Thursday, 8 August 2013

A New Addition..

If you know me, then you know that I'm an absolute sucker for animals.

If I could, I'd have a house and garden full of pets. We have our gorgeous dog Tia Dalma, a jack russell cross shih-tzu.. or as I refer to her, my jack-shit. There is our beautiful girl cat, Lola. She's so funny and playful, she's by far the best cat we've ever had. And then there's our fish tank. Ross's pride and joy that stands tall in our living room. Having an aquarium has never bothered me, but now I love it.

But it's never enough, we always want more.

So I am proud to introduce, Angel.


Angel is a jack russell puppy who we bought off a family advertising her on Gumtree.

She is playful, funny, adorable and an absolute pain. But we wouldn't have her any other way.

Surprisingly, Tia has taken to her fantastically. They play together, chase each other round the garden and even sleep cuddled up together.


Lola has also become quite keen. Quite often I walk in to find them both wrestling on the floor. At first I panicked and pulled them apart, but now Lola will quite happily pounce on the pup. It's so fun to watch.

Princess absolutely adores her. She was even the one to name her. I'm not all that sure where Angel came from, but I think it's lovely.


I think for now, that will be it on our pet front. I have decided that we won't be getting any more until Princess is old enough to ask for one - and even then I think I will be skeptical.

For now, my little zoo is complete. 


Gin. said...

So cute! I miss having a dog so much. Adorable zoo!

Katie said...

Ahhh how flipping cute! I have to admit I have a dog and a cat and find I'm pulling my hair out most days! couldn't imagine anymore just yet! xx