Seriously. Every single person who I have ever had to say my name to (usually at work - so for the past 8 years) has asked me this question. For the record, my Mum has stated I was named after the song Misty Blue (the one David played for Carol on Eastenders *sob*) although my Grandma would always state it was because of the colour of my eyes. I would have been called Misty Blue were it not for my surname.. That's just child abuse.

I can roughly type up to 300+ words per minute. Clearly I spend too much time on the computer, but I once timed myself whilst typing - it's actually ridiculous. As you can imagine I also touch type, I don't look at the keyboard whilst typing which I'm sure most of you don't. I'm surprised I don't have carpal tunnel. Customers are usually quite impressed with this skill.

My favourite food is onion ring crisps. I'm not even joking. I will eat those bad boys until I can't feel the roof of my mouth. I refuse to buy them anymore because I'm convinced they are the reason I am fat.

I have no tattoo's or piercings. Apart from my ears, and I cried when I had them done. I had my ears pierced originally at the age of 8 (I think - correct me if I'm wrong Mum!) but after a bash to the head in the school playground, they fell out. I didn't pluck up the courage again until I was 14, and I cried whilst walking around Primark. Since then I've never dared have any other piercing and tattoo's terrify me, despite wanting one desperately.

I prefer my own company. Whilst I love going out with friends or spending an evening on the sofa watching TV with Ross.. I like to spend time by myself. I enjoy getting lost in a book, creating a blog post (more creative than this, obv) thinking about my novel, painting my nails or even just cleaning up. If I spend too much time around other people I start to get stressed and anxious and retreat in to myself. I need my alone time.

I can't swim. Like seriously.. I just can't. I took lessons all of my life - even took private lessons. Tried to teach myself, had friends try to teach me.. but it just won't happen. I have an inexplicable fear of deep water. I could probably swim enough to save my life (if a boat started to sink right next to the beach) but I've never been able to get the hang of it. I've nearly drowned several times in my attempt to learn to swim, but I just can't do it. I don't float.. I sink. Fat bitch.

I can drink most men under the table. Srsly. I may be short, but I can handle my drink. I am usually the last person standing at most parties and apart from my strange inability to do shots in one go, I can handle my liquor like a sailor. I don't drink pints - pints are for pansies. What are they, like 4% alcohol? Be a man and drink a glass of wine! I once drank a large bottle of malibu, several alcopops, 4 beers, more shots than I can count and a bottle of wine, and was still standing. My poor, poor liver.

I had my 16th Birthday party in a police station. And not because I was locked up for being drunk and disorderly. My Grandad was a police officer and they had a bar upstairs in the station - seriously - most stations have these. Most of the "orange juices" laid out had vodka in them, I remember sneaking off to the toilet for fags, having a tour of the room where they kept confiscated items (including drugs and weapons) and some random bloke playing the bagpipes. We had karaoke, where we belted out Bon Jovi, I had friends sneaking out for spliffs outside (I'm actually serious) and going home pissed as a fart. That was also the year I got my Tinkerbell suitcase which Ross's niece Millie-Jayne now owns. That was a GOOD birthday. Did I mention.. it was a surprise party?

So there you have it.. 10 RANDOM facts about me. Took me ages to think of those.

What random facts about yourself do you have?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Final Update - Clean 9 #foreverliving

So that's it.. it's all over!

Well sort of.. It's been 11 days since I started the Clean 9 detox and I still have some of the products left so I have decided to continue it as long as possible.

I'm sad it's over. I've thoroughly enjoyed having the routine of my supplements and shakes, planning out healthy meals and deciding on exercise. If I'm honest, I could have done more on the work-out front, but it's difficult to find time most mornings trying to get myself ready for work and a toddler ready for nursery.. but I suppose that can be a work-out in itself!

My final measurements are in and I can say I'm seriously pleased with the outcome. Here are my final results!

