Friday, 3 August 2012


This week has been sort of bittersweet for me. 

Monday started out as any other day. It was pretty boring, we didn't do much and spent most of the day indoors due to the miserable weather. Tuesday was near enough the same, but I was put in an instant bad mood.

You see, Princess has taken to screeching my name at the top of her lungs every morning. For no apparent reason. After the 100th "Mummyyyyyyyy!!!" it really starts to grate on you. Nothing will placate her apart from a bottle of juice and I refuse to give it to her first thing in the morning. She has her bottle of juice with breakfast. 

Anyway, instant bad mood for me. On top of that, a friend I had been really looking forward to seeing cancelled our plans. This added to my bad mood because I was in desperate need to get out of the house. It also annoyed me because it wasn't the first time she had cancelled. I have now decided to give up. After four cancelled lunch dates I think the message is pretty clear.
So needless to say, I felt like rubbish on Tuesday. To add to that, Princess decided that it was the perfect time to misbehave. Lets just say I am really surprised our kitten is still alive. My stress level then rose when it suddenly dawned on me, I can't even punish my own child.

Nobody wants to punish their child, we'd all rather believe that our children are perfect and never need to be told off, but we all know that's not true. I can't very well ignore Princess body slamming a kitten against the floor, especially when it's crying in pain. However it turns out, nothing I say or do bothers her. I can't tell her off, I can't use the naughty step or time out, I can't take her favourite toys away, because she's not phased by it. She'll just carry on doing exactly what she was doing the moment before. 
It probably stressed me out much more than it should, but I was honestly worried for the kittens safety by this point. She seems to have taken a huge dislike to the poor thing. And it's not just the fact that Princess can't be punished, because she can, it's because I'm the only one that she doesn't listen to and I don't understand it at all. It's not as if I let her get away with everything, because I don't. I never placate her or give in to her tantrums, and if she's naughty I'll let her know, which is why I don't get it, and why I was getting frustrated. Ross only has to give her a look and she'll burst into tears. Same with pretty much everyone else. Apparently I'm just not scary enough.

When I finally thought the day was over, I'd endured a scream-filled bath time, got Princess into her pyjamas and was ready to sit down and attempt to wind down when I got some horrible news. Sadly, my Great Aunty Irene had passed away. It was a surprise to us all. Everyone knew she was ill, she had only been discharged from hospital a few weeks ago due to a chest infection, but the news that she had passed was a shock. Irene was my Grandma's younger sister and they had been very close. At that point I was just wanted to be there for everyone else.

Safe to say, I was glad when that horrendous day was over.

Wednesday bought much better times. I headed off to Lark in the Park down at West Bridgford with my Mum and an old family friend. Princess was given free reign and spent the entire time running around and finding new things to do. We had one or two tantrums, mainly when I wouldn't let her climb up on to a moving ride, but if that makes me a bad Mum so be it! Overall it was a really nice day. We met Peppa Pig and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Princess wasn't impressed though and clung to me for dear life. Definitely won't be forking out for Disneyland any time soon. Peppa Pig at least got a wave goodbye though. 

My week that was

Thursday was also a boring day, I spent the day inside with Princess cleaning and playing. She behaved much better which I was thankful for. 

Finally some good news. Ross has landed himself a new job! He can finally get out of that hell-hole of a school. A new cafe has opened on our highstreet and they were in need of a Chef. Enter Ross! At the moment there's still a bit to work out, such as what days he will be working and what hours, so at the moment he's still sort of in limbo. However, it's a perfect job for him and he already seems much happier. The people that own it our Turkish and so lovely. Everytime I go in I land myself and Princess a free coffee/milkshake. Win-win I think. Fingers crossed everything works out this time and we won't be once again let down by the instability of a job.

Overall that was my week. Like I say, bittersweet, good news entwined with the bad. Today I am being visited by my Mum and Brother whom I haven't seen in sooo long, so I'm really looking forward to them arriving. If the sunshine holds out then we'll be heading to the park - after I've been and fetched a free smoothie from the new cafe! The weekend will probably be spent down the Riverside with Princess for the Riverside Festival. It comes once a year and is probably my all-time favourite fair. I just love it. 

Here's hoping that things can only get better. I hope everyone elses's weeks were better than mine!

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Lisa said...

I know how you feel about trying to discipline, at this age it's so hard and H just looks at me, smiles and carries on, no matter how loud I shout! Lately she's taken to climbing on our tv unit and will not get off by herself no matter what I try! Have you tried showing her a nicer way to interact with the kitten? We have a dog and taught H 'gentle' which basically means stroking him rather than poking him in the eye. She is much better with him now. Sorry to hear about your aunt too x