Saturday, 6 October 2012

Why I love Twitter

It's Friday night. I have just poured myself another a glass of wine and am settled on the sofa with a massive bar of chocolate.

To me, Friday nights, are Twitter and wine nights.

Friday night is the night I get the whole sofa to myself, a bottle glass of wine to myself and I get to talk to the people who keep me sane during the week - whether they know it or not.

The people who I tell my thoughts to. The people who read my most random of comments and actually agree with me. The people whom I have never met but are the first to offer me advice.

You may (or may not) have noticed that my blog has completely changed. I used to have a premade layout, but after noticing lots of bugs on it, I decided to revert back to a bog-standard Blogger custom layout.

For the brilliant layout you see right now, I would like to say an absolute massive thank you to Vikki over at lovefrommummy for helping me with my blog design. Thanks to her, my header now looks fabulous and my badges fit within my space bars. After deleting my layout the blog pretty much looked a mess before she stepped in and helped me out. She's absolutely fabulous, and if you don't believe me, pop on over to her blog and check it out.

Once I discovered the jellybean background though, all was right with the world. You see, Princess has recently developed an obsession with sweetie based things. A friend of mine bought me a Smartie birthday card, just because it looked like sweeties. I've also bought jellybean wrapping paper for Princesses birthday presents next week because she likes the look of them so much. So basically, the background is actually personal for me.

Anyway, moving back on to Twitter..

The past few weeks, I have met a few people who have become quite close friends. I've known them weeks, but I could safely say that we could meet up somewhere and have the most fabulous of times. After being on Twitter for over a year, it's a nice change.

I have also just started to enter myself into the blogging world. I have been wondering whether I should separate my personal and blog accounts, but I know for a fact I would just end up using one of them instead of both. I had my personal account long before my blog so think I should just continue with the one I'm using. If followers pre-blog don't like it.. don't follow.

So there you have it, the reasons I love Twitter.

Throughout all of the social networking sites, and all of the negativity they can bring, I have found a reason to enjoy them.

There may be over one billion users on Facebook every month, but Twitter is where it's at.

6 comments: said...

Oooooh you lovely little jelly bean, you! I'm so so glad you're enjoying your blog again because it is frickin' fantasballs and you bloody well should enjoy it. Screw the haters innit. I've only been on twitter a month but you my lovely are my bestest find on there ;) Much love to you xxx

Misty Bird said...

You are definitely one of the reasons my lovely! You & Zoe have made twitter so much more enjoyable and your blog is especially fab! I'm deffo feeling the love! x

pinkoddy said...

Hello *waves*
I'm glad you are enjoying it.
Have you spoke with any celebs on twitter? (I have a post on that somewhere lol) - I think that's amazing.
Nice to meet you - have come from satcap :)

Misty Bird said...

Ohhh hi *waves back*
I will have to search out your post. Not yet spoken to any celebs - only a reply from Michael Underwood haha!
Nice to meet you too x

Jess said...

Hiya I love Twitter with a passion!Er my tweet count verifies that statement!I have made some great pals on there ~ Twitter rules! Im 3angels4sure if you want to look me up :-)

StudentMummy said...

Hey, I love twitter for these exact reasons. It's bought me closer to some friends that I have known for years. I get to tweet celebs in the hope they might tweet back and when they do I get excited (Is that just me..... Oh) I tweet to much probably lol. Lots of love x