Arm: 28cm (-2)
Waist: 28inch (-4)
Hip: 37inch (-3)
Thigh: 21inch (-2)
Chest: 35inch (-1)

That's a total of 10inches and 2cm lost in 9 days!! You really cannot argue with those figures. If I had a way to take a picture of the measuring tape whilst measuring myself, I would, just to prove that I really am not lying. It just seems too good to be true! I'm still in shock myself and am utterly mystified as to how.

I understand the Clean 9 detox, but such fab results in such a short amount of time is something I could have never expected. My main reckoning is that my body was used to such bad habits that as soon as I detoxed, the results were instant. It flushed the bad habits out of my body and got straight in to the new routine with ease.

It was still far easier than I ever expected it to be. All the girls at work (minus one!) are convinced that they wouldn't be able to do it. The main thing that seems to put people off is the 2 days of not eating. In all honesty - and I have no reason to lie - those days were far easier than the 3rd day. It might just be me, but I can assure you, I didn't struggle as much as I thought.

The thing I will miss the most is the milkshake. I ran out today and was gutted. I managed to just about scrape breakfast in to my day, but I definitely didn't have enough left for lunch. It was the first time I had eaten anything at lunch in 11 days, and I struggled. I only had a mugshot and I struggled to finish it - it felt odd eating food in the daytime again. I am seriously considering purchasing a tub of the shake mix, just so I can continue going as long as possible.

Now on to the weight!

I can now officially state that my weight is... *drumroll*


That's a total LOSS of 13lb in 9 days. INCREDIBLE! I am now 9.4stone weighing in at 59.8kg! It feels amazing!!


I honestly cannot rave about the Clean 9 enough. From the aloe vera gel that I had to chug whilst holding my nose, to the shake that tastes like Ben & Jerrys cookie dough ice cream, I will definitely miss it all.

Who knows, I may go for it again in a couple of months! I'm going to see how I can go with losing weight myself, and if I come to a plateau, I know exactly who to call. 

If you have any doubts or concerns about the Clean 9 plan, you can ask away in Chrissy's very own Facebook page dedicated solely to cheering on her companion detox lovers. We're all there for each other along the way, sharing tips and advice, giving each other a cheer when we get the results we want, and being there for each other when it's tough. If you fancy an invite to ask some questions, or even for a nosy around the page then just ask either myself or Chrissy and we can sort that out for you. There are before & after pictures galore in the group, all from REAL members.

All details can be found below. And DON'T forget, Chrissy is offering £15 off for all orders of the Clean 9 for any and all readers of this blog. Just mention me when you pop over and receive your discount!


Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 8 - Clean 9 Detox #foreverliving

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of my Clean 9 detox. It's absolutely flown by!

If I'm honest, as excited as I was to start the cleanse, I was also dreading it. I love those nights when I finish a stressful day at work and I can enjoy a bottle glass of wine and pig out on dinner and chocolate. I wasn't looking forward to giving any of that up, especially not for 9 days. It felt like a lifetime.

But I can honestly say, I have enjoyed every minute. I won't lie, it's been tough, but it has been so, so worth it.

I feel fantastic. I'm walking with more confidence. I'm loving that my clothes are feeling that little bit looser - although where I'll find the money to buy more, I don't know. I feel refreshed, energetic and completely rejuvenated.. and all thanks to the Clean 9.

I had my doubts, as I'm sure most of you have. But this isn't just another review post. My friend trusted me enough with this product to purchase it out of her own pocket, and have me review it. If she wasn't confident in the results, she wouldn't have done it. I have her to thank for everything.

Tomorrow will be my last weigh in day. Of course I will update with results, weight loss, measurements and a few pictures. I still wish I had taken better before pictures, just to truly highlight the difference. Even if there isn't much to be seen, I can definitely feel the difference.

I still have plenty of aloe vera gel and shake left, still some bee pollen and garcinia supplements, so I will continue to follow the same plan until they've ran out. After that, I may just buy some more to keep going. Nothing beats the feeling of completely kick starting your body in to a healthier lifestyle and actually wanting to keep at it.

I've had loads of interest in the Clean 9 since I began, and I'm thrilled. Not only for Chrissy as it is helping expand her business, but because I want everyone to know how amazing this product really is. I want others to experience the amazement when they stop on to the scales after those first 2 days. I want them to be excited when it comes to their first meal and realising that actually, they can do this and it's not so hard after all.

