Saturday, 29 September 2012

Silent Sunday

What they didn't tell you..

The OH and I have been talking about having another baby. Personally, due to financial reasons and what not, I don't think we're ready. This is where I also discovered I was the boring and sensible one in the relationship.

Moving on..

I've given it a lot of thought, and although I feel I am ready for another baby, there's a lot of doubts that are swarming in my mind. A lot of these are doubts that people failed to mention to me upon the birth of my first baby, Princess. Things I will never, ever forget, but also things I feel are also worthless as advice. The doubts I am talking about are the facts we all know, but don't really know at the same time.
Here's listing a few..

The very first one on my list is the pain of child birth. When you think child birth, you think pain. Your mind doesn't automatically jump to the little bundle of joy at the end - please tell me it's not just me? - sometimes it focuses on the negative experience you're about to have. Princess's birth was horrendous. There were 5 people present at my labour (all family but not in the same room at the same time) and every single one of them said I shouldn't have been left as long as I was, so I have sort of lost faith in the system. Everyone I have spoken to has said you forget the pain you felt, it all becomes a distant blur. Most importantly, it doesn't matter because you forget as soon as your baby is born.
For me, this isn't true. Mostly because my pain was halted after I had a spinal block right before my emergency section and she was evicted from the sunroof. My most vivid memory of child birth is wishing I was dead. Dramatic, but true. Maybe I'm a wuss, who knows? We all have different pain thresholds, but none of us knows what the other has felt. My point is.. if someone tells you labour is easy and it doesn't hurt.. don't trust them. It hurts. A lot. And if it doesn't? Consider yourself fucking lucky.

Everybody and their Grandad tells you about those sleepless nights. They all say "Oh, don't be expecting any sleep any time soon!" As a new parent, you take it in your stride. You probably stay up till 2am (or is that just me?) and then don't rise until 11am (fuck off with your judgements, I used to work evenings, okay!?) and assume you'll just be able to cope. Nobody tells you that sometimes, you won't sleep for TWO DAYS straight. They don't warn you that sometimes, 13 hours worth of bed time, but being woken up 20+ times, does not equal a healthy amount of sleep. They also don't warn you that your child can take EIGHTEEN months to sleep through the night. The closest I ever got was a block of 6 hours. Finally, upon turning 18months and sleeping in a proper bed, did I get 8+ hours worth of sleep. Do not under any circumstance assume your child will 'sleep through the night'.

This brings me to parental advice. Take every single thing you hear with a pinch of salt. I was once told that you could most definitely not give your child rusk mashed up with milk in a bottle.. unless your health visitor told you so. Apparently HV advice reduces the risk of choking.. who knew? Majority of the time, the piece of advice you have been given is third hand. Unless your friend/family has experienced said advice personally.. do not trust them. What could kill one child is perfectly reasonable for another. If you're ever worried, trust your Mothers instinct. It's not a myth, and it's there for a reason.

Number three.. never underestimate the power of television. I bet each and every single one of you promised yourself you would restrict the amount of viewing time of television that your children got. Even those of you who stuck to this promise.. I bet you have caved. Sometimes television, or more importantly, our childs favourite programme, can honestly save us from insanity. I always swore that Princess wouldn't spend all day watching TV, I would find better ways to keep her occupied. Confession - the only reason I have a Sky TV subscription is to keep her quiet. C Beebies is just NOT enough - sorry Mr. Bloom, as much as I love you.. she doesn't. Never promise yourself you won't do something.. I can guarantee you that you will.

Which brings me onto our next topic. Bribery. Sweet, sweet bribery. Without incentives such as toys, sweets and chocolate, my house would have probably imploded by now. When Princess is throwing one of her all out, cut-throat tantrums and the only thing to shut her up is chocolate.. trust me. I'll do it. I'll candy floss my arm if I have to, anything to get her to stop. It is never just as easy as telling your child to 'stop'. It is never just as easy as telling a child you're disappointed in them. Sometimes drastic action has to be taken. And by drastic.. I mean blackmail.

