Sunday, 25 August 2013

Guppy Love

It's no secret that I love our aquarium. I never thought I would, fish just aren't a pet that I've ever found myself wanting to keep. Over the past year or so however, all of that changed. We purchased our first tropical aquarium, and my love grew from there. We love pimping out the fish tank. Buying new ornaments, backgrounds and plants.

There is no greater joy than buying new fish and seeing them settle in. Every single one brings something different to the tank and it's amazing to watch. That statement coming from me is crazy, I actually like fish.

After the first couple of months, we started to notice that some of the fish were breeding.

I'd never known anything like it. The excitement of finding a new baby and then waiting to see them grow. Sometimes I would make Ross move the ornaments, just to see if he could find any new babies.

Eventually, as the tank grew, we saw less and less babies. At first we were confused. All of the fish were mixed sex and mixed breeds so we thought we would see some more. What we finally realised, is that the more full the tank became, the less likely it was that the fry would survive. Especially now we have angel fish and sharks in the tank too - they tend to eat anything small and fast.

Recently I was contacted by SwellUK and asked to help review a product from their website to help promote their aquarium section. I absolutely jumped at the chance but then struggled to actually come to a decision. The website is full of amazing products, but the main issue I had was picking one that I would be able to review.

Eventually we settled on a new fish tank. Just a small one that we could separate some of the fish in to. This in turn, would give some of the fry a better chance of surviving.

The tank came in super quick time and before I knew it, Ross was already setting it up. He was taking things out of the boxes, obviously quite excited by this new project. The tank is an AqualEl Classic 50, not a brand I've heard of before, but we were both suitably impressed. It is 25litres which is the perfect size for a start up tank.

Firstly, we decided to use some gravel out of the garden to put at the bottom of the tank. A lot of people use sand, but because we were using this tank specifically to save the fry, gravel is the better option. It gives them lots of places to hide! Ross washed it thoroughly and lined the bottom of the tank.


Luckily we also had some ornaments spare that could go in too. The large aquarium usually gets 'redesigned' every couple of months and new ornaments and plants are bought so we always have some spare. Ross placed the filter and the heater appropriately and made sure they were working okay.

The technical stuff..

Then it was just a case of filling it with water and deciding which fish would go in. We used Tapsafe in the water to make sure the water was suitable for the fish when we transferred them. Ross also used some of the water from the original aquarium so it would be quicker to settle. We already knew the tank would go on Ross's bedside table, he'd been harassing me to put on there for months.


Finally, we decided on putting the guppies in the tank. We have both male and female guppies who are apparently avid breeders, but no babies. A few of the females had been pregnant before too, one or two of them being pregnant again, but we knew if we kept them in the large aquarium, the fry wouldn't survive. Guppies are probably my favourite tropical fish. They're small, with large fan tails with lovely patterns on them. Some are bright, some rainbow coloured. They're just so nice to look at.


We transferred the guppies into the new tank and left them to settle in so to speak. Ross has also bought some new lights to put in the tank to create a night time effect when the lights were off.


We woke the next morning to the sound of the filter pushing out water... and the sight of baby guppies!

At first there was just one in the top corner. A few hours later there was at least 15.

I haven't managed to get a good picture of the babies as the water originally went very cloudy due to the settling cycle of the tank. They are still in there now, but hiding! Every now and then you can see one swimming very low in the gravel, or hiding in the ornaments whilst the other guppies go about their business.


Once they're big enough, they will be transferred back into our larger tank. We don't breed fish to sell, just to continue the life in our aquarium. We're just helping nature run it's course!

We also bought a small plec to help keep the algae in the new tank at bay. He's tiny compared to our other plec's. I look forward to seeing how he grows too.

I can't thank the guys at SwellUK enough. Thanks to them, we saw our first lot of Guppy fry within a matter of 12 hours! Now we can watch them grow and hopefully continue to see them thrive in their new home!

This tank is RRP of £46.99 but sold at £40.99 on the SwellUK website. In my honest opinion it is well worth the money and if I had known how good it was beforehand, would have probably purchased it myself.

I was sent the AquaEl 40 tank  by SwellUK for the purpose of this review. All opinions, comments and pictures are my own.


Louise Fairweather said...

Love the fishy rave!

Emily Foran said...

Love your tank especially the sharks, I want a big tank specifically for a variety of sharks and loaches in the future in fact I'm not sure I have enough space in the house for the vast amount of tanks I plan - they're addictive.

We're creating a Nano Reef with Swell, it will be an ongoing project/experiment so make sure you have a little nosy! xx

LauraLou said...

The tank look great!

Can I ask what food you're using? I've just got a tank and there's so many food brands I don't know which one to choose! This one was recommended to me but it probably confused me more lol.

Thanks :)