Monday, 30 September 2013

In Memory Of Blaize Salvador

Many of you who read this blog are parents. You carried your babies for a full 9 months and gave birth to beautiful, healthy babies. Maybe they're toddlers now, maybe even teenagers.

But for some people, this isn't the case. People like my friend Kara Salvador, who didn't get to carry her baby to full term. A woman who had to endure the worst heartache I could ever possibly imagine.

Kara has set up a Facebook page in memory of her beautiful baby boy, Blaize. In her own words, this is what she has to say:

Blaize was born the 25th May 2013, weighing 1lb 90z and was a 23 weeker.
He spent 10 days in NICU at St Peters, Chertsey, Surrey before he was transported to St George's, Tooting.

While he was there we found out that he had Chronic Lung Disease and Necrotising Enterocolitis, a life threatening bowel condition which affects mainly premature babies and he needed an operation on his bowel.

We had been given lots of decisions to make which was very hard for us but we wanted the best for our son.

Unfortunately on the 26th June 2013 he passed away in his mummy's arms after having caught an infection.

St George's NICU did everything they could for Blaize and us but he was too weak to fight the infection he caught.

This page is to raise as much as we can for the charity called First Touch. We can't thank them enough and we hope the money we raise will help the babies as much as Blaize.

I have known Kara for 3 years now and she is undoubtedly one of the strongest women I know. We met through the Bounty forums all those years ago when we were pregnant, along with many other ladies who were also due in October. Us ladies stay in touch daily on Facebook so when we heard the news of Blaize's passing, we were all devastated. It felt like we had lost one of our own. 

Despite facing the pain of losing her baby far too soon, Kara has set up a Just Giving page where you can donate money to the First Touch charity who help sick and premature babies at St Georges hospital. 

It would be amazing if you could spare just £1 to help this cause, and help Kara and her husband Andrew, say thank you to St Georges Hospital for all they did to help baby Blaize. 

Meanwhile, please pop on over to Kara's Facebook Page "First Touch in Memory of Blaize Salvador" and Like to keep up to date with the targets and how much money she has raised so far. 

Many of us will get to tuck our babies and children in to bed tonight. Please make sure you give them that extra kiss goodnight and don't for a second take them for granted. 

Blaize Salvador 
25/05/2013 - 26/06/2013 

Please visit Just Giving to donate even just a few pennies. Thank you. 


Anonymous said...

Thank u huni xxxx kara xxxx

Chelsea Williams said...

My auntie lost two babies just over 20 weeks. Each was more heart breaking that the other. Thank you so much for sharing this story xxxxx

Kim Carberry said...

Heartbreaking! x

Suzanne Whitton said...

What a beautiful, precious baby.. Rest in peace little one x

Amanda Masters said...

So tragic, such a precious baby..xx

Louise Fairweather said...

So so sad. These things happen far to often xx

The Mini Mes and Me said...

Sorry to hear of Kara's loss. I hope you manage to raise lots of funds in his memory xx