Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mummy Super Hero!

I will admit it out loud and proud: I am a spider killer.

I absolutely hate those little black, sometimes brown, disgusting little creatures. What is their purpose? What favour are they doing for me? Yes, maybe they keep flies away, but I would rather have a hundred flies bopping around than one single spider leg to touch my skin.

(Especially with the news of this new killer 'false widow' spider.. *shudder*)

Anyway, ever since I can remember, I have had night vision when it comes to spiders. The room could be pitch black but I can spot that crawling beast from miles away.

This was proven this week when I was tucking Princess in to bed.

I'd just kissed her goodnight and pulled the duvet up when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. Scuttling along the skirting board at 100mph. The thing was HUGE. Easily the size of my palm. Nevermind the fact I have small hands, this thing was massive.

Being the super brave woman that I am, I grabbed a Ross's massive trainer slipper and steadily headed my way over. Princess watched me with eyes of admiration as I scooched on ever closer to the scuttling monstrosity.

I help up the shoe and whacked that beast as hard as I could. It didn't die. In fact, I think I just made it angry. It charged at me, I squealed and then whacked the bastard again. Six times. Needless to say, this time it died.

I stood up, feeling as proud as punch. I turned to Princess and said "It's fine, it's gone now."

To which she replied "Wow Mummy, thak you. You just saved my life!"

She has now been telling the story to anyone who will listen of how Mummy killed the massive spider all week.

That's right. I'm Super Mum!

Disclaimer: I am not sorry I killed that spider, or of the hundreds I have killed before it. And sorry Grandma, but I just don't believe it brings me bad luck. They should know better than to step in to my house.

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Wally Mummy said...

LOL - I hate spiders but I am way too scared to kill them! You are braver than me... lol x #funee

MamaMummyMum said...

lol that sounds exactly like what I do, I had the same thing in the bathroom yesterday!! go super mum x

Louise Fairweather said...

I always feel bad killing spiders. I'm not sure spiderman would be happy with you ;-)

25castleson25clouds said...

Sorry, I am with you that they are horrid and should not be in the house, but once I have summoned someone to remove said spider I then follow them to the window or door informing them that they mustn't hurt it!

Actually Mummy... said...

I can't bring myself to kill them, especially if they're huge - the mess! Yuk!

Pinkoddy said...

Oh that wouldn't have been worth my life - my husband is very sensitive about all things living. I am glad your daughter had such admiration for you - that is lovely.

Anne Stone said...

I don't like killing them, I have a brilliant bug katcha (I think I bought it from Kleeneze) it has a long handle and a little box at the end to trap the spider. The door will close automatically if you hold it the right way. The first time I used it I trapped the monster and then stood there for 10 minutes holding it against the wall too afraid to let go in case the door didn't work and the (now crazy) spider escaped.