Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Gallery - Fitness

I have finally made the decision to join in with the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. Ironically I've decided to join in on the week where the theme is Fitness!


I always promise myself I will become fit. I promise I will exercise and eat healthily. Unfortunately it never quite sticks and I'm left feeling like a fat fraud.

However, every week or so, my family and I will go on an epic walk in a bid to stay healthy. When I say epic, I mean long. I am by no means exaggerating.

Here is this weeks Fitness picture just to prove it!


Yes, that's right. I walked 11 miles! It was very nearly 12 by the time we had actually gotten home. Very impressed we were! 

Pop over to Sticky Fingers to check out the rest of this weeks Gallery pictures.


Teamlloyd said...

Wow that is impressive!! We went on some very long walks on holiday and were wishing we could work out how long it was - now off to download that app!!

The Mini Mes and Me said...

:o That really is a long walk!! x

Jade said...

What a long walk! Were your legs achey afterwards? Mine always seem to ache after taking the buggy out for an hour or so. This app will come in handy for those walks, as I always wonder how far I go. Thanks for sharing.

Misty Bird said...

Haha maybe I should request an app advertising fee! It's so rewarding to actually know how far you've walked and physically see it on a map! I have a pedometer app too which also tells me how many steps I've done, at what pace and how many calories I've burnt, very handy!
Thanks for commenting x

Misty Bird said...

I know I was really shocked when we'd finished!

Misty Bird said...

They weren't actually, but we did have quite a few stops and walked at a leisurely pace so it was nice and relaxed. It's better that way I think, you don't realise then that you're actually exercising x

cakesphotoslife said...

Wow, that's a long walk, must have a look at that app xxx

Elaine Livingstone said...

never heard of map my walk...will need to go make friends with it I think