Friday, 26 October 2012

Baby Swing Seat Review

In our last house we didn't have a garden, just a small bit of concrete and a patch of mud to grow plants.

In this house, we have a huge garden. We have more space than we know what to do with. 

A few months ago, on a mission to fill up a patch of garden and provide Princess with everything she had ever missed out on, we bought her a swing. 

Unfortunately, only being 2 years old - well, 20months at the time - she couldn't sit on the swing seat. It was designed for older children and she would always fall off of it. 

Luckily for us, Big Game Hunters offered to send us a baby swing seat to review which couldn't have been more perfect.

Big Game Hunters are a company that make outdoor apparatus specifically designed for children of all ages. This could be from a swing to a full blown climbing frame. Attachments for climbing frames are available to buy separately, meaning you can create your own adventure playground!

After speaking to someone on Friday, the package arrived on Monday - super fast delivery. 

The seat was exactly how it had been shown on the website. It is made of strong, durable plastic and dark green in colour to match any garden.


I was impressed that the seat came with a safety belt as I have seen others that do not. The seat is designed for babies up until 3 years so the belt is very handy. It stops Princess from climbing out and would stop babies from falling out.

It was extremely easy to fit - Ross being surprised by how easy it was.


The ropes also seem very durable. They are strong and able to hold weight up to 70kg - heavier than me!

The design seems comfortable and very well suited to toddlers.


My only criticism is that the seat doesn't come up high enough from the floor - but, we do not have the specific frame for this seat. We have attached this seat to our own frame. Also, our two year old is really quite tall for her age.

 At £38.95 I think this seat is reasonably priced as it will most definitely stand the test of time. I think you will get more use out of this seat than your average toddler swing.


Princess seemed to agree. She had lots of fun testing out this seat and I'm sure we will have lots of fun with it in the future!  It was nice to finally be able to use the swing for what it was intended for.

To find out more information about the baby seat swing - click here

To take a look at the full website, please visit: Big Game Hunters

Disclosure: I was sent this baby swing seat to review by Garden Games Ltd. All of the opinions and pictures are my own. 

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