Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Good Nights Sleep?

At the age of nearly 2 and a half, 29 months to be exact, you would have thought that Princess would have some sort of sleep routine.

You'd think wrong.

Every couple of weeks or so, her bedtime routine will be thrown completely out of the window, only to be taken over by something else.

A few weeks ago, it would mean falling to sleep in Mummy & Daddys bed and then being transferred to her own bed when we came up.

Now however, she is asking to go to bed to watch Peter Pan. It's lovely, it really is. I love that her new favourite film is my all time favourite film. I love that she likes to fall to sleep to it and I love that her new favourite character is Tinkerbell.

What I don't love, is her new found love of early morning wake up calls.

These aren't just any wake up calls, oh no. These are 'Mummy, it's 4am and I want to play so get your ass out of bed and MAKE ME BREAKFAST!' kind of wake up calls. In all fairness, she's never said that, but I know she's thinking it. The same way I knew what she was thinking at 3.30am this morning when I caught her tipping juice on to my iphone.

The night before (well I should say morning) she woke up just before 5am, and did not go back to sleep. This was on a morning when I had work. By the time 7o'clock rolled around, and I'd put her back to bed fifteen times, she'd drifted back off to sleep. Typical. I however, had to get ready for work.

It's safe to say the past 2 days I have been walking round in a bit of a daze. Having no choice but to go to work, I sit at my desk fighting to keeps my eyes open.

I think she's gotten herself into an awful routine, which means that when she goes to bed at 6.30pm (which is very early by her standards) by 4am, she's had enough sleep and is then ready to wake up. However, because of the early morning wake up, she's going to bed earlier.


I've kept her up until 7.30pm tonight so I can only cross my fingers that she will stay in bed till 7.30am. She's never been a good sleeper, she obviously has far better things to be doing.

I however, adore my sleep and need much more of it. I don't remember the last time I slept past 9am. A lie in, what's that?

Here's hoping that tonight is a much better night.


Elaine Livingstone said...

yes I remember that phase, I got to the stage I was going to bed before 8pm every night just so I could cope with mornings.

Anne Stone said...

I sympathise, I really do, I know how bad sleep deprivation can affect you and I don't have a job. I hope your little princess improves her routine very soon x

Emily Foran said...

Horrible when you're going through it but she will settle into a routine and too soon be a teenager you have to drag out of bed - we don't want teenagers but do look forward to the lie-ins ;) xx

Louise Fairweather said...

When you find out what a lie in is, let me know xxx