Chrissy is still offering £15 off to any one who orders the Clean 9 detox from herself. If you would like any information on the Clean 9 or any of it's products, then use the information below and get in touch! Even if you just want to be added to the Facebook group, just get in touch with me on Twitter or give Chrissy a text with your name. It's as easy as that!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 6 - WEIGH IN DAY - Clean 9 #foreverliving

So we're here again. Weigh in day! 6 days in to the Clean 9 detox and I am feeling fantastic.

I am absolutely full of energy! Which actually means a lot coming from someone who suffers with anemia, works and runs a home!

My nails are more solid than they've ever been, which I'm guessing isn't just a happy coincidence.

I am enjoying food like never before. I like planning my meals around a healthier lifestyle, it's just making me more determined to keep going once the cleanse is over.

After speaking with Chrissy, she advised that by day 6 there is usually only a loss of around 1lb. This is because between days 4-5, you tend to put a few pounds back on whilst your body adjusts to it's new intake of food. It's not surprising to be honest and I wasn't expecting much when I stepped on to the scales.

The needle hasn't moved.

I'm not disappointed with this at all. It still means that I have lost 11lb and managed to keep it off. To lose any more would just be greedy!

My inches however, have changed:

Arm: 28cm (0)
Waist: 28.5inch (-3.5)
Hip: 38inch (-1)
Thigh: 21inch: (-0.5)
Chest: 35inch (-1)

That's a total of a 6inch loss total! I just cannot believe I've lost 3.5inches on my waist, that's amazing!

Before Clean 9 and Day 6!

The one part of me that I was most wanting to lose weight was my hip area. This in general meant my fat middle - rather than measure my ass, I measured my jelly belly. This is the part of me I hate the most. I don't care how many people tell me it's common after children, and especially a c-section, I absolutely despise it. So when my Mum took a picture today from the side, I was amazed by how much it has actually gone down by losing just 2 inches!

I am so excited for Day 9. I wish I had taken better before pictures just so I could show the results in their true form.

Once again, I have surprised myself. I didn't think I'd stick to this plan, but I'm so pleased that I have. If any of you are looking for more information on the Clean 9 or are looking to purchase the fantastic product yourself, please don't hesitate to contact Chrissy or myself on the following details. Remember, Chrissy is offering a generous £15 off the Clean 9 detox to any and all readers of this blog. Get in there quick!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 3 - WEIGH IN DAY #foreverliving Clean 9

Well today is the day!

I breezed through Day 2 without a problem. I took my garcinia, aloe gel and bee pollen tablets without a fuss and went to bed feeling excited for weigh in today!

My excitement fizzled out however before I even managed to step on the scales. I felt light headed, starving and had the shakes. For a moment I panicked and I quickly downed my milkshake in one before I could even think twice. I immediately felt better 10 minutes later so decided to take my place on the scales. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw!!

However.. they weren't the original scales I had weighed myself on. I was skeptical and not convinced. Unfortunately the original scales I weighed on were at work and I wasn't due to start until 1.30pm. The rest of the morning dragged until I finally got to work.

I made my shake ready for lunch and made my way to the scales. Stepping on them I was full of trepidation and false hope about this mornings earlier results.

I can however now confirm that I have officially lost



I don't know how I've done it. It seems to be an actual miracle. But the results are there, on 2 different sets of scales in black and white!


I am so thrilled with the results that tonight I am celebrating with my first meal since Sunday evening! I am preparing chicken with new potatoes and steamed veg. I am so excited it's unreal. Although after having to endure making Princess's packed lunch including ham cobs, yoghurts and a cake bar, I'm surprised I haven't eaten the dinner raw!