I always promised myself I wouldn't give in to tantrums. I'd stand my ground. If she was wrong, I'd make her realise it. I probably couldn't have been more misguided.
Don't get me wrong, I teach her right from wrong every day. She now knows it's wrong to pinch the dog by her nipples. She also knows it's wrong to dunk her toothbrush in the toilet water. But when she throws an all out fit because I tell her off for picking the cat up by it's neck, I don't know what do to do. By fit, I'm talking the head banging, eye watering, lung shrieking sort of tantrum. I have tried time out, I have tried ignoring her and I have tried smacking *gasp, shock horror* whatever, everyone has been there. But when nothing works.. what do you do?
You give in, that's what you do. You stop whatever you're doing and you let them continue doing whatever it was that made you stop in the first place. 9 times out of 10, the last 30 seconds was that dramatic for them that they have completely forgotten what just happened. You however, are reaching for the wine..

Also.. no one ever told me how much crap I would consume. I'm not talking about shoveling my pie hole with chocolate cake because I've had a bad day, I'm on about the amount of general shit that accumulates in your house. This crap usually consists of some of the following: McDonalds toys, garden bric-a-brac (including stones, sticks and leaves), other childrens toys and mouldy food. If you move your sofa out from it's regular spot, be prepared to feel slightly nauseated. More often than not I find sweets, pieces of toast and toys I have long since forgotten about.
Also please keep an eye out for .. *looks shifty* .. stolen goods. More than once I have left a shop with something I haven't paid for. If the shop is local then I will give it back, I'd rather not shit on my own doorstep thank you. Sometimes though, Princess has managed to stow these things away in her pram until I've found them a week later - one of these things included a £12.99 Max Factor foundation stick, and most recently a DVD from Blockbusters.
I was just a little bit gutted the foundation wasn't even my colour.. 

This one is corny, but I don't feel cheesy for saying it. No one can ever, ever describe to you the love you feel for them. This love will more than likely escalate into fear and that fear into panic. I often find myself worrying about how Princess will cope when she reaches school. Will she make friends, will she find the work okay, will she be alright without me? She's not even two, get a fucking grip. But do you know what? I can't. Fears like these are present every single day and they range from 'she's not eating enough' to 'what the fuck did I do wrong?' Either way, you will never stop worrying.. not for the rest of your life. 

I often feel I'm ready for another child. Who am I kidding, I'm as broody as hell. But when I look back on Princess's last two years and imagine it times two.. do I think

"What do you take me for..!?"


"Bring it on!"

Right now I have no idea. However I do know that you can't have alcohol whilst pregnant.. can I last 9 months without my wine?

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Every single toddler in the world goes through teething.

Unfortunately, every parent in the world also has to endure it. If you're a new parent who is looking for signs of teething, read this list. You may notice a few things that your baby is doing. Or even if you're a parent of a toddler.. read this list too. You can laugh at my current misfortune, or cry along with me.

