Friday, 18 January 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday Failure

Have you ever felt that stomach curdling fear of stepping on the scales during a diet and realising.. you've put on weight?

Well I have.

Last weeks Weigh-In Wednesday, despite my initial hopefulness, sort of went tits up.

You see.. my scales were wrong. By 5lbs. And not in a good way.

So when I said that I weighed 9 and a half stone. That was a lie. Okay, well it wasn't a lie because I genuinely thought that's what I weighed.. but the scales lied. To me.

I jumped back on the scales 7 days after my first venture, looked down and noticed the dial didn't move. It was definitely odd. I'm not saying I expected to see half a stone had miraculously shifted, but I did half expect to see some change.

But there was nothing.

Last week I completely changed my attitude to food. As previously mentioned I was now on wholemeal bread. My portion sizes were halved, and I haven't eaten chocolate, sweets or crisps in over 2 weeks and I had done three hour long exercise classes, so I really did expect to see a difference. (I must admit I was pissed off mainly because after Kettlercise on Saturday, I spent the entire Sunday in my pyjamas on the sofa unable to move!)

Unfortunately though, my apparent lack of weight loss convinced me to step on to the fat busting, truth telling scales of Boots.

To my dismay, these scales now told me I weighed 5lb more than I originally thought. My weight is 9stone 12lb and my BMI is 28 *sob*. I'm not looking into my BMI too much as it also recorded my height as 4ft10. Now I'm short, but I'm not that short, I promise.

So next week I will try again. I'm currently sat here drinking wine, so if my weight loss isn't as high as I'd have hoped, don't be surprised.

My attitude to food has changed dramatically. I'm not over eating, ever. All of my substitutes are diet-friendly and I have completely cut out all of the rubbish (minus the rose wine, obvs.)

So I shall repost again next Wednesday. If I'm being honest, I'm not expecting a weight loss. I have only done one exercise class so far this week and it was far less enthusiastic as the last (different teacher) and I barely worked up a sweat. I'm still eating healthily and minimum, but clearly it hasn't started working yet.

Please all keep your fingers crossed for me and DAMN my bloody asda scales to hell!!

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PoshBird said...

Hi Misty, it's always really hard i think for the first few weeks on a new diet plan. I wouldn't worry that the weight hasn't come off in the first week, it takes a couple of weeks for your body to adjust. Keep doing what you're doing poppet and it will work! Well done for the changes you've made they're not easy ones to make and i should know , i love all the bad stuff! Keep going chicken x x x