If I'm honest, I wasn't sure how well the Clean 9 was going to work. I had my doubts, just as I'm sure everyone has. But I can't argue with the results. I really, really can't. On top of that are my measurements:

Arm: 28cm (-2cm)
Waist: 32inch (0)
Hip: 39inch (-1inch)
Thigh: 21.5inch (-1.5inch)
Chest: 36inch (0)

In total that's 4.5inches I have lost. I'm glad that my chest has stayed the same though, I was secretly very worried about that! I can tell the difference on my thighs already, my current leggins and jeans are actually a bit baggy. My hip area is what I want to lose the most of so fingers crossed it keeps coming!

Once again, if you are interested in trying out the Clean 9 detox or are looking to get some information about any of it's products, then please don't hesistate to contact myself or Chrissy on the details below. Chrissy is also offering £15 off your first order of the Forever Living Clean 9, so don't miss out on a fantastic bargain!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Clean 9 - Day One!

So today is Day One of my Clean 9 Detox. I was full of anticipation when I went to bed last night, I wasn't sure I could do it.

I woke up later than usual this morning as I wasn't at work so I had a slightly later start. I was nervous about trying the aloe vera gel - after another pensive sniff, it smelt worse than I remembered. Either way I took my 2 Garcinia Plus tablets 20 minutes prior to the gel as instructed. The tablets really are huge, but they're smooth coated so go down easily. Next came the gel!

I measured my 60ml in to the cup - majorly aware I was going to have to have 2 of them - held my nose and chugged it. Needless to say, it's pretty vile. After both shots, I washed my mouth out with water and gulped as much water down as I physically could. The aftertaste sticks around for a while, but it's soon forgotten. It's important for me to remember that the gel plays a vital role in the cleanse. It's not about starvation, but about completely resetting your digestive system. The gel allows your stomach to restore itself to full working order and erase any remnants of previous bad dietary habits. Without it, the detox wouldn't work! I made sure I took my bee pollen tablets straight after and decided for my 20 minutes exercise I would take the dog for a walk.

If I'm honest it didn't particularly feel like a work out so tomorrow I'm wondering whether to go out on the bike for 20 minutes or so. Something that definitely gets my heart pumping and work up a sweat - now that's a work out!

By lunch time I was looking forward to trying out the vanilla shake. I wasn't particularly hungry, but I knew I would start to be soon. Once again I chugged down the 120ml of aloe vera gel whilst holding my nose and took my 2 bee pollen tablets. The taste wasn't any easier to handle.

The shake however, was surprisingly filling! So filling in fact that despite how delicious it was (and you're right Chrissy, it does taste like Mr Whippy!) I couldn't even finish it all. The milkshake is meant to be mixed with either skimmed milk or soya milk - considering I'm not a drink milker at all, I just used the 1% fat milk that was in the fridge. It was so tasty, I'm looking forward to tomorrow already.

Now Chrissy has asked me to be honest. Not to hold anything back and to just tell you how it is, which is what I'm going to do.

It's now past tea time and I feel absolutely fine. I'm hungry, but not starving. I'm not quite eying up the dog as my next dinner just quite yet so that's a good thing. I was so anxious before starting that I think I'm surprised and quite pleased with how well I'm feeling. There are no headaches or nausea and the hunger is completely manageable. I've read mixed things about whether Day 1 or Day 2 is the hardest - it's generally mixed opinions - but I'm not dreading tomorrow as much as I thought I would be.

I've not long taken my 3rd lot of aloe gel, garcinia and bee's pollen and I'm due another round before bed. I think I can make it, I'm feeling pretty confident in myself.

So as promised, my before pictures and stats. The pictures are fully clothed - as much as I want to prove how much this product works, I need to retain a little dignity, sorry! You can clearly see the weight around my middle area and the chunkiness of my thighs, it's definitely not a posing picture. So here goes:

The detox requires you to take measurements of yourself on Day 1. Key areas in which you are likely to lose weight and inches during the cleanse.

Weight: 66kg
 Upper Arm: 30cm
Waist: 32inch
Hip: 40inch
Thigh: 23inch
Chest: 36inch

These measurements are all roughly what I thought I was. I carry the most weight around my middle and definitely in my arse so it's no surprise that these are my biggest areas! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't lose any weight in my boobs - I quite like them as they are. 

