Sunday, 2 September 2012

Seven Miles Too Far?

Today was my birthday.

Instead of having a relaxing day in, or pampering myself like every other sane person in the world would, I decided to go on a long walk to go for a carvery with the family.

We decided to go to 'Seven Mile House' because the food is lovely, it's sort of local and it's pretty cheap. Well, we discovered it wasn't quite as local as we had thought. 

It's called Seven Mile House because it's seven miles from Nottingham and seven miles from Mansfield. It is often known as 'the halfway house'. 

Either way it took us about an hour and a half to walk there. I don't mind walking at all, and since I'm on a diet it's the easiest form of exercise. But today it was difficult. The air was so humid, we were all sweating after twenty minutes. After much huffing and puffing, swapping around of who was carrying what and/or pushing the pushchair, we finally made it.

We had our carvery, mine was pork and turkey, and then we made our way back out again. This time we had full stomachs, fully refreshed from the diet coke and we'd had a good sit down. We decided to go for a walk round Burntstump Park and let the kids have a play. Unfortunately the park was rubbish so instead we just went for a walk around. The fields there are huge and amazing for picnics. We'll definitely be doing that one day!

The kids had a bit of a climb in the tree's (and the adults too - if you can call them that haha!) and we walked through the forest which brought us back out on to the main road. That's when the walk back began.

Coming home didn't seem to take half as long which was brilliant. By the time we made it to Lakeside which was half way home it seemed like we'd only been walking ten minutes when really it was probably 40!

Finally we made it home in one piece. All of us were suitably shattered.

Right now I am sitting with the laptop, glass of wine in hand, freshly showered and ready for bed.

It might not be everyones type of birthday, but I actually really, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Burning 840 calories just from walking was a lovely bonus too! Yes, I really did walk 15 kilometres. That's 10 miles!


Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday lovely! Still can't get over how far you walked! Sounds like you had a lovely day though xxx

WallyMummy said...

That is way to energetic for me! I like my 8 month old who just sits neatly in a pushchair LOL. Mind you she has just started crawling... bugger... life is clearly about to change... hard work this parenting malarki! x

I am following you BTW - head over and say hello when u get a chance xxx xxx

WallyMummy said...

Sorry -meant to say Happy Birthday too! xxx

Misty Bird said...

Thank you!! It really doesn't feel that far when you're enjoying yourself :) x

Misty Bird said...

Haha thank you!! Once they learn to move, that's it! You don't get to sit down and rest ever again lol. It's tiring but it's fun x