Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Special Girl

It's safe to say I have an addiction to going through old photos. I'm often found browsing through old photo albums, and there's nothing I love more than looking at old childhood pictures. Every picture has a memory - not necessarily for me, but for my Mum and I enjoy hearing stories about myself.

I began to think about Princess and what memories her pictures convey to me. What stories would I tell her when she came across old photos of herself. Let's face it, I have enough of them! When asked which was my favourite I found it hard to pick just one, but I found myself coming back to the same picture..

This time next week, Princess will be 2. This picture was taken on her 1st Birthday. She was dressed to the nines in a beautiful fluffy pink dress I had bought her specially for the occasion. This picture shows her passed out after a hectic morning of opening presents, playing with new toys and being surrounded by family. 

The rolls in her legs will always remind me of how chunky she was. How she had put on weight so quickly at birth and it had always continued in the same way. Her short hair will remind me of the time she lost all of her hair, but it grew back so glossy and beautiful.

Seeing Princess on her 1st Birthday brought me so many emotions. It reminded us of just how far we had come as a family. She had never been planned so was a surprise to us all. I think we underestimated the power of love we would feel for her and how it would bring us all together. When people tell you that time goes fast when you have children, you never really understand what they mean until you have your own. It's a cliche but nothing could be more true.

As we draw nearer to her 2nd Birthday, I'm filled again with the same emotions as I was a year ago, and the year before that. Feeling that time is going by far too quickly, am I remembering her at this age enough? I will reminisce about the day she was born, and remember the scar I bear in her name. I will think of all of the happy times we have had together and be thankful for everything I have.

Without her, I am nothing.
This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby


@xshortyx69 said...

soooo sweet :) i cant beleive she will be 2 next week xx

Beesley Buzz said...

Wow - love that post - certainly makes us stop and think about how quickly kids grow up! well done for writing such a lovely piece combined with a mega cute photo! x

My Mummy's World said...

That is such a lovely post. I too take so many photos of Jack. And your right, time really does just fly past. X

Misty Bird said...

Thank you so much!
It really does make you realise doesn't it, especially on birthdays x

Misty Bird said...

Thanks Hun! Can never have too many pictures. Puts things into perspective when you look back x

Mrs Shilts said...

What an adorable little girl, she's looks so peaceful and LOVE the dress!