  • Sleepless nights consisting of a dozen wake up calls, all lasting between 10 minutes to an hour. Usually I can just stick a bottle in Princess's mouth and be done with it, but not when she's teething. Oh no. She needs cuddles, and lots of them. She needs her hair stroking, her back stroking and her ears stroking, all at once.
  • God awful tantrums that seem to last forever. They're also much worse than normal tantrums. More often than not there is real tears involved, just to show how truly serious this tantrum is. Teething is almost like PMS for babies, they seem so much more angrier and emotional. Princess was genuinely distraught when I folded her blanket earlier that she punched me one straight in the vag.
  • Being clung to for every second of every.. single.. day. Seriously, it's difficult to walk with a two stone toddler attached to your calf. Especially when if I'm being honest, said toddler is half the size of me already.
  • Biting. This has got to be one of the worst. I love you Princess, but I'm also quite attached to my thumb. And my arms. And my ears too. Anyone else noticed how toddler teeth are like kitten/puppy teeth? They seem so much sharper! I've checked under her pillow for a file.. empty handed so far. They've got to be using something..
  • Dribbling. I'm not talking just a little bit of drool out of the corner of your mouth like you get when you're sleeping. No. I'm talking about full on, may as well just sit there with your mouth hanging open whilst staring at a cheeseburger when you haven't eaten for 24 hours kind of salivating. It's disgusting and it gets everywhere. I feel like I'm living with a dog.
  • Dirty nappies. I'm not talking just your regular pooey nappies, or even your nappy explosions. Teething nappies are nuclear. They are probably the most disgusting things you will ever come across. The smell is worse than anything you can imagine and the rash that always seems to accompany it just makes trying to clean the area that much worse. It's a good thing I have a decent gag reflex otherwise Princess would have been covered in vomit more times than I'd care to admit.
  • Diet. She may as well be on one right now. She won't eat anything. She has the odd peace of toast - after having a melt down when I offer it to her. In fact I think the last thing she ate today was a few chips before throwing the rest all over the floor. No matter what I offer her, she turns her nose up at it. She wakes up every morning asking for chocolate but I can't even remember the last time she had any. This is how I know something is definitely wrong. Princess doesn't turn down food.
So there's my list of things to look out for. If you can think of any more, please feel free to leave your suggestions!

Now.. pass me the wine.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Silent Sunday

Healthy competition?

A little competition is healthy right? We've all been taught that's its okay to reach for the stars and if we do better than our peers we're praised for it. It's all a way of making ourselves better so we can achieve more.

Is this the same with our children?

Recently on my Facebook (I swear I'm deleting one day!) a friend posted a status slagging her friend off for comparing their children. Fair enough, no one wants to hear about how much better someone else's kid is at something. But this friend then went on to almost list every thing her child could do that her friends couldn't.

This seemed a tad hypocritical to me so I scrolled through the comments. She was basically pissed off because her friend had made a comment about how her child was behind because she wasn't potty trained yet but her child was. All throughout these comments was the reminder that this other woman's child was 6 months older. It would have made her 2 and a half. My friends child is 2 weeks older than Princess. 

My question is this.. What the fuck does it matter? 

I am a firm believer in every child will do things when they are ready. This means letting them go at their own pace and when they do decide they're ready to learn something new, support them in every way you can. Princess isn't ready to be potty trained yet. Don't get me wrong, we have a potty and it's always out, Princess just prefers to use it as a crash helmet than a toilet. And who can blame her, she's not even 2 yet! 

Another example was posted in a Mums group. A mum was asking advice on how to make her child sleep through the night. She actually said 'make' as well like she could force her child to do it *scoffs*. Now I'm no expert, any regular reader of my blog will know Princess slept through the night for the first time at 18 months, but I commented anyway. My advice being that there was no sure fire way to get a child to sleep through, to just be patient, she'll do it. Eventually. 

The majority of the other comments were just little tips and tricks. Some of them were along the lines of "..well my baby slept through the night in the womb." That's lovely and all, but how is that helping the Mum who asked for advice? She doesn't give a shit at what age your child slept through, she just wants to know how to get a decent nights kip.

I've overheard Mums comparing notes on how naughty their kids have been and trying to out-do each other with anecdotes of bad behaviour. 

Here's an idea.. Why not actually learn to punish your child so instead of bragging about how naughty your kid is you can encourage them to do something better with his time?

We all fall trap to competition, theres no doubt about it. Sometimes I find myself comparing Princess to her cousin who is nearly 3 and thinking 'well she can do this and he couldn't at that age' and I feel bloody stupid because there's plenty he could do that she can't. The difference being I keep these thoughts to myself. I don't go rubbing them in people's faces. 

Personally I think my daughter is a genius. A vocabulary of over 200 words, she can talk in half sentences, recognises colours and shapes, can count from 5 - 10 (I don't know where 1 - 4 went) and can sing songs. She's not even 2 yet and she's so smart.

Here comes the but.. 

BUT I don't brag about it. Apart from just then obviously. I don't compare her to my friends kids. I would never tell my friend that her children are behind. And even if a friend made that comment about my child, I would shrug it off because I am the grown up.

Rather than batting our kids off against each other, surely we should just encourage them to achieve their potential? If they're interested in something then we should just feed that curiosity rather than use it as a comeback. 

It's more than okay to be proud of your kid. Sometimes I fill up with so much pride that I grin from ear to ear like an idiot. I do not however run up to the nearest parent and say "can your kid do this?"

I may one day look back on this post and snort at my former toddler-parent self (especially if any of your school gate mummy cliques are anything to go by!) but for now, I'm just going to carry in being proud of my future Nobel Prize winning daughter ;) 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Right now I am really angry.

In fact I'm not angry, I'm disturbed.

I opened up my Facebook app on my phone (my laptop has died *sob*) and was met with a rather disgusting sight. A young chinese girl having her legs broken by a man standing on them. Now I may get absolutely slated for this, but I don't care. I am sick to the fucking back teeth of seeing abused children and animals on my Facebook timeline.

I did not sign up to Facebook to look at these pictures. If I was that mentally disturbed I wanted to look at child abuse, I'd be in prison. Why has it suddenly become okay to post pictures of it?

Why is it okay to post a picture of a young girl cowering away from a man with the caption 'Like if you're against pedophilia'

What kind of idiot isn't against it? Oh that's right, PEDOPHILES!

Why is it suddenly acceptable to post a picture of an animal missing it's entire snout because it's been used in dog fighting!?

I am fully aware that this stuff happens. In some cases I am more aware than others, but I DO NOT want to have this shit rubbed in my face EVERY time I sign on.

Another one is sick or injured babies. The most recent I have seen is a newborn baby with a massive tumour sticking out of its head.


It is not only upsetting for a parent to see - a newborn baby suffering - but it's sick that someone would use this as a way to gain popularity via Facebook.

On top of this, I have the ever annoying..

'Like if you think this dog is cute!!!!'

I don't give a flying shit if the dog is cute or not, if I wanted one I'd go and buy one.
"Hey look! It's a cute dog!"
"homfgz we have to tell all of Facebook!"

Next thing you know, there's a picture of a young girl who has lost her hair due to chemo. The caption reads '1 Like = 1 respect'

Fuck right off.

How about donate some money to Cancer Research you moron!? That's showing some fucking respect.

The worst one I have ever seen was a picture of an aborted fetus with the caption 'Like if you're against abortion.' And people actually liked it.

What the actual FUCK!?

It is not normal for you to even consider LIKING a picture of a dead baby. It is SICK.

If you post negative or saddening pictures on Facebook asking for 'likes' or comments, then I really do hate you.
I have also lost all respect for you if you have given in and 'Liked' them.

What makes these people any worse than trolls? Trolls will deliberately seek out negative reactions in people by posting things that are considered immoral. For example the 'Dead Baby Jokes' and 'Cancer is funny because people die' groups on Facebook. These groups were designed to get mass negative reactions from the millions of social network users.

How is posting a picture of a dying child ANY different? Because by getting people to Like or Comment on the picture gets you that bit closer to curing a disease or arresting the next abuser?

No. Because you WANT the attention. You WANT the hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. You want what you can get out of it.

And for those of you who Like these pictures, please take 2 seconds to think about the disgusting inbred who decided to look up, save and post these pictures. I promise you, they're not as noble as they make out to be.

Sometimes there are genuine pages on Facebook. For example, those statuses that are about a real cause or emotion and only get thousands of 'likes' because you only have to think of a profile for it to become public these days. Or the groups about real people with real problems. I will happily accept that my friends wish to support these strangers.

I will not support you for Liking pictures of child and animal abuse. It is wrong and it is NOT support in any way, shape or form. All you are doing is feeding the ego of a troll.

Someone please tell me I am not the only one?

What Makes Me Smile

In just under a month, my Princess will be turning 2! I can't quite believe it myself, time has flown by far too quickly. It's an old cliché but so true. Shes very grown up for her age and a brilliant talker. People are often surprised when I explain that she is in fact still One.

Over the past few months I've seen her personality develop more and more. I couldn't adore the child any more if I tried! She's bright, funny and so, so pretty. It turns out that I've raised a comedian. I laugh so hard I nearly pee myself at least once a day due to her hilarious conversations. Sometimes it's the way she is or the way she says something. Other times it's just a facial expression. Here's a few things that have made me smile recently:

She's just learnt how to jump. This means first thing in the morning shes bouncing on the bed. She can now jump on the trampoline. And as she's walking along, she jumps in the air shouting "YAAAYYY" just because she's that awesome.

I've just jumped all over my Mums head - YAAYYY
She's polite. Probably the most polite nearly 2yo I know. She says please and thank you and opens stair gates for me. I absolutely love the way she says "sankoo mummy". Cutest. Thing. Ever. She also  says "bess you" whenever I sneeze. Along with "pardon me" if she burps. See... Polite!
She can't pronounce her x's. So when she says Max (as in Max & Ruby) she says Mack. For Box, it's bock. And for Fox it's.. You guessed it. And she likes to shout this out loud, in public. Usually in a cafe or on the bus. I may go bright red, embarrassed by the judgemental states from fellow parents who are disgusted my child is swearing, but I can't help but laugh at her. Now if only she would tell them all to "Fox off..."

Whilst I'm pushing her along in her stroller, she shouts "SHEEP... BAAAAHHHH!!" out of nowhere. She also pretends to be a cow and a monkey.

I love the way she can relate to every cartoon. If its Scooby Doo, she'll tell me ghosts and that shes scared, sometimes even throw in an exaggerated shiver. If its Peppa Pig, she'll shout Peppa over and over or "Dinosaur.. RAWR!!" in the voice of George pig. She also does the rocket launch routine from Little Einsteins and makes me do it with her.

She sings to herself. I know most toddlers do this, but it's extra cute because it's my Princess thats singing. Her favourite at the minute is 'Wind the Bobbin Up' and she does the actions too. It sounds more like "wiiiine tup, PULL PULL PULL" but she's getting there!

Every morning when I pin her down lie her down to change her nappy, she shouts "HELP DADDY! HELP!!"

She can count. Sort of. Most of the time it's goes something along the lines of "oneee, twooo, fiiiive, twoooo, fooouur" you get the gist. Other times she can recite them so perfectly I have to remind myself she's actually still very young. She usually does this whilst sliding down the stairs on her bum. Very cute!

She can shout "POTATO" just like Keith Lemon. I have video evidence. This alone makes me child a legend!

So there's a few things my Princess does that makes me smile on a daily basis. I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I finish, but I'll save those for another day. What does your child do to make you laugh everyday?

Monday, 10 September 2012

My Pocket Buddy - Review!

This week I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the My Pocket Buddy 8ml hand sanitiser for kids! I was so excited to do my first review, I ripped it straight open and set about sanitising the families hands - after taking a picture of course!

Princess who is an avid fan of having clean hands loved it. She even had a go using it herself and succeeded. Ross was also impressed by the non greasiness and packaging of the product. My Mum, who was lucky enough to be present and witness my excitement about testing my first review product reckons its an excellent idea and was suitably chuffed with the results.

I have also fell for the charms of My Pocket Buddy. Consisting of a sleek bottle and an easy to use design, this sanitiser is definitely my favourite one so far. I'm a huge user of hand sanitisers and this one ticks all of the right boxes.

My Pocket Buddy boasts plenty of advantages including:

  • Made entirely of pure and natural ingredients
  • Alcohol free
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Non toxic - completely safe for kids! 
  • All product materials are recyclable and have been developed using recycled materials
  • Quick drying and non sticky (massive thumbs up from me!) 
  • Allergen and fragrance free - so all of you with sensitive skin need not worry! 

 The My Pocket Buddy is designed for kids and will fit easily in to any lunch box or school bag. It even has a handy strip for you to write your childs name on so they don't lose it. As Princess is not yet in school or nursery, I have been using the sanitiser for myself and I have to say it does the job just as well. It also fits perfectly into any handbag, changing bag or even clutch purse! We all know how dirty those clubs can get! 

I have been very impressed by the My Pocket Buddy hand sanitiser and must admit I have now been switched. Most shop bought hand sanitisers contain alcohol which can have damaging effects on your skin, such as dryness and itching. Alcohol strips your skin of any natural moisturising oils and actually increases the susceptibility of your skin to bacterial infections. The My Pocket Buddy aims to do the exact opposite by using aloe vera in their product which is a natural moisturiser. This means as well as clean and germ free, your hands will be super soft. 

Overall I would recommend My Pocket Buddy to all of my friends, whether they have kids or not. The benefits are obvious and the results are clear to see. 

The OPure range also includes a 50ml foamer which fits into your handbag or pocket and is ideal to take out and about, and the 500ml desk foamer which is ideal for kitchens, bathroom, or as it suggests, to sit on your desk. 

Prices start from just 96p for a child's hand sanitiser and £3.00 for a foamer! Massive bargain!! 

Visit the OPure website for more details or email them at

Alternatively Like their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @mypocketbuddy 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Very Own Wishlist

I've wanted to do a wish list for as long as I can remember. It's not very often at all I buy clothes for myself and am mainly just a window shopper. Or iPhone screen shopper if you will, I mainly browse through the apps. 
I've put together a collection of outfits to suit 3 different scenarios. I will probably never own these clothes because every time I do go shopping, I end up buying for everyone else instead of myself. So this is my little imaginary shopping trip! 

First off we have my "I'm a Mummy" outfit. Comfortable yet stylish. It's very simple but cute! I especially like the bow cord necklace. I usually live in jeans so they're a very practical and realistic choice for me, as well as the flat pumps. 

Next up is my "Job Interview" outfit. I've been applying for jobs recently and upon remembering that interviews are usually involved, realised that the only black pair of trousers I own are maternity ones. Oops! I especially love the jacket - if I had the money, I would buy it right now. Same with the shoes. I've had a shoe obsession for as long as I can remember, these would fit in beautifully. They're elegant and because they're white can be worn with a range of outfits!

Last but not least is my party outfit! Now this is the one I'm least likely to ever own seeing as I never go out these days! The dress is also far out of my disposable income range, I couldn't justify spending that much on one item of clothing- no matter how pretty it is! I fell in love with these lace ankle boots the moment I saw them. Beautiful much? The clutch is also so pretty and would match any outfit.

So there you have it, my outfit Wishlist! Have you seen anything you like recently that you just wish you could have? Any shoes that you covet or dress you see yourself wearing? Looking at the outfits I've chosen, I think we can all say I play it safe. Lots of white, black and cream. Maybe in the future I will be more brave and buy colours, who knows? 

 I have to thank Miss Selfridge, River Island, Top Shop and New Look for the pictures, the collages I made myself. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bargain Hunter!

I have to admit, I definitely hunt around for the bargains. Money is tight for everyone these days, and if you can knock a few quid off of something, then why not?

I love charity shops. You can find so many hidden treasures in them it's unbelievable! Sometimes clothes still have the tags on and books without a crease. Forgive me for getting on my high horse, but those who refuse to shop in charity shops just because it's second hand are ridiculous. I've bought all sorts in charity shops in the past: jeans, tshirts, clothes for Princess, toys, you get the picture. I will draw the line at underwear/bikinis, that is going a bit too far, but as for the rest of them, they're always washed and sanitised before use.

Yesterday, we went for a stroll down the flea market. Now I can't stand being in confined spaces with a bunch of strangers bustling and pushing past me, but it was actually quite fun. Some of the stalls were full of complete and utter tat, but others were brilliant.

Some stalls were all unused cosmetics, others were designer jeans with the labels on. You have to wonder where some of them bought these things, but more often than not I assume they were never 'bought'. No one is stupid enough to sell brand new Henleys jeans for £4, surely? Ah well...

I thought I would share some of my bargain buys with you..

This was probably our first proper bargain we bought a few weeks ago. It was brand new, in the box. It had a price tag on of £12.99. We got it for £3! It now hangs proudly in our living room.

Princess spotted this as we were wandering around the stalls and started to scream "MAKKA PAKKA!!" It took me a while to realise this is what she meant, considering it is in fact Iggle Piggle. How either of us know the characters is beyond me because we don't watch In The Night Garden in this house! She absolutely loves this toy and now carries it around everywhere. It even went to bed with her last night. Grand total = 50p.

I absolutely adore this picture. I've decided to wrap it up and let Princess have it for her birthday. She has a new obsession with Dora & Boots so thought it would be a lovely addition to her bedroom. The price? £1!!!
This purchase we are probably the most proud of! It was on the same stall as her Iggle Piggle toy and cost us a grand total of £3. She spent literally all of last night playing on it, pressing the buttons and singing into the microphone. When the music stopped and the clapping began, she'd clap herself too. It was honestly so adorable I couldn't stop chuckling at her. After having a quick browse through the Argos, I realised these were around £19.99 to buy brand new. This one didn't even need new batteries!

So, next time somebody says to you "Oh, shall we nip in this charity shop?" or "How about a trip to the flea market/car boot?" Don't shake your head in judgement. Remember, there are always massive bargains to be had. And if you're a bit too stuck up for second hand, there's always new stuff that's cheap too!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Seven Miles Too Far?

Today was my birthday.

Instead of having a relaxing day in, or pampering myself like every other sane person in the world would, I decided to go on a long walk to go for a carvery with the family.

We decided to go to 'Seven Mile House' because the food is lovely, it's sort of local and it's pretty cheap. Well, we discovered it wasn't quite as local as we had thought. 

It's called Seven Mile House because it's seven miles from Nottingham and seven miles from Mansfield. It is often known as 'the halfway house'. 

Either way it took us about an hour and a half to walk there. I don't mind walking at all, and since I'm on a diet it's the easiest form of exercise. But today it was difficult. The air was so humid, we were all sweating after twenty minutes. After much huffing and puffing, swapping around of who was carrying what and/or pushing the pushchair, we finally made it.

We had our carvery, mine was pork and turkey, and then we made our way back out again. This time we had full stomachs, fully refreshed from the diet coke and we'd had a good sit down. We decided to go for a walk round Burntstump Park and let the kids have a play. Unfortunately the park was rubbish so instead we just went for a walk around. The fields there are huge and amazing for picnics. We'll definitely be doing that one day!

The kids had a bit of a climb in the tree's (and the adults too - if you can call them that haha!) and we walked through the forest which brought us back out on to the main road. That's when the walk back began.

Coming home didn't seem to take half as long which was brilliant. By the time we made it to Lakeside which was half way home it seemed like we'd only been walking ten minutes when really it was probably 40!

Finally we made it home in one piece. All of us were suitably shattered.

Right now I am sitting with the laptop, glass of wine in hand, freshly showered and ready for bed.

It might not be everyones type of birthday, but I actually really, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Burning 840 calories just from walking was a lovely bonus too! Yes, I really did walk 15 kilometres. That's 10 miles!