Friday, 27 September 2013


My blog isn't entirely anonymous so there's a good chance what I'm about to say may get repeated back to the person in question, but I'm not entirely bothered if it does.

You see, my Brothers ex-boyfriend (yes, he is gay) works at the hairdressers at the bottom of my road. I have had my hair cut by him many times in the past and he is utterly awesome. He is kind, generous, talented and completely lovely. It came as no surprise to me to know that many other people I know also have their hair cut by him. Including Ross's Aunty.. and my next door neighbour.

When I was walking back from the shops the other night, it was quite normal that he popped out to say hello to me and Princess. What did surprise me however, was the topic of conversation. After a quick squeeze, the conversation quickly went like this:

Him: I can't believe you didn't tell me!
Me: About what?
Him: Fancy having to find out from your next door neighbor!
Me: I'm confused? Which neighbor?
Him: "****" I can't believe you and Ross are trying for a baby and didn't tell me!

*Imagine a steam engine stopping in it's tracks if you will*

Me: But.. we're not?
Him: *confused face* but she was in here today telling me how you want another baby.
Me: We've talked about it in the future, but we're not trying.
Him: Oh.. *even more confused face*

Where did this even come from?

After a brief incident where Princess hit their child over the head with a spade, they've not even spoken to us. This had to have happened well over 2 months ago now, so I'm confused as to where she even got this information from.

Even more so, what gives her the right to go talking to my friends about me? As neighbours, we are polite. We have brief chats in the supermarket or at the front door, we smile, nod and sometimes our children even played together (until said incident above which they said they were fine with, but clearly not).

I saw her in ASDA today. I was so close to walking up to her and demanding why she had told my friend this quite frank lie about me. I didn't though, I don't like confrontation.. especially not at the self service check outs.

I am not friends with my next door neighbours. In fact, on my way out tonight to drop a distinctly stinky nappy in the bin, all I got was a nod. So why on earth does she think it's okay to go about talking about me? And how did the topic even arise in the first place. She was not aware that I knew him, and he was not aware that she was my neighbor, so why was I even mentioned? If she was a friend who knew I knew him, I could understand. Who doesn't love a good gossip? But for her to go blabbermouthing to her hairdresser about me, well thats insulting.

I can only imagine that she has caught the tail end of a conversation Ross and I have had out in the garden and just jumped to conclusions. However, she still had no right to tell someone something about me that isn't even true.


PS: My neighbours on the other side (who she said were old nosy-parkers) are actually really bloody fantastic. They quite often give my dogs treats, talk to me over the fence and give Princess ice-cream. I don't see that coming from the other side.

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