Monday, 1 July 2013

Chicken Pox and Man Flu

It was around this time just over a year ago, when we thought our Princess had contracted chicken pox. We bundled her up into the pushchair ready to go to the doctors, got put in isolation in the surgery before we were told they didn't have a clue what the spots actually were. These spots eventually grew to the size of 50 pence pieces and we were told it was a virus. They didn't know what virus, what caused it or how to treat it so we had to leave her be and hope they went away.

Eventually they did and we thanked our lucky stars that she wasn't left with any permanent marks.

Now, just over a year later.. she has the pox!! And for real this time.

I've always said I would rather her have them now than later on in life, but no one ever prepares you for how horrible you feel watching your baby struggle with these spots.

Luckily they don't seem to be bothering her too much yet. We have the calamine lotion and piriton at the ready just in case, but for now she seems alright. Some of the spots seem quite angry though and it's worrying how big some of them are. I've been told it's all normal, but I suppose when it's your first child you always worry more, right?

On top of all of this however, I've come down with man flu.

I say man flu because it's not quite the flu, but it's worse than a cold. My entire body is in agony from the aching and my clothes feel like sandpaper against my skin. I can't swallow because of my extremely sore throat so have barely eaten in 2 days. My head is constantly pounding and every time I stand up I feel like I'm going to pass out. I'm either freezing cold and shivering yet sweating at the same time, or I'm boiling hot but feel cold to touch. 

Majority of the time my temperature is below 35 degrees which isn't very healthy.

I'm hoping things are back to normal soon. I hate being ill, I don't handle it very well.

For now, I'll be taking lots of paracetamol and drinking a lot of orange juice!


Jess McGlynn said...

Sorry you are both unwell. Can you get yourself down to the doctors? I've had 3 people at work going off due to chest infections so there's stuff going round I think :(

Louise Fairweather said...

Xx hope everyone's better soon