Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Name and Shame

I've mentioned before about how much I love our fish tank. It was an unexpected love, one that has grown with time. I can quite happily sit for hours watching the fish swim about in the tank, going about their daily lives just dodging the other fish.

We even have babies. Lots and lots of them. Some of the babies have even grown so much that they're now adult fish - males and females alike.

It's not often that we've lost fish. In fact, we've only lost a handful since we set the tank up, two of those we lost to suicide. (There's a gap at the top of the glass they can jump through - it's now blocked!)

Recently however, we bought a new fish. Well, Ross's friend, Charles bought a new fish. A beautiful blue male fighter that was fan tailed and glorious. It was honestly, the prettiest fish I had seen.

Charles purchased this fish from a place called World of Water within Timmermans Garden Centre. World of Water has it's own chain of aquatic stores up and down the country. We haven't bought anything from here before, in fact I'd never heard of it. The fish however, was amazing. We all loved it!

Sadly, two days after we put him in the tank, he died. I noticed he was acting weird. He was lying on the bottom of the tank leaning against the plants. He was also losing his colour. His once electric blue scales were turning grey. I'd never seen anything like it. White marks also started appearing on his body. A few hours after that, we found him dead lying behind a plant.

We were a bit gutted, anyone would be. Not only was he a lovely looking fish, but fighter fish don't come cheap either.

The day after that, another fish died.

It was weird. We hadn't lost a fish in months.

Once again, this fish had lost a bit of it's colour and was acting strange.

After that, we began losing 2-3 fish a day. Some of these fish we'd had since we'd set the tank up from scratch so Ross was actually really gutted.

I began to Google the symptoms the fish had before they died. All sorts of diseases began to show up, but there was no concrete solution that could fix the problem. The only thing I could find to do, was to increase the temperature of the water which would hopefully kill any infection.

Since we've done that, we have lost one fish. That fish was already ill so I don't think anything would have made a difference.

Nothing had changed in our tank recently to cause this to happen. We have tens of baby fish of all different breeds, and around 15 different breeds in the tank. Nothing had changed, except for adding the fighter fish.

I called World of Water, mainly as a warning. If his fighter fish tank had an infection, they needed to know before they sold any more. I also wanted them to know that their one fish, had killed over fifteen of mine. Unfortunately, they didn't care. Instead of asking any questions at all, they told me "Well, we'll need a water sample from your tank."

I'm sorry.. from MY tank? The fish in MY tank were fine until your fish was put in.

I explained to the man on the phone that if one of his fish had bought an infection into the tank, then what was the point testing the water now the infection was clearly rife? Of course it would show up after I'd put the fish in. 

I agreed anyway and Ross and Charles took the water sample down to the garden centre. They were told to 'take a walk' whilst the water was 'tested'.

Before I continue, I must add that the water had previously been tested by Pets At Home and was deemed absolutely fine. And like I said.. we hadn't lost any fish previously.

This water test was taken by pouring our sample into different containers and then had the 'test drop's put in. I will also add, whilst 'taking a walk' as suggested by the staff at World of Water, it was pointed out that there were two dead fish in the tank where this fighter was purchased.

Apparently this was deemed as a 'coincidence'.

I bet it was.

World of Water came back and announced these fish had died because of the ammonia levels in OUR tank.


Anyone who owns an aquarium knows that ammonia levels in a tank can only be treated by using chemicals.

Our fish stopped dying the moment we turned the heat up to kill any infections. Ross tried to explain this to the sales assistant but he was told there was just nothing more they could do. They didn't even advise of any treatments to help with the 'ammonia levels' - funny that. They left.

I didn't expect anything different. Like I'd said before, there is no point testing the water in an aquarium after you've already put in an infected fish. As for the ammonia levels being high, we know that's a lie as Brookfields Garden Centre have also tested it as perfect.

Thankfully, the fish have stopped dying. We plan on doing a water change in a few days as per the instructions I found online.

I'm not usually a petty person, and I'm definitely not one for naming and shaming or confrontation, but I feel like if someone is planning on purchasing fish or aquarium products from this store, to strongly rethink. I wish that we had read somewhere about their fish before purchasing them.

Even though I know that we will receive nothing in return from World of Water, despite us losing over £50 worth of fish in the space of a week, I hope they know how disappointed we are. We most definitely will not be visiting there again and neither will any of our family or friends. We'd rather our fish didn't die, thank you very much.


Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

That's so bad Misty! They are obviously just interested in making money and don't care about the condition of the fish they are selling. Good on you for naming and shaming!!

Miss Dazzling Purple Horses said...

That's awful. I have never heard of them either. But can safely say I won't be looking them up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,

I'm sorry to hear that you've had so many problems with your fish. Just to reiterate the message I've left you on your facebook page, you purchased your fish from World of Water which shares the same site as us. We are not the same company, they are a national chain of aquatic stores and therefore naming us as the supplier is incorrect and potentially defamatory. We take our reputation and customer service very seriously. If you look at our facebook page or our website, you'll see no reference to us selling aquatic products or fish because we don't. Please feel free to give me a ring on 0115 9664033 to discuss this further or if you need any further clarification.

Kind regards,

Sophie Timmermans-Delves
Managing Director

Misty B said...

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for your comment. I have now changed the details to World of Water and have stated they are their own seperate chain. I have still included the garden centre as it is ultimately where we bought them from.

We have already previously tried calling you, and like I said above, we weren't given any sort of help or answers, just a shift of the blame.

We are offended by the way that we were treated and definitely will not be visiting World of Water again.