Monday, 19 August 2013

The Bigger Picture

Recently my lovely friend Jess over at Catch A Single Thought has been writing about Love The Blog You Have. It started as a simple post reminding us to remember the reasons why we started blogging in the first place and not to let other things get in the way.

It got me to thinking.. Do I really love my blog? Do I enjoy writing it? 

The answer is I do. 

When I first started this blog, I never imagined I would have a readership. I mean, obviously we want someone out there to read it, or we'd just keep it private. I was so oblivious to the crazy world of blogging, I thought it was tiny. Just a small bunch of people who wrote about their lives, sharing it through the keyboard the same way I do. Letting their personalities shine through and say things they sometimes otherwise might not say.

I was so wrong. The world of blogging is massive. Bigger than I can ever comprehend I think. It's been 18 months now and the whole thing still baffles me. I in no way do I class myself as a a professional blogger and I don't pretend to know what I'm doing.. But I'm not a newbie either. 

It's obvious to everyone that I haven't blogged much recently. 
I've been pretty lucky though. Despite only a handful of posts in the last few weeks, my readership hasn't gone down by much and you lovely, scrumptious people are still commenting when I do decide to inflict my writing upon the world. For that, I am grateful.

One of the problems I find though, like with power, with a readership, comes great responsibility. 
Responsibility to keep writing, to stay interesting and to keep people wanting to come back. 

I don't thrive well under pressure. If I feel pressured to write, I don't want to. It's probably stubbornness. Either that or fear of failure. Nothing interesting comes to my head and I get writers block. Nothing I want to say forms into words or sentences of comprehension... So I just don't write. 

Instead, I sit back and watch others interact. I read their blogs and wish I too had something to say. I'm not a shy commenter, if your post catches my eye, I will comment. 
It seems I keep making promises to blog and then fall short. I think to myself "I really must blog tonight.." And instead, I do something else and then fret about not blogging enough. 

I love my blog. It's introduced me to so many new people and opened up a world of opportunities for me and my family. I don't think I would have it any other way. 

I think you can blog too often. I've had to I unfollow blogs that post 2-3 times a day and sometimes even every day. They post for the sake of posting yet their posts don't hold any real meaning. Just a sentence or two.. Or a picture. To me, that isn't blogging. 

I don't mean to offend anyone, I really don't. Maybe I'm not classed as a real blogger because I don't blog enough? Who am I to say what you should and shouldn't post about? Or how often?

I think in the long run, my blog will stay open. I like having it and I love knowing that its something I can call my own. I love knowing that my family are proud of me for writing it. 

I would miss my blog if it wasn't here. 

I need to learn to Love the Blog I Have! 

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Louise Fairweather said...

Of course you are a proper blogger - I have given up with some linkys as I feel that people are posting just for the sake of it. Its fine to join in if you have something to say but Im pretty sure people just do it for the pageviews. x

Gin. said...

Sometimes I post utter poop, but I just think that half my blog is made up of poop but it's what I have to say at that moment and the reason I started a blog was to able to just get my thoughts out. Amazingly I ended up finding a huge group of people who do the same thing and it evolved from there. That is what keeps me coming back. The sharing of stuff. I do agree though sometimes there is a pressure to stay 'relevant' which can be horrible.
I think if you enjoy blogging then you should do it, no matter if you have 1 reader or thousands!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

The thing is with blogging, there are no rules, so a blogger can publish posts as often or as little as they like. Some bloggers blog for their audience and others blog for just themselves (maybe hoping for a few comments and readers along the way). I don't tend to read blogs where posts are being published for the sake of it because they do lose their meaning.

I think blogging had changed considerably over the years - I've been doing it since 2007 and it was so different back then. The competition between bloggers now has completely taken away the relaxed atmosphere for me and it really is difficult to keep up. I also find that if I don't blog for weeks then I lose many followers. That also isn't what true blogging is about. I still have followers/readers that I've had since day one. They will always be in my blog roll and no matter when they publish a post, I will always read it, because they have also stayed loyal to me.

CJ x

Emily Foran said...

I always enjoy your blog because you blog in your way which is the right way!
Lots of Love (needs to blog LESS please don't unfollow) Emily x