Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Life According To...

The lovely Emily over at Family Four Fun has tagged me in this rather interesting and challenging music meme!

The aim of the game is to choose one band or artist, and use their song titles to answer as many questions as possible.

Here we go!

Are you male or female..?
 Uptown girl

Describe Yourself..?
Imaginary Diva

How do you feel..?
Describe where you currently live..?

If you could go anywhere..?

World of Our Own

Your best friend is..?

Your partner is..?
My Love

What's the weather like..?
No Ones Gonna Sleep Tonight

Favourite time of day..?
Miss You Nights

If your life was a book what would it be called..?
Loneliness Knows Me By Name

What is life to you..?
More Than Words

Your last relationship..?
Hey Whatever

Your current relationship..?

You fear..?

How would I like to die..?

What is the best advice you have to give..?
All Or Nothing

Thought for the day..?
What I Want is What I've Got

My Motto..?
Dreams Come True

Your favourite form of transport..?
Flying Without Wings

How I feel..?
Your favourite colour is..?

If you could change your name, it would be..?

That was actually much more difficult than I anticipated. Cheers Google!

I chose Westlife because they are by far my favourite music group. Their lyrics stick in my head and I can relate to pretty much every single song they've ever released. My Grandad would make a joke of calling them 'Pondlife' because he thought they were soppy sods.. he only went and bought their last album though, didn't he! In times of need, you just can't beat a good boy band. Westlife are definitely top of my list. 

Right, I tag:

Kip @ KipHakes

If you want to take part, don't forget to grab the badge and link up!


Emily Foran said...

No you can't beat Westlife, your Grandad's right they are soppy sods but we all need a good ballad every so often. Love this and how perfect is 'Uptown Girl' for the 1st question! Xxx

Nikki @ Holding Me to Ranson said...

Can anyone take part in this?
I would love to try this :)