Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sing, Sing, Sing..

I now have the Travis song stuck in my head.. great.

Princess doesn't like it when I sing. I'll admit, I don't have the most softest of voices and I can't sing in key, but I do love singing. Whether that be along to the radio, the TV, a song that's stuck in my head, or just a general song whilst I'm tidying up, I'm always at it.

Ross moans that I sing over songs and he can't hear them. I'm not quite that loud, but I can see why it's annoying. I hate it when people sing over a song I'm trying to listen to.

I digress. Basically, because of Princess's lack of appreciation for my singing, she doesn't know many songs.

Until recently, the only song she knew was "Rain, rain, go away" and she only knew a few lines. She's never been interested in nursery rhymes or the colourful music videos she see's on the kids channels. She'll shout blue murder whenever we put music channels on - unless she wants to dance that is - but she just has no interest at all.

A few weeks ago, we bought her a Sofia The First doll from the Disney Store with her Birthday money. She adores Sofia and is absolutely in love with the doll.

The doll sings a song from the TV show "Sofia The First" and if I remember rightly, it's the episode where Sofia decides she wants to join the royal horse riding team. Something about being able to "do anything that you try".

Imagine my amazement, and my utter heart-melt when I heard her singing along to it.

She doesn't quite know all of the words, and she'll miss quite a few out in order to get to her favourite parts, but she loves singing along with the doll. I've tried to get a video recording so many times, but once she realises what I'm doing she stops singing and throws a strop.

It's so nice to hear her singing. She's still not interested in nursery rhymes, but she's started to sing along to some of the songs on TV. I'm sure once she starts nursery and there is someone else there to sing the rhymes instead of 'boring old Mum' she'll love those too.

She's still not a fan of my singing though. If I try and sing along with her she'll tell me to "shut up, Mum!" (Side note - since when was she old enough to call me MUM?)

If anyone elses little ones aren't a big fan of singing, or you're struggling to get them to remember songs - a doll like this is fantastic. Since she's learned this song, she's so eager to learn more. She sings the songs from The Aristocats, Rapunzel and even Peter Pan. It's absolutely adorable!

Does any one elses little one not enjoy singing, or is it just Princess? How did you get them to enjoy songs and music?

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