Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Thought of the week: Underestimation

For those of you who don't know us, or haven't seen on the blog, Princess has the most amazing curly hair. It's sandy blonde in colour with platinum highlights throughout which hang in beautiful ringlets.

Unfortunately, these ringlets only usually last a day. Once she has slept on her hair it becomes a matted mess of tangles and knots. Even worse, she hates having it brushed. We've tried detangle spray, conditioner, the works and no matter what, it always goes messy.

So we made a decision. At the age of two (which is probably long over due) Princess would have her very first hair cut.

The very thought had always filled me with dread. Not only because I was afraid that her beautiful curls would be ruined, but because Princess doesn't take well to new situations. She has never liked the Doctors - who can blame her with that cold stethoscope and those prodding fingers? And she absolutely loathed the Dentist - which I don't blame her for.

So you can imagine my anxiety at taking her to the hairdressers. The thought of having to make her sit in a chair, whilst a stranger attempted to brush and cut her hair filled me with so much angst, I almost didn't take her. To be fair, I assumed the hardest part would be to make her sit still for more than three minutes, never mind getting the brush near her head.

I spent the whole day beforehand explaining to her about what happened at the hairdressers. I told her a lady would let her sit in a special chair and look in the mirror (I appealed to her vain side - it worked.) I then told her that the lady would hold her hair and go 'snip, snip, snip' whilst doing the actions. We spent the day doing this, Princess pretending to 'snip' my hair and me hers. I encouraged her to tell people she was going to have her hair cut with scissors and when she was asked she said she was excited. At two years old I didn't expect her to fully understand but she seemed to have a pretty good grasp of what I had told her.

I still wasn't filled with confidence though. I was expecting tears, tantrums and shouts of defiance.

Imagine my surprise when my anxiety turned out to be completely unnecessary. She was amazing.

You might think I'm silly for regarding a first hair cut as 'amazing' but it's not just the fact she got her hair cut. It's because she let it be done. She was excited to get into the chair which was stacked with cushions so she could see herself in the mirror. She said "Hello" to herself and waved. She pointed to the counter and pointed out the objects she recognised: Brush, scissors, comb. 

And then she let the hairdresser brush her hair.

With an afro comb.Poor sod.

When she was eventually done with the combing, she started to seperate it. Princess sat so still, staring at herself in the mirror. The hairdresser told me she'd had quite a few toddlers fall to sleep on her because they found it so relaxing. That didn't surprise me, I love having my hair brushed/played with. Apparently, so does my girl.

Eventually it came round to the cutting. Princess actually seemed excited to see the scissors and enjoyed watching her hair falling away. Of course I saved her first curls and will keep them safe for as long as possible. My Mum still has mine!

When it was all over, Princess told herself she looked "beautiful" and told the hairdresser that "haircut my favourite". 

I couldn't have been prouder.

The moral of the story is: Never underestimate your child. Just when you think you know exactly what they'll do or how they'll react, they'll shock you.
Yes, I am aware you can barely tell the difference. Though she did have about 2 inches cut off the length.


MummyNeverSleeps said...

oh God love her! And well done you, I cut Bean's hair myself, I'm way too scared of what he might do at a hairdressers!

Emily Foran said...

Her hair is beautiful, the cut is lovely and neat - I hate having their hair cut for the first time too. xx