Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Curly Sue

Anyone that knows Princess, will know just what beautiful hair she has. It's full of gorgeous, dark blonde, bouncy curls, it couldn't suit her more.

Which is why, when I take her to a hairdressers for a trim, I hate it when they get it wrong.

It took me 2 years for me to take her for her first haircut. I was so in love with her hair and her curls, I was terrified of them falling out. Everyone always said that once it was cut, her hair would become heavier and her curls would straighten out. A hairdresser friend told me that a haircut could in fact tighten the curls further, but it didn't happen often.

Fortunately the latter turned out to be true and 6 months later, Princess's hair is still beautifully bouncy and curly.


She didn't have hair for a very long time. Probably until she was about 10 months. At around 15 months it started to grow a bit wildly, and then finally at around 18 months, the ringlets started forming. At first they were very tight to her head, but eventually they started to grow downwards and the length came in. Now, it grows through so thick, we get through numerous No Tangle sprays a month!

Her fringe has always been an issue though. It tends to hang down in her eyes and no matter how we styled it, it would constantly annoy her. The second haircut she had, Ross took her and they put in a fringe. It suited her down to the ground and she looked adorable. It's been a bit difficult to train, and because it's curly, it can look a bit untidy.

On her most recent hairdresser visit, I asked the girl to just give her a trim as we wanted to keep the length and just to trim the end of her fringe as it was hanging down in her eyes again. I told the girl to be careful with the length as it was quite obviously curly and would shorten as soon as it was dry. I know for a hairdesser that's pretty obvious, but you have to make sure!

Luckily, Princess has always been a star at the hairdressers. She loves sitting in the chair and having the apron wrapped round her. She's very vain so is fascinated by all of the mirrors. It also helps that having her hair brushed mellows her out.

When the girl was finished, her hair was beautifully brushed, styled and new! It was still slightly damp but the weather outside was fine, so I didn't mind. We thanked the girls, left the salon and went for a walk down the high street.

After a few minutes, I started to notice something odd with her hair. It seemed to be getting shorter and shorter with each passing minute. By the time we reached the supermarket, her fringe was halfway up her head. The sides of her hair framing her face was so much shorter than I had asked for and her hair was once again in a short bob, despite me asking to keep the length.

I shouldn't have to tell a hairdresser that curly hair will shorten the more it dries. It's sort of common knowledge.

Now I've managed to get used to it, it doesn't look so bad, but I've still started to comb it to the side. I think we'll stick with a side fringe from now on. It suits her just as much and I can imagine, more easy to handle.

And next time, we'll use a different hairdresser!

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