So I am on to Day 2. Depending how it goes I may post on my progress, but if it goes okay, I'll be quiet until Wednesday.

Fingers crossed everyone!

Chrissy is offering any and every reader £15 off the Clean 9 Detox. If you're looking for some more information or even just a little bit of inspiration, contact Chrissy on the details below:


Sunday, 15 June 2014

An Introduction to the Clean 9 - Forever Living

If there's one thing in life I'm useless at, it's diets. I have only successfully dieted once in my life and that was back when I was 18 and in sixth form. I'd piled on the pounds due to boredom eating and having direct access to the schools only proper cafe. I dieted for roughly 4/5 months and lost so much weight, most people noticed.

These days however, I get myself all geared up for it.. and then I fail. I'll do brilliantly for a few weeks, maybe even lose a pound or two.. but then I find myself right back where I ended up. I blame the wine.

After a spontaneous trip to soft play with my gorgeous friend Chrissy, she asked me if I would like to try out the Clean 9 detox. I knew she had done it herself, I could see the results in her. She was definitely looking slimmer and it was noticeable. I told her I would absolutely love to try the product out but I was wary - could I spend the money only to fail? Then she came up with the idea of blogging about the detox as a review. It was a fantastic idea and I jumped at the chance. I won't fail with all of you guys watching me, surely? At least Chrissy has faith in me!

You may have heard of Forever Living before. They are a company that has seemed to have come out of nowhere but boomed in to the industry like I've never seen. Several of my friends on Facebook are reps for the company - some of them even managers earning wealthy bonuses and building a career. Chrissy however doesn't do it for the money, she does it for the Clean 9! I'm sure she's addicted.

The detox itself comes in a large box, full with the products you need to cleanse your system over the course of 9 days. Here I will show you each item and explain a little about what I will be using them for and how!

 This is what you will receive in your box for the Clean 9. Along with these you also get a measuring cup for the aloe vera gel and this awesome shaker on the right which has handy compartments to keep your bits in for on the go! Very handy for work I think! Also a complimentary measuring tape which has come in useful considering I don't even own one..


First and most importantly, the aloe vera gel. This is what I am worried about the most. After reading other peoples experiences of the gel, it isn't the best tasting thing in the world. I have smelt it and it doesn't smell too bad so fingers crossed I get on with it. The gel is a staple part of the detox and features in it every day. It's benefits are to help you maintain a healthy digestive system and a healthy energy level. Something I could definitely use more of!

Forver Lite Ultra Vanilla Shake! I'm quite looking forward to this part. As a regular and unsuccessful dieter, I have tried the SlimFast shakes many times. Again, the shake is a staple part of the detox and one that helps with the meal replacement. Just 2 shakes per day is your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals - healthier than any meal I've ever had. The shake includes aminotein which is basically a blend of enzymes used to help break down the protein of your diet - ultimately stopping you gain the weight as fast. 

Garcinia Plus - this is what I am most excited about. It aids your natural metabolism. Coming from someone who only has to sniff a packet of crisps to put on 10lb's, I'm very excited about this. The tablets themselves are absolutely huge, but luckily I'm a pro at swallowing pills. Should be a piece of cake! If not - I'll just break them in half!

Last but by no means least - Forever Bee Pollen. For some bizarre reason, I can imagine these tasting like honey, although I'm sure they don't. The bee pollen helps to maintain a healthy circulatory, digestive, immune and nervous system. Considering I suffer from irritable legs and am always ill, I am SO looking forward to trying this out. I've also recently heard that it helps massively with hayfever which is something I'm struggling with this year. The pills also include tiny amounts of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B complex and so, so much more. (If I list them all, I'm sure that'd be plagiarism considering I don't know what most of these vitamins do!) Basically, they help to boost energy and stamina - again, something I need help with. I'm so tired these days with working full time and keeping a home that I feel I need a boost!

So there you have it, the Forever Clean 9 Detox! I am so excited to start this but also a bit apprehensive. I know what my will power is like and I really don't want to fail. I am pretty certain in the results - I have several friends and family members who have done the detox and they all can't stop raving about how brilliant it is. In fact, some of them have done it more than once. 

