Saturday, 5 January 2013

All About Me - Meme

I have been tagged in this meme by the lovely Sally over at Pressies by Pebbles. Once again I have been suffering bloggers block and have been advised to carry around a pen and notepad wherever I go in case inspiration strikes. To be honest, my most thoughtful time of day is just before I'm about to fall to sleep so I'm guessing my bedside table is the best spot? Okay, here we go.

Where do you do most of your writing / blogging
Usually if a post comes to mind I will make a note in my phone and hopefully come back to it later. I write most of them on the computer at home but I have done some on my phone. They're the rubbish ones..

What books were your childhood favourites?
I was a huge reader as a child, I always have been. The first books I remember reading were The Famous Five by Enid Blyton and a lot of the C.S Lewis books. I recently found a book diary that I used to keep at primary school of all the books I had been reading. According to the diary I was reading 'A Child Called It' by David Pelzer at the age of 11.

Have you ever googled yourself and been surprised at what you found?
Oh most definitely. I googled myself plenty when I was younger and was always disappointed that nothing would come up. Recently however, I have googled myself and been shocked at what had come up. It was what prompted me into changing every single privacy setting on my Facebook (which they have changed again I might add) and made me think twice about what I post on Twitter. Nearly every single tweet I have ever posted comes up on some sort of site, specifically the ones that include brand names. It really opens up your eyes that you need to be careful on the internet.

What is your favourite time of the day?
I think early evening. It's the time when it comes to giving Princess a bath and getting her ready for bed. It's probably the most chilled out time of the day when we're all at home and can relax. The knowledge that I'll soon get a bit of peace helps too.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?
I haven't a clue. I'd like to say someone glamorous like Megan Fox (HA!!) but it would probably be more like Beth Ditto *sob*

One material possession you can not live without?
My iphone. It is always with me and I'm probably always on it. I have a small obsession with games on there at the moment and always checking them when I have a spare minute. It also allows me to tweet on the go which I love! I often wonder what I did before I had my iPhone, I honestly can't remember!

Have you ever been naked in public?
Probably not since the age of 1, no.

Who was your first proper kiss?
Haha, it was with a boy called Edward that I went to school with. Primary school by the way. I was SUCH a hussy. Then I turned into a prude!

So that's it. A few simple questions and you get a few extra nuggets of information about me. I'm sure you're like, mega bothered, right? I know, I know.

I tag the lovely Holly over at Hollybobbs to take part!

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