Sunday, 10 February 2013


It's been so long since I blogged, I thought I should do a little update. Well, I say little, I'll probably ramble on like usual, but that's life.

I feel like I've been working so much that there just isn't time to catch a break. I come home, spend time with Princess and by the time I've had my dinner or been to the gym, I just want to sit down and relax. Recently I've taken to falling to sleep on the sofa whilst watching Criminal Minds online. I'm living the high life, what can I say.


I finally received my consultant number at work. This means that I've finally been able to take the exams that enable me to sell holidays! Starting from the Monday just gone, I've finally been fully qualified!


And since then, I've gone on to sell five holidays.


I'll fully admit, 4 of them were with the help of the other girls. Unlike them, I don't know where every country/city/hotel is located, and Geography is most definitely not my strong point. Probably should have thought about that first.. But the last holiday I sold on Saturday closing time.. I did that by myself. From start to finish.

It's a very satisfying feeling when you know you've finally done something. You finally get it.

I've got a long way to go yet, don't get me wrong. But like with everything, there's a learning curve. Every customer and every sale is an opportunity for me to learn more, and I'm embracing that rather than shying away from it. It would be so easy to avoid learning anything, but I refuse to sit there and be a potato. Practise makes perfect and all that.


I don't feel any better about separating my work life from home life. I can't even really explain it, but I sort of feel disconnected. Like when I'm at home, it's just a countdown until my next shift. I have 3 days off a week, which is more than a lot of others, but it doesn't feel like long enough. My days shoot by and before I know it, I'm tucking Princess up in bed and I'm getting an early night so I can be up bright and early. It's only just been over a month so I'm hoping that it'll eventually change. I just need to get the balance right.

Apart from that, I'm happy. I'm enjoying having to face new challenges on a daily basis, and I'm loving seeing Princess so happy to see me after a day at work.

I'm lucky and I know it. Sometimes I struggle to realise it, and other times I just don't see it at all. But I do know it.

Whilst there is no meaning to this blog post and I have simply written for the sake of posting, it's helped me put some perspective on to my own situation. Things could be a lot worse. I can be proud of the fact that I'm providing for my family. I can feel safe in the knowledge that my girl is being looked after everyday.

Maybe I can finally start to feel settled.


Shahnaz MummyBeBeautiful said...

Well done too you :-) being a working mum is very hard....and challenging trying to juggle so much , I still struggle with the balance if it all :-)

Elaine Livingstone said...

well done on your new qualification. Yes while it is still a learning curve it tires the brain out more, but hopefully it will get easier with time. Work/life balance has always been an issue for many people, just means you enjoy your children more with the time you have. blogging can take a back seat for a month or 2 and when important to you again time wise you can pick it up

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Great news about your qualification. I've always found travel agency fascinating and find myself quizzing the assistants where they've been in the world and how come they have so much knowledge about a place!

Enjoy it.
CJ x

Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

Yay on getting your qualifications! Here's to learning more and selling more holidays :) It sounds like you've got a nice balance between work and home, I think any change in routine goes through a settling in period but it sounds like things are starting to click for you now which is great!

Suzanne said...

This is a great reason to be posting! You've qualified AND sold three holidays - go you!! So pleased you're feeling a sense of satisfaction x

Misty B said...

Thank you! I know I'm not alone in my battle with finding balance, so in a way that's a comfort. It's just something I just have to adjust to :)

Misty B said...

You're right, I'm not going to force my blogging. I need my evenings to myself, to wind down and spend time with my family. When the mood strikes, ill start to write.
Hopefully everything will balance itself out soon

Misty B said...

It really is amazing to see how much they know about the world. I doubt ill ever be that good, but I'm on my way to learning! I just need more holidays to learn. At least that's what I'll tell the OH :)

Misty B said...

I'm hoping ill start to feel more settled, but I know this feeling won't last forever. So chuffed with myself, been a long time since I learnt anything, especially doing exams too!

Misty B said...

Thank you! Never in my life did I think I'd be selling holidays! Or doing any more exams for that matter, let alone passing them. Lets hope it continues!

Amanda said...

Well done on selling the holidays, doesn't matter if you needed help for a few, we all need it in the beginning.

You'll find a balance, might need to shuffle things round a little, but you'll get there.

Louise said...

Well done! Work life balance is always a struggle, but it sounds like things are falling into place x