So from now on, it is no more wine, no more crisps and no more fatty foods. From this moment on for the next 9 days, I shall be a water drinking, aloe gel sipping and bee pollen popping junkie! 

I will update with my results on each weigh in day - Day 3, Day 6 and Day 9. There will also be a post tomorrow with some before pictures (EEEEK!) and my measurements. 

In the meantime, if you are wanting any more information about this detox or are interested in trying it yourself, please don't hesitate to email myself or Chrissy! Contact can be found at the top of the page.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Delilah the Dragon

Last week saw my Mum and sister jet off to Tunisia. Being the good travel agent daughter I am, I made sure their tickets were printed, checked they'd packed everything and hid my jealousy well.

Even at the grand old age of 24 *cough* yes I know I'm not old - I miss my Mum. It feels weird not being able to pick up the phone and call her or pop down in the car for a visit. But she has left a little piece of herself with me. A piece of her she loves so much that she feels like she's lost an arm, a piece that she insists on checking on every day. And no.. it's not her boyfriend.. sorry Mark!

It's her beloved pet bearded dragon, Delilah.

She came to own Delilah a year ago when my sister brought her home. She's wanted a lizard her entire life, I remember her talking to our Dad about it when I was younger, but he always said no. Now she has her very own dragon that she can spoil. And spoil her she does. She has left a list of instructions on how to take care of Delilah, what she eats and when, when to give her a bath, what to do if she doesn't poo and even when to turn her lights off and on.

Ross and I have actually taken to asking each other "have you put Delilah to bed yet?" Until we realise we are in fact talking about a bearded dragon and not a newborn baby.

I'm quite surprised that I've loved having her so far. If I ignore the disgusting habit that is her diet, and the fact I now have locusts in my bedroom, I would never give her back.

She enjoys cuddles, she likes to sit over your heart snuggled in to your neck where it's cosy. She sunbathes on the windowsill whilst perched on a rock watching the world go by. She likes to swim about in the bath and smiles when you give her a drink of water. She loves to jump about on our bed and run from one side to the other. She really is a funny little character.
At my Mums house she has her own little ramp that she uses to climb on to the windowsill and bask in the sunlight. 

Sometimes I do have to pinch myself when I realise that most dogs aren't treated as well as this little dragon. I know ours certainly isn't!

I'll be sad when it finally comes to sending her back home, it's been quite fun having her. If I had the room I would probably get one myself, but I just cannot get over the food. The worms I can handle, but the size of the locusts she eats genuinely makes me feel sick to the stomach. That is very much Ross's job.

Can't believe I'm going to say this.. but I'm going to miss that little Dragon!

Monday, 9 June 2014

In Loving Memory

I just wanted to share a few pictures of a project Ross has been working on. It is a memorial garden for our little Jellybean. It's not completed yet, still a way to go, but I feel happy that we now have something to remember our lost baby by. 

I can't wait until everything is blooming, it's going to be beautiful. Next, we just need a nice little picket fence to border it off. 

Nothing will ever take the pain away, but I feel better knowing we've tried.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Brillance Day Parade & Picnic

One of the reasons why I love Princess's nursery, is they're always holding special events. Whether that be a cake sale to raise money for a new hutch for their nursery rabbits, or a sponsored sing to raise money for new school instruments.

This week saw her school have "Brilliance Day". I'm not 100% sure what it's for - I think it's to do with awards for the children for being in the Gold book for good behavior (I'm sure there is more to it than that but that's my current reckoning). All of the children in the school got to dress up in bright clothing and do a parade. I tried to get a picture of Princess, but it seems she is incapable of smiling properly with her eyes open! She tried though, bless her


It started at the school gates, Princess's nursery class at the front leading the way behind the police officers. We walked through the roads and around the block, waving at passers by who watched from their windows and were out in the streets. There was a long cord decorated with hundreds of ribbons keeping all of the children in line so no one strayed from view, brightly painted banners, drums and lots of singing. Most of the singing was to do with the England football team from the older children, but it all kept in time with the fun. Princess demanded I walk in the parade with her, holding her hand. That was until she spotted her friends two minutes later and swiftly ditched me in order to hold hands with them. So if you see a lonely looking woman in the pictures in the Evening Post - that's probably me!

