Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spring Cleaning and Karcher

When you hear the word spring, what comes to mind?

Blue skies & sunshine?
April showers?
Lambs and baby ducks?

If you're anything like me, the first thing I think about, is cleaning.

I know, I know.. I'm way too old before my time. Boring as well. But there's nothing I love more than having a really good clean. Clearing out all of the old rubbish (to make room for more) dusting down all the bits that usually get forgotten about - for me, it's behind the fridge.

In our kitchen, we have a stone floor. It's set into big square tiles and is horrendous to clean. We borrowed a steam cleaner once to try and clean in between all of the tiles because they were black. After a good few hours, we assumed that was just the colour and left it at that.

That was until we received our new Karcher steam cleaner.

The difference was amazing. I came home from work to find Ross had already whipped it out of the box and was already at work on the kitchen floor. Straight away I could tell the difference.


Our once beige tiles, were coming up brand new. The grout in between which was once black, was coming up light grey. This was what our floor was supposed to look like!


You can actually see where we cleaned and where we hadn't. This amazing washer then helped to clean under both the fridge and freezer and around all of the cupboards and skirting boards.

I was in love.

And then it got better. Ross attached the smaller brush head and got to work on the oven.


We could actually see the dirt coming off around the rings. Our oven gets cleaned daily so I was shocked to see how much came off! It just goes to show that chemical cleaners and a scourer really aren't as effective as we need them to be.


Since then, we have used the cleaner to clean the laminate floor - you're not supposed to however. We put the cloth over the flat end and gave it a quick once over. The dirt that came off onto the pad was amazing. Made me feel slightly ill, but once again, proof that this steam cleaner was doing it's job well.

Finally, we used it in our bathroom. Our entire bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling. When it comes to cleaning them it can be an all day job.

With the new steam cleaner, it takes just half an hour. We can either use the flat head with the pad to clean the face of the tiles and then the small brush head to clean in between. The results are amazing - my bathroom is actually sparkling.

We are yet to try the steam cleaner on taps and plug holes, but I have absolutely no doubt that once again I will be amazed.

We have been using the Karcher steam cleaner for a few weeks now and it has yet to let me down. It uses nothing but tap water which takes seconds to heat up, unlike others that I've known which can take up to ten minutes. The container that holds the water can be removed making it easy to fit under taps of all sizes - it can easily fit in our tiny sink.

I was surprised by how easy it was to assemble. I'm usually useless when it comes to putting together any sort of machinery, but this was a simple case of click and go. The instructions were easy to understand and were detailed enough for a simpleton like me follow.

It came with a few accessories including a flat head brush which the pad can be attached to, a small brush nozzle head and a large mop head. It can also be used without any nozzle at all for areas such as oven tops, plug holes and in between awkward places. There are also two extension poles so it can be used as either a hand piece or like a regular brush/mop.

 There is a child safety lock on the handle so children can't turn it on if they manage to get hold of it, and a safety valve to stop them getting burnt. The handle also has a steam flow regulation so you can choose how strong you want your steam to be.


The entire system weighs no more than 4.1kg making it easy to carry up and down stairs or into different rooms. It is also very compact so can be stored quite easily along with your other cleaning appliances.

The steam cleaner has been independently tested by Allergy UK and they have concluded that the cleaner removes:
99.9% of dust mites
99.83% of cat allergens
99.01% of dog allergens
99.37% of pollen allergens
100% of fungal spores

Using this product in a house that homes a cat, dog and a hayfever sufferer just proves how effective it is. I also feel much more comfortable using the steam cleaner rather than chemicals such as bleach and floor cleaners. It's family friendly and keeps everything hygienic.

I couldn't recommend the Karcher steam cleaner more. It is by far my favourite cleaning device and I can imagine we will be using it for many more years to come.

We were sent the Karcher Steam Cleaner free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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