Monday, 13 August 2012

Mischievous Monday - Week Two

Once again I am taking part in Louise's Middle Mans Mischievous Monday linky! 


Last week saw Princess being her usual mischievous self. This week we saw even more antics.

Since Daddy has been off work, all routines have gone out of the window. You may have read about my mission to stop Princess napping, and how hard it was for us to get into a suitable routine. Well now, there's no chance of that happening. She has been falling to sleep here, there and everywhere for the past week, which has resulted in some very late nights. Most nights she has seen us up until 1am, running around, laughing and squealing. It's very hard to be annoyed with her, especially since we're the ones who let her sleep, but sometimes I need an early night! Her cheeky smile makes it all okay though. Sometimes...

The warm weather this past week has also seen Princess form a new found love of bubbles! Yes that's right. The simple concoction of water and washing up liquid has kept her occupied for hours. Okay, that's a lie. They've kept her occupied for a matter of minutes until she decides that she wants to have a go herself. Then when she can't blow the bubbles, she gets frustrated and proceeds to tip the bubble mixture all over the floor. Most recently, on the carpet of her Grandads shop. Oops!
(There was picture evidence of this but the bloody picture won't work!)

Whilst spending time at her Grandads shop, Princess has also enjoyed the pleasure of tripping people up. Every now and then she would dart out of the shop door and run across the path over to the barriers. It didn't matter who was coming or how fast they were walking, she would zip across that path like her life depended on it. She would then run back, dodging and ducking the oncoming pedestrian traffic. It was like her own little game of Chicken.

Notice said bubbles armed in hand!

This brings us to todays most recent bout of mischief. Well, I wouldn't really say mischief, but it was most definitely the worlds longest tantrum. She spotted a Peppa Pig bubblebath in Boots earlier on today and insisted she wanted it. I told her no because for one, we didn't need any bubblebath and two, it was £6!! So we left the shop, cries of "my Peppa!!" filling the ears of everyone within a mile radius. 
Usually her tