Monday, 10 September 2012

My Pocket Buddy - Review!

This week I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the My Pocket Buddy 8ml hand sanitiser for kids! I was so excited to do my first review, I ripped it straight open and set about sanitising the families hands - after taking a picture of course!

Princess who is an avid fan of having clean hands loved it. She even had a go using it herself and succeeded. Ross was also impressed by the non greasiness and packaging of the product. My Mum, who was lucky enough to be present and witness my excitement about testing my first review product reckons its an excellent idea and was suitably chuffed with the results.

I have also fell for the charms of My Pocket Buddy. Consisting of a sleek bottle and an easy to use design, this sanitiser is definitely my favourite one so far. I'm a huge user of hand sanitisers and this one ticks all of the right boxes.

My Pocket Buddy boasts plenty of advantages including:

  • Made entirely of pure and natural ingredients
  • Alcohol free
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Non toxic - completely safe for kids! 
  • All product materials are recyclable and have been developed using recycled materials
  • Quick drying and non sticky (massive thumbs up from me!) 
  • Allergen and fragrance free - so all of you with sensitive skin need not worry! 

 The My Pocket Buddy is designed for kids and will fit easily in to any lunch box or school bag. It even has a handy strip for you to write your childs name on so they don't lose it. As Princess is not yet in school or nursery, I have been using the sanitiser for myself and I have to say it does the job just as well. It also fits perfectly into any handbag, changing bag or even clutch purse! We all know how dirty those clubs can get! 

I have been very impressed by the My Pocket Buddy hand sanitiser and must admit I have now been switched. Most shop bought hand sanitisers contain alcohol which can have damaging effects on your skin, such as dryness and itching. Alcohol strips your skin of any natural moisturising oils and actually increases the susceptibility of your skin to bacterial infections. The My Pocket Buddy aims to do the exact opposite by using aloe vera in their product which is a natural moisturiser. This means as well as clean and germ free, your hands will be super soft. 

Overall I would recommend My Pocket Buddy to all of my friends, whether they have kids or not. The benefits are obvious and the results are clear to see. 

The OPure range also includes a 50ml foamer which fits into your handbag or pocket and is ideal to take out and about, and the 500ml desk foamer which is ideal for kitchens, bathroom, or as it suggests, to sit on your desk. 

Prices start from just 96p for a child's hand sanitiser and £3.00 for a foamer! Massive bargain!! 

Visit the OPure website for more details or email them at

Alternatively Like their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @mypocketbuddy 

2 comments: said...

oh wow, this actually sounds really good. the stuff they get on their hands... *shiver* tis such a pain to get little hands clean, baby wipes aren't great, and I virtually have to dunk Bean in the kitchen sink to wash his hands properly... like it! xx

Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

We've just reviewed one of these too, aren't they fabulous? My niece is obsessed with cleaning her hands and absolutely loves it! xx