Monday, 29 July 2013

The Future Facebook Years

It's a depressing thought, but sometimes Ross and I sit back and try to imagine the type of world that Princess will grow up in.

We were watching some music videos today, with the likes of S Club 7, and reminiscing as to how innocent and cutesy they were. But then when we thought about the fact that we were probably only 9 or 10 ourselves when watching these videos, they were completely age appropriate.

When I think about the music videos that are out now, it genuinely makes me worry. Especially with some of the so called "role-models" I follow on Instagram and Twitter. I actually worry about the things that my daughter will be exposed to, especially at such a young age.

And then, there are statuses on Facebook that literally make me stop in my tracks. I have to read them twice, just to make sure I'm seeing right.

I read words like these, from 19-20 year olds - bearing in mind I'm only 23 - and I start to worry again. Because this generation was only a few years behind me.

I did toy with the idea of keeping his name in there, just because you know, he's entitled to his opinion. The most disturbing opinions however, weren't actually his. They were from some other girl completely agreeing with him, and even referring to this girl as a 'hoe'.

I won't post the whole conversation because now I look back, I'm embarrassed that I even let the status get to me. But then again, why shouldn't it? 

The day women stop sticking up for each other and defending themselves against idiots like this, is the day I give up completely.

Imagine this status had been written about your daughter. Would you want some immature idiot like this posting about her in such a way? I am aware that teenagers will be teenagers, even adults sleep around. But to have everything aired on Facebook or Twitter the way things are these days, is derogatory.  

Needless to say, I have deleted this idiot from my Facebook. I am also ashamed to admit he was a relative, so people who know him may also be reading this. If you are, I hope you are as appalled as I am. If not, no wonder he speaks about women the way he does. 

Lets hope that in the years to come, we can start to teach our children to respect and stand up for themselves. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A New Prince.. and a weight loss regime?

So, you've just had a baby. You and your partner are basking in your post-baby glow, absolutely mesmerized by your bundle. You've never felt such a rush of love or devotion in your life. You introduce your baby into the world, everybody excited to meet this precious new life.

Do you know the last thing you should be bothered about?

Your appearance.

This week, Princess Kate gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We all waited, staring at that brown door, waiting for Wills & Kate to make their first appearance with their new son.

As normal, I was keeping up with my Twitter feed during this time. Whenever anything big happens, Twitter is always the place to be.

But I couldn't believe what I was reading.

One of the main topics of conversation was about what they thought Kate would look like.


She's just had a fucking baby, in theory she should look like crap. Her hair should be lank and greasy from the sweating from labour. Her face blotchy from the post-baby tear-fest. She should probably waddle, scared that her insides are going to fall out.

But do you know what? She looked fabulous. She looked like a woman in love. As did William. Well.. a man in love!

Kate stood there, cradling her newborn, proudly showing her post-baby bump looking like the cat that got the cream. Let's face it, she did! I haven't even been following the pregnancy or the birth at all, but I will admit to having a tear in my eye as they made an appearance.

It's just upsetting, that in the face of history, people are still only interested in what a woman looks like, even when she's just given birth. What was she wearing. WHY DID SHE STILL HAVE A BUMP? Don't even get me STARTED on that little beauty.

And what was even more disgusting, was this headline in OK Magazine, just hours after the new Prince was presented to the world..

Kate's Post Baby Weight Loss Regime.

Are you KIDDING me with this?

It's disgusting. It's magazines like this that give women body issues. Like her post-baby weight is something to be ashamed of? Why should she even be bothered what anyone thinks? She's just given birth to a beautiful baby boy - who will one day be the King of England - do you think she cares if she's a little bit chubby? She has far more important things to be worrying about.

I am aware that Kate had a hairdresser and make up artist in before she made her appearance, but I don't see hoW that makes a blind bit of difference to whether she came out in a pair of joggers and a t-shirt with her hair whacked up in a pony-tail. If I could have afforded it after I gave birth, I would've been on it like a shot. Who wouldn't want a post-baby make over to make you feel fabulous?

This picture makes me smile!

The British public seem to have their priorities wrong. This beautiful woman has just given birth to the future King, and all you're bothered about is what she looks like.

Get a grip!

And just to prove that I'm not actually getting worked up for nothing, a spokesperson for one of OK's sister magazines actually released an apology statement to Princess Kate:

"Kate is one of the great beauties of our age and OK! readers love her," she said. "Like the rest of the world, we were very moved by her radiance as she and William introduced the Prince of Cambridge to the world. We would not dream of being critical of her appearance. If that was misunderstood on our cover it was not intended."

Friday, 19 July 2013

Children and their shoes..


