Monday, 29 July 2013

The Future Facebook Years

It's a depressing thought, but sometimes Ross and I sit back and try to imagine the type of world that Princess will grow up in.

We were watching some music videos today, with the likes of S Club 7, and reminiscing as to how innocent and cutesy they were. But then when we thought about the fact that we were probably only 9 or 10 ourselves when watching these videos, they were completely age appropriate.

When I think about the music videos that are out now, it genuinely makes me worry. Especially with some of the so called "role-models" I follow on Instagram and Twitter. I actually worry about the things that my daughter will be exposed to, especially at such a young age.

And then, there are statuses on Facebook that literally make me stop in my tracks. I have to read them twice, just to make sure I'm seeing right.

I read words like these, from 19-20 year olds - bearing in mind I'm only 23 - and I start to worry again. Because this generation was only a few years behind me.

I did toy with the idea of keeping his name in there, just because you know, he's entitled to his opinion. The most disturbing opinions however, weren't actually his. They were from some other girl completely agreeing with him, and even referring to this girl as a 'hoe'.

I won't post the whole conversation because now I look back, I'm embarrassed that I even let the status get to me. But then again, why shouldn't it? 

The day women stop sticking up for each other and defending themselves against idiots like this, is the day I give up completely.

Imagine this status had been written about your daughter. Would you want some immature idiot like this posting about her in such a way? I am aware that teenagers will be teenagers, even adults sleep around. But to have everything aired on Facebook or Twitter the way things are these days, is derogatory.  

Needless to say, I have deleted this idiot from my Facebook. I am also ashamed to admit he was a relative, so people who know him may also be reading this. If you are, I hope you are as appalled as I am. If not, no wonder he speaks about women the way he does. 

Lets hope that in the years to come, we can start to teach our children to respect and stand up for themselves. 


Jess McGlynn said...

I'm not surprised it got to you, I think I would have reacted in the same way. It scares me to think about the way young girls dress, and the role models they have. I know I can't protect Meg forever, but it would be nice to for as long as possible!!

Emily Foran said...

I can only imagine how much more difficult FB makes teenage years which were horrific enough for some of us without a public platform on which to share it all! xx

Louise Fairweather said...

Facebook can be great, but can be awful too - and that is just one example. Well done for hitting delete x