Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dear Princess

Dear Princess,

Even as you lay upstairs, directly above me, I miss you.

I miss your sweet smile and your chubby cheeks. I miss your cuddles, your laugh and your games.

You can be difficult recently. You don't like not being able to have your own way, and you don't like being told what to do. You like to hit and answer back and then act offended when you're told off.

But I miss you.

Going back to work has made me realise how precious time is with you. I read the blogs of people who maybe don't have their babies anymore, and it kills me. How do they live without their babies?

I couldn't live without you. Not for a single day. I wouldn't want to.

Even when I pray for five minutes of peace, I don't really want them. I want to give you every moment I have. I want you to know how much you are loved and how important you are.

When you kiss and cuddle me without being asked, my heart melts.

Hearing the words "Love you Mummy" makes me the happiest I have ever been. My heart catches in my chest as a lump springs to my throat and I tell you I love you more.

I love the way your tiny hand fits into mine and the way you like to have your nails painted just like Mummy. It makes me feel special.

When you go to bed and the cartoons stay on for another hour, is it because they remind me of you? Probably.

I want you to know that you make me the proudest Mummy alive, and there is not a day that goes by where I don't fall in love with you all over again.

I've just tucked you up in bed because you're feeling a little bit poorly. You wanted me to cuddle you and I just wanted to make you feel better.

Feel better soon Princess.

Love from Mummy x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

BritMums Live 2013

If you are part of the blogging community and haven't been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you may have seen the ever familar hashtag..


Just the sight of it makes me green with envy and want to unfollow the lot of you. Okay, I probably wouldn't go that far, but I've thought about it..Me & laurenbigeejit have already set the filters and are boycotting it.

If you haven't already guessed, I won't be going this year. Unfortunately, I just couldn't afford the tickets and the overall cost of travel and accommodation is all too much. I mean it's not one, but TWO days.

However.. plans are in place. There are already talks of going sponsorless so we can just get pissed and socialise (..honestly, that's the whole point, right?) crawling through securities legs, gatecrashing and most worryingly, gaining entry by the use of rohypnol.. - Maybe don't sell that wallymummy a ticket?

Just kidding, it wouldn't be the SAME without you!

SO, even though I am positively dying of jealousy, I hope you all have an amazing time. Take lots of pictures - preferably drunken ones just for my amusement - and I can't wait to read all of your posts when you get back. You smug bastards.

Lots of love!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Clinique Colour Correcting Moisturiser - Review

Not so long ago I received a Clinique colour correcting moisturiser in the post to review. I had requested the Light/Medium shade as whilst I am quite light skinned, I wouldn't consider myself 'fair'.

When it arrived I couldn't wait to try it out. The next morning I washed and cleansed my face ready for the moisturiser and found that I really, really, did not have the right shade. I'm not sure if it was to do with the colour of my skin, but I was orange! My neck looked a completely different race to my face. I washed it straight off!

However, a quick email later, the correct shade was sent out in the post!

(I will add before I continue, that I gave my sister in law the previous shade of the foundation to use on her holiday and the tone matched her very well!) 

Turns out, I am more of a 'Light' shade.


I am definitely no skin care or beauty expert but I have enjoyed using this foundation. Whilst it is advertised as moisture surge, I wouldn't treat it as just a tinted moisturiser.

It goes on quite effortlessly whether you're using a brush or a sponge - even your fingers if you're in a rush and there's no time to search for one!


The main fault I would point out, is that once the cream has been on your face for a few seconds, it's quite hard to blend. I found that if I didn't do it quickly, then I was left with dark marks down the sides of my face which made it quite obvious I was wearing it. For this, I ended up having to blend using my own foundation to ensure that I wasn't left with streaks.

My favourite part however, is that my face is the smoothest it's ever been. My face is so soft that I do quite often find myself touching it just for the sake of it. How weird does that sound?

Ignore my man eyebrows, but how smooth does my skin look!?

The tone matches my skin colour almost perfectly. I'm fairly blotchy too, so it does a good job of covering that up.

