Monday, 7 October 2013

Swell Aquarium PLUS Special Offer!

It's been a couple of weeks since SwellUK sent me an aquarium for us to set up so I thought I would update you all with how it's getting on, and also offer you lovely readers a special offer!

In my last post, I told you all how we had decided to put our guppies in the new, smaller tank so their baby fry could survive. I am proud to tell you the mission was accomplished. They have grown rapidly since my last post and it's lovely to watch them grow.


So far, they don't have much colour. We're not even sure which female they came from yet as they're mainly a really light blue colour. One of them has specks of red in the tail, another has flecks of yellow. In total 5 survived which isn't bad going by any account. Usually they don't survive at all or are eaten straight away so to see them swimming around with the rest of the guppies now is quite satisfying. Once they're big enough we'll transfer them into the bigger aquarium downstairs.


The tank is fairly low maintenance. We've only had to clean it out twice since we set it up and it's only a 10 minute job. Although on cleaning in the first time, I accidentally sucked a tiny baby up the siphon. It was so small I didn't even see it!


The plec is doing well too. He's growing but he's nowhere near as big as the other 2 in the bigger tank, but that's not surprising considering the size difference.

Hi preggo!
I am also happy to report that we now have even more tinier babies growing! They're really hard to spot and only really ever come out of hiding when we feed them. I did manage to get a snap of one though.


This small tank is a fantastic addition to our bedroom and I'm so glad SwellUK sent it to us. It gives our guppies a new chance of life and let's not forget that it looks brilliant. I would urge anyone who is thinking of setting up an aquarium for their children, or even just for a first time tank to use one of these.

Swell UK are offering the readers of this blog a wonderful 10% discount on their online website. Whether you want to start building your own aquarium, or even purchase something to add to the one you already own, it's a fab offer not to be missed! The code is valid on any item on the website and has a minimum £5 spend. Just enter the code SWELL10 at the checkout and claim your 10% discount!

Disclaimer: Minimum £5 spend. I received no compensation for this post. 

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LauraLou said...

Love the setup you've got going on - tropical tanks are so much easier to manage than marine tanks. We tried to do a marine setup and spectacularly failed - they're definitely not for the impatient!