Wednesday, 29 August 2012

See It. Snap It. Love It - Help

When I saw this weeks theme for See It. Snap It. Love It, I knew I had the perfect picture to share. This weeks theme is Help, and here is my picture..

I have so many of these types of pictures, Princess and her cousins. This one is featuring her favourite female cousin Millie-Jayne. She helped Princess put on the helmet, climb on the scooter and helped push her along. They were doing this up and down the patio for about an hour, both enjoying themselves.
Even though Princess has a look of fear on her face, don't be fooled. She absolutely loved it!

I'm linking up with Dear Beautiful Boy for this weeks See It Snap It Love It. It's open for everyone so if you fancy joining in - even if it's for the first time like me - then pop on over and grab the badge! Oh, and don't forget to link up.


Mascara and Mud said...

Oh bless her! Look at her little face! x

Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Awww how cute......look at all those gorgeous curls!xxx

lucy at dear beautiful boy said...

That is a super cute photo. I kind of like the slightly stunned look on her face. It makes me smile.
Thanks so much for linking up. x