Whether they be trainers, sneakers, stilettos, converse or pumps, us women as a whole, are obsessed with them. We would go as far as to plan a whole outfit around our shoes, and if we can’t find anything that matches.. well we change our shoes.

When I found out I was having a girl, I was so excited with the prospect of all the beautiful things I could buy her. Least of all, the pretty shoes. 

She had so many different types. She had ballet pump shoes, mini trainers, glittery lace ups, the lot. Even though she couldn’t walk and would kick them off with a vengeance, I always made sure she had lovely shoes.

As parents, there are so many different types of shoes to buy for your child. They start with the baby shoes. Something they’re never going to walk in, soles that will never touch the ground, but we buy none the less. Then comes the ‘cruiser shoes’. Those little soft soled pairs that allow our children to learn how to pull themselves up steadily whilst supporting their feet, yet still allowing them to crawl at the same time. 

And then, when your little bundles are finally ready to start giving you a heart attack every single time they lurch forwards, you can buy the real, hard soled shoes. 

Because Princess was my first child, I wasn’t all that aware of where to buy proper walking shoes from for her. Obviously most shops sell them, but I wanted them to be real sturdy shoes, shoes that I could trust. The best place recommended to me was Clarks.

As parents, we’ve all been there. We’ve all taken our children in to the store, had the assistant bend down and take measurements of their little podgy feet and then watched in awe as they take their first wobbly steps. Princess’s first pair of shoes were of course pink. I’m just that sort of parent. The soft leather from Clarks is something you just can’t get anywhere else. The shoes almost mould to your childs feet providing comfort and stability. 

Now Princess is nearly 3, she has had several pairs of shoes from Clarks, all of them lovely and stand the test of time. Ranging from trainers, pumps to school shoes, you can always find something to suit your child.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Saaf Body Oil Review

Stretch marks.

Crafty little things aren't they? There's no sign of them all throughout your pregnancy, and then one day, right in the middle of your third trimester, they appear out of nowhere.

Usually on the lower half of your belly too, so you can't see them. They hide there until someone says to you "Do you want me to rub some cream on those?"

I tried to use the anti-stretchmark creams, I did. I would rub myself all over every time I had a shower or a bath, but that was about as far as I got. And when my tummy got so big that I couldn't see my toes, I sort of gave up. I couldn't see any stretchmarks so they weren't there, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, around 34 weeks, I was hit big time just under my belly button. They were red, angry streaks and looked awful. Thankfully, I'm not a vain person (too much) and was able to appreciate why they were there. They were my war wounds from the most amazing experience of my life.

That doesn't mean now I'm post-baby that I like having them. Far from it. As well as having to endure the post-baby fat and jiggly bits, they're now silver and streaky too.

I will also admit to putting on weight during pregnancy. In the beginning, I lost a fair bit due to nausea, but once that 20 week mark hit I ate like a trooper. It probably didn't help that my Mum would pop over to work several times a week with a mars bar and a bottle of Dr Pepper - my cravings. Eventually, I ballooned a bit and got stretchmarks in other places too.

The main places effected were my stomach and legs. I even had stretch marks on my calves from when I hit puberty. The tops of my thighs are smattered with white, silver lines. Recently however, I've also had some red blotches appear. They don't seem to be stretchmarks, but they're there none the less.

This is why when I was offered to do a review of the Saaf Eraser Oil, I jumped at the chance. I've tried Bio Oil and Cocoa Butter and never really got on with them. I will admit, I was sceptical, so I wasn't really expecting it to work.

The presentation is lovely, in a slim glass bottle. The oil itself has a citrus like smell, and isn't slimy like other oils. It soaks in to the skin quite quickly leaving a gorgeous shine and softness.  

I haven't used this product as properly as I should have if I'm honest. It is advised to be used twice a day on the effected areas to achieve the best results. I haven't done that. I've used it nearly every time I've had a shower, and a few times in the morning. Apart from that, I've used it as a moisturiser on my legs and arms. 

Now I do realise that this isn't what the product was intended for, but the only thing I will say is that my skin feels absolutely AMAZING. Forget about baby soft skin, you haven't felt anything until you've stroked the arm of a person after they've been using this oil. Honestly, I could stroke myself all day. I usually have quite dry and flaky skin but after using this, my skin is moisturised and healthy looking. 

I still have the red blotches on the top of my legs but they have faded a considerable amount. I reckon if I had been using it properly like I should have, I would have had better results. 

I will definitely be doing more research into these brands just so I can look and see what the other products are about. 

This particular product is absolutely perfect for: 
  • All skin types - especially pregnant and post pregnancy skin
  • Preventing the development and reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • Soothing away hyper pigmentation
  • Old scars
  • Protecting the skin from the effects of a sun tan   
My skin is pale, blotchy, stretch-marked, pale, dry, flaky and did I say pale? Even though I didn't use this product in the way it was intended - sorry! - I would still wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with the same skin issues that I suffer with.

Because Saaf use entirely natural products, I would also have no problem recommending it to a pregnant friend. There are no added chemicals, alcohol or fragrance added to any of these products - they even have food grade ingredients too. The Saaf skin care range was designed with family in mind.

The lady behind all of these products, Dr Mah, created the Saaf range for her family. She wanted to use the safest and most natural ingredients possible to help with the skin difficulties that her family suffered with. From this she has been able to create a whole range to suit the needs of every woman out there.

Pricing in at £35.99, I would personally buy this product in the future, knowing how good it really is. I can be such a penny pincher at times, but I can hand on heart say that the Saaf Eraser Body Oil would be worth it.

*strokes skin*

Disclosure: I was a sent a bottle of the Saaf Eraser Body Oil free of charge for the purpose of this review. As always, all opinions and comments are my own.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

It's Oh So Quiet

It's been quiet here at the Misty Srsly towers.

Things have been busy, so blogging and social networking have taken a back seat. I know I keep preaching about picking it back up and promising to spend more time posting, but if I'm honest, I can't be bothered.

That might sound really negative, but currently I'm just enjoying splitting the time I have between different things rather than the online world.

Enough of the negative anyway, I'm here to update.

Nothing much has changed, but I've been busy. Work has been absolutely hectic and I've been feeling like I'm on a constant stressed out loop. Right now though, I am currently on holiday leave for the next 2 weeks - already had a week off! - and am bloody loving the break.

Princess is growing at a rate of knots. She's currently in size 4-5 year clothes and taller than most other kids her age. Not surprising when you look at her Dad, but not so good news for me! She's talking ALL. OF. THE. TIME. which is lovely, but drives us up the wall. Her favourite being "why?" and telling us to get on the naughty step. She has tantrums like any other toddler, some of them are crazy and others are low key, but she always apologises for them afterwards which is nice.

She's also made friends with our next door neighbors little girl which is absolutely lovely. There's only a couple of months between them in age and they get on so well. Princess is crying for her pretty much every morning and by midday we're lifting up the fence panels so she can climb underneath to go and play.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been on day trips, had trips down to the coast, late nights and late mornings. It's been so relaxed.

I thought instead of me rambling on about it all, I would just sum up my few absent weeks with pictures, so her you go..

The Seaside!



The Major Oak at Sherwood Forest

Being completely professional at work.. in Hello Kitty sunglasses

Clumber Park!

So there you have it.

Looking back through the pictures, we've been having a pretty amazing time. I can't feel bad that my blog has taken a back seat whilst we've been busy enjoying ourselves.

Hopefully I will get my mojo back and get back in to the swing of things, but for now, find me over on twitter where I may or may not be interesting!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Chicken Pox and Man Flu

It was around this time just over a year ago, when we thought our Princess had contracted chicken pox. We bundled her up into the pushchair ready to go to the doctors, got put in isolation in the surgery before we were told they didn't have a clue what the spots actually were. These spots eventually grew to the size of 50 pence pieces and we were told it was a virus. They didn't know what virus, what caused it or how to treat it so we had to leave her be and hope they went away.

Eventually they did and we thanked our lucky stars that she wasn't left with any permanent marks.

Now, just over a year later.. she has the pox!! And for real this time.

I've always said I would rather her have them now than later on in life, but no one ever prepares you for how horrible you feel watching your baby struggle with these spots.

Luckily they don't seem to be bothering her too much yet. We have the calamine lotion and piriton at the ready just in case, but for now she seems alright. Some of the spots seem quite angry though and it's worrying how big some of them are. I've been told it's all normal, but I suppose when it's your first child you always worry more, right?

On top of all of this however, I've come down with man flu.

I say man flu because it's not quite the flu, but it's worse than a cold. My entire body is in agony from the aching and my clothes feel like sandpaper against my skin. I can't swallow because of my extremely sore throat so have barely eaten in 2 days. My head is constantly pounding and every time I stand up I feel like I'm going to pass out. I'm either freezing cold and shivering yet sweating at the same time, or I'm boiling hot but feel cold to touch. 

Majority of the time my temperature is below 35 degrees which isn't very healthy.

I'm hoping things are back to normal soon. I hate being ill, I don't handle it very well.

For now, I'll be taking lots of paracetamol and drinking a lot of orange juice!