Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Potty Talk

I have never, ever, ever been one of those parents to divulge in my childs toilet habits, but I have found myself becoming increasingly frustrated in the complete lack of 'potty training' in this house.

Don't get me wrong. We are TRYING. We're trying so hard, we may as well be writing a book on what not to do.

Princess knows how to use a potty. Since the age of around 14 months, she has known exactly what a potty and a toilet is for. She even once took me by surprise by pulling the potty out herself, pulling her pyjama bottoms down and doing her business without any prompting what-so-ever.

However, ever since the 18 month or so mark hit, she has lost all interest in using it. She will kick it, hit it, throw it at the TV and WOM-BOM me in the face with it. It's clearly much better for use as a weapon than something to have a wee in. It also proved quite a popular cat bed..


I'm not overly fussed. I know she will get there eventually. I know that the more you push it on them, the less inclined they are to use it. And I damn well know that she won't be in nappies forever - but COME ON.

It's quite easy to forget that Princess is only 2 and a half. She's extremely bright and around the size of a 3-4 year old, sometimes it's hard to remember that this is normal. She's not a late learner and she's not particularly behind.

Although, she can't stay in nappies much longer.. she's on the biggest size they make. Minus putting her in kids 6-8years night time bed wetting pants.

We've tried bribery but she's far too smart to fall for it. She doesn't much like 'big girls pants' and convincing her that 'Cinderella uses the toilet like a big girl' worked about as well as telling her the toilet would in fact eat her alive. 

She'll get there, I know she will. I just wish it would be sooner rather than later.


Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

:-( Feeling your pain! When Meg was the same age as Eli is now she was potty trained..I've got no chance with Eli! He is the same, doesn't respond to any form of bribery, and shows no interest whatsoever in coming out of nappies.

I don't know what to suggest as you've probably tried it all...have you got any books on PT-ing? Princess Polly's Potty helped us with Meg as she would deliberately wet herself so she could wear a nappy (lovely children I have!) but once she realised what big girls did that helped a lot.

Nightmare isn't it, and you're right, they won't still be wearing nappies at 6 or 7 but it's frustrating when you think they know what they should be doing and they just won't do it!!

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Potty training, I can't believe I have got to go through this for a third time soon, so I do feel your frustration. I found personally if you leave the potty out, they will be curious, also if you notice her nappy or dry for long periods of time and can pull trousers up and down on their own, then it could possibly be time for her to be potty trained, I picked a week and refused to go out the house and did it then, left both my son and daughter (not at the same time though as there is a 16 months between them) with just an old pair of pj bottoms and leave the potty out. If they need to go they will go (yes you will have accidents, I wouldn't expect owt less) Also another mam at a playgroup suggested I kept a diary of what time they actually had a wee/poo (whether that was in their nappy or on the potty) basically to give you an idea on when they go. Also note down when you give them a drink too.
I hope this helps,


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