Once we were back in the school gates, all of the children gathered in the school playground to have one minutes silence for D-Day led by the county mayor. Of course it was a miracle half of the nursery kids stayed quiet, but when they finally got the gist, it was silent.

After that, children, parents and teachers alike all went to sit on the school field for a giant picnic. It was great to see everyone together, the children behaving and eating their packed lunches. People from the local newspaper turned up and took some film whilst another took lots of pictures.

Despite not knowing fully what the event was for, I'm a bit dim about things like that, it was great fun. It was nice to be involved in something as a community and see how much the school allows children to thrive and have fun. There was lots of neon, lots of happy painted faces and many proud parents.

Next time the school holds an event, I'll be sure to go. It's one of the advantages of Princess being in a nursery attached to a school - she gets to be involved in large projects that everyone can join in with. I really hope that when the time comes and we can apply for her school place *sob* that she gets accepted to this school. She is happy, confident and adores her friends and teachers. I couldn't imagine her anywhere else.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Niteo Jewellery - A Review

A couple of months ago, a lovely jewellery maker took to Twitter to see if there were any bloggers out there who would be willing to review one of her pieces. I was already following this lady on Twitter and Facebook and was a massive fan of her work.

She told me to pick a design from her website and the item would be shipped to me.

I'm a sucker for anything sparkly, and because she uses swarovski beads in all of her designs, I was spoiled  for choice. I genuinely struggled to choose just one item. With Mothers Day approaching, I decided rather than picking something for myself because it was just too difficult, then I would pick something for my Mum. I don't get to spoil her often and this was my perfect opportunity to pick a piece of jewellery I knew she'd love.


My Mums favourite colour is red. If you stepped in to her house it wouldn't take you long to realise. Because of this I chose the beautiful Swarovski Crystal Hearts Curved Pearl bracelet for her. The red beads were perfect for my Mum and the swarovski heart was just gorgeous, as were the pearls.

I received the item quickly and took no time in attempting to capture it's stunningness in photographs. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do the bracelet justice. The way it sparkles when the light catches the beads is just to die for. And the way the crystal heart hangs just right is something only someone with true talent can achieve.


My Mum absolutely loved the bracelet. She hasn't had much opportunity to wear it as of yet, but I know as soon as the moment arises and she is off out for a meal or a night out, then she can wear it to accompany whatever item of red she is wearing.

The bracelet itself isn't too large nor too small, it's elasticated to help fit any size of wrist. My Mum is a dainty little thing (much like myself except much, much slimmer!) so I was worried it would slip off her skinny wrists - but alas! It fits perfectly. As you can see, it hangs ever so slightly to give off the full effect of the dangling heart.

Amy over at Niteo jewellery is often hosting competitions and exclusive discounts over on her website and Facebook page so make sure you pop over and take a look at her beautiful designs and also grab yourself a bargain.You would struggle to find this quality of jewellery in any store for the same price. I myself have had my eye on one of her super cute Frozen bracelets for Princess. They're absolutely fab for any Frozen fan! And coming in at just £6 including delivery, it doesn't break the bank.

Not only does Niteo Jewellery provide gorgeous bracelets for all alike, they also provide elegant bridal jewellery, wine glass charms, necklaces, earrings and even like above, childrens jewellery! There really is something for everyone. Just looking at the website makes me giddy.

I would like to thank Amy for being so patient and so kind with this review. Most companies would have blown a nut if it had taken me this long to write a review, but Amy has been compassionate and so, so lovely to work with. If you ever get the pleasure of working with this talented lady then you are very lucky. If you would like to check out some of the gorgeous bespoke designs from Niteo Jewellery then please find the links at the bottom!

Disclaimer: I was very kindly sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review. Of course all opinions, words and images are my own.