Saturday, 2 February 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

I love a good package I do. No not that sort of package you filthy mare.

I find immense joy in receiving gifts and surprises through the post, not that it happens very often. The idea of this bloghop. created by the lovely Clara, is to impart said happiness upon the lovely readers of this blog.

I joined in with the lovely Jess so this is me paying forward!

So, if you fancy receiving a gift from me - bare in mind I'm skint 99% of the time - then comment on the bottom of this post. The originality and thought put into these gifts will mostly depend on how much wine has been consumed.. so expect an autograph. From Princess.

I will only be sending to the first 3-4 people who comment (if I can think of anything to send to the 4th, I will) so get your names down A to the SAP.

The only rule is that if you comment, you must post your own blog post and promise to send something to as many people as you so wish.

For those of you are lucky enough to be in the top 3 (lucky may be pushing it) then I will contact you via Twitter OR you can email me your address at

As Clara so brilliantly stated in her post: "This isn’t about money or extravagance, it could be anything from a  handwritten letter to a knitted blanket or a doodle or favourite book…literally anything. The point is to think of others and spread a little unexpected happiness."

Get commenting!


@lil_wench said...

Love this. May follow your lead actually :-)

Emily Foran said...

Me, me - I've got a drunken promise to keep ;)) xx

JDW Shardlow said...

This is a lovely idea.

I try to do one RoaK every Friday.

Good work.

Clara said...

*snigger* Everyone loves a good package! Thanks for taking part & linking up x