The hair is horrendous, but notice the before & after tone of my skin

What I also love about the colour corrector is that it is SPF 30 which means that my face is still fully protected without suncream! So I can still look fresh faced whilst sunbathing. What's not to love about that? One thing that used to bug me was that when the sun was shining, I couldn't wear any foundation because I'd have to use sun cream. Being quite light skinned, I burn very easily and usually need at least Factor 30. I burnt using Factor 50 in Ibiza, so sun cream is a definite must. With the Clinique colour corrector, there's no need to worry!

Priced at £28.00 this foundation is probably not one I would purchase for myself - I don't wear enough make up to justify the price, but I think for the women out there who are interested in beauty products and want something new to try, this is definitely one to add to the basket.

I was sent a tube of the Clinique colour corrector cream for the purpose of this review.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Growing Up Cliche

We've all heard and even said all of the old cliches:

"They grow up far too fast"

"Time goes too quickly"

"Where does the time go?"

The thing is, they couldn't be more true.

This week, it has become apparent to me, just how much our Princess has grown up. She is no longer a baby girl who likes to be cuddled to sleep, enjoys watching the world go by and can be entertained for hours by the same objects.

How times have changed.

The other day Princess was in an odd mood. She's going through what I refer to as her 'teenage' stage at the moment. Even though she's only 2, she's quite prone to frequent tantrums, demands and has almighty attitude. I'm sure all toddlers go through this, but at the time you never realise it. You think it's just yours.

Anyway, I had absolutely no idea how to sate this mood she was in. It was as if she was frustrated, bored and upset all at the same time. Of course I just wanted to make her better, but I also wanted her to just stop whinging. With absolutely nowhere left to turn, I gave her a bath - in which she misbehaved and tantrumed her way through - brought her downstairs and dumped her on the sofa. Then I had an idea.

Nail varnish. She has always loved looking at my nails and watching me do them but I've always refused to paint hers. Mainly because I've always been the type of person to argue "let them be kids for as long as possible" but I decided it definitely wouldn't hurt. So long as she didn't eat it obviously.

So that was my idea, and it went down amazingly. Princess was so in awe watching me paint her nails, the odd "WOW" and "that's amazing" escaped her mouth a few times. Ever since, she has been showing anyone and everyone who will look her little toddler mani/pedi. She loves them.


Another example is on a recent trip to Tesco. Headed down the toy aisle we told her to pick one thing she could take home with her. In true toddler style she picked the most expensive toys and demanded that she have them ALL. After a few words and an explanation that "Mummy and Daddy are not made of money" she finally settled on one. A small case of make-up.

Now at first, I wasn't totally sure. She's only two after all, this could get messy. Also, I'm totally paranoid that by letting her use and wear make up from such a young age, I'm gonna give her some sort of complex that she's an ugly munter and needs make-up to be pretty. I probably tell her she's beautiful 100 times a day, but of course a little bit of lipgloss will give her lifetime scars! I'm not mental - really. Finally, I relented and she left the shop absolutely chuffed to bits.

Daddy gets a makeover!

Ever since, she has been plowing this make up on her face like her life depends on it. She will stand in the middle of the room and shout "Look at me!!" whilst twirling and fluttering her eyelashes. Have I done her any harm by letting her do this? Definitely not. My girl knows shes beautiful even when her face is covered in chocolate and crayons.

To top it all off, today she got her first tattoo. That's right ladies and gents, my two year old little girl has a tattoo.


Albeit a fake Mickey Mouse one.

But she loves it. She can't stop showing it to people and keeps asking me to take pictures of it.

All of this is just a huge slap in the face and a reminder of how grown up my little girl is becoming. It's also a huge sign of things to come - pretty sure I've got a prima donna on my hands.

There isn't any form of warning either. It just hits you one day that your child is suddenly a little girl and not just a toddler. She knows her own mind and she knows what she wants. Suddenly, even Peppa Pig isn't enough to keep her quiet, she wants Scooby Doo.


Even though I'm quite disheartened by the fact that those years are nearly firmly put behind us already, I'm quite looking forward to falling in love with my Princess a little bit more. 

Anyone else recently been hit by the reality of how fast their children are growing up? Does it upset you or are you excited?

Monday, 3 June 2013

Decorating On A Budget - #roomforimprovement

I've mentioned it before and I will probably mention it again, but the house we currently live in is much smaller than our old house. Even so, we have taken to decorating and rejuvenating this house a lot more.

Maybe it's because this house is smaller? It does feel a lot more intimate and cosy than the other, and it also feels a lot more like MINE.

I've been able to put my personal stamp on all of the rooms and the overall feel of the house is 'lived in'. It's by far from perfectly neat and tidy, but we do home a toddler. It's never fully clean but we try out best and we're very house proud.

Recently, the moneysupermarket sent us a challenge to rejuvenate one of the rooms in our home on a budget.

I absolutely jumped at this opportunity. In this house, most things we do are on a budget so it seemed like an easy task! I was very wrong however and it required more forethought than I had thought.

This budget was set at £50. Now, prior to my beliefs, £50 doesn't get you very far. It required planning and thought about where this money would go. What were the areas that needed improving?

The only room we hadn't decorated since moving in is the kitchen. All of our utilities were perfectly running and matching, we had a nice glass dining table (which I also bought on a budget of £20!) and the blinds matched the walls.

However, it wasn't OUR kitchen. It was the kitchen we moved in to that our utilities had to fit. There was no choice. We weren't really sure what we would do with it, or how we would change the room, just that we had to.

We browsed around online websites searching for the most cost effective means of decorating. These ideas went from paint and wallpaper, to carpets and accessories. Obviously with it being a kitchen, we decided painting was the best option for the walls, and we already had the perfect stone floor. Therefore, the extra money went on accessories.

As you can see from the pictures, this is our kitchen undergoing transformation.


Half way through our transformation! ...  


 I will take no credit for the transformation that took place, minus the spending of the money. I really do have to hand it to Ross and Charles for taking complete control of the decorating side of things and really going for it. We weren't given much time for this challenge from being offered to the completion date, so I'm very happy with the transformation.



If anybody knows me, they will know that my favourite colour is turquoise. We already had a few turquoise effects from our old living room that we transferred to the kitchen to match our new design. I think these have matched along nicely and added to the effect.


The blue walls make the room feel much more fresh and cosy. It's almost like I'm cooking dinner outside, somewhere warm. There is no particular reason for the grey, I just adore matching grey with any other colour. (If you saw the post about decorating my bedroom, you will see another example of this! I have to give the credit for all paint and accessories to Wilkinsons.

We did shop around a lot prior to purchasing any of our products and Wilkinsons was by far the cheapest for paint and accessories. We had so much fun in store shopping about and debating which were the best products for our newly designed kitchen. Princess also had fun pulling about the basket and adding her own items!

I would like to thank the money supermarket for this fantastic opportunity!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Little Miss Green Fingers!

I'm not too sure what's come over me lately.

Last week, after a quick trip to Brookfields Garden Centre for a quick look around the aquatic centre (I know, we're obsessed!) I randomly decided to buy some strawberry seeds.

Don't ask me why. I've previously said before about how uncapable I am of growing anything never mind actually growing something edible. I just couldn't resist though. Strawberries are my favourite fruit and they're just so goddamn expensive, it seemed like the perfect solution!

I bought my seeds and off we went.

Until I realised I needed something to grow them in.

So we decided to stop off at Homebase.

Looking round, having a bit of a wander, I came across a 'Grow Your Own Pepper Kit' ... and it was reduced! BONUS! So I convinced Ross there was nothing more in life we needed than to grow our own peppers. Luckily he agreed.

We had a bit more of a wander, found some pots for me to plant my new strawberry seeds, when we came across strawberry PLANTS!

This was brilliant. Who needs to grow seeds when they've already been grown for you? All I needed to do was transfer the plants to the pots and wait for the strawberries to grow!

So far, I have planted my seeds and my strawberry plants. Nothing has grown yet. It's been 3 days, so I'm still hopeful!

I also decided I couldn't live without some more flower seeds and Ross spotted some one season flowers he liked.

So my garden is now resembling a bit of a nursery. - I only learnt the other day that a place full of flowers is called a nursery.. WHO KNEW?

I actually planted the seeds and the plants all by myself. I put my hands in compost and everything, I'm so proud of myself.


We still have yet to plant some sunflower seeds that I bought on a whim, but we'll get there eventually. We're probably a bit late to the seed planting game, but we're still learning.

Also, the seeds we planted from our MiracleGro flower magic are starting to grow too! It's all happening in our garden this year.

Have you planted anything different this year? Or are you like me and completely un-domesticated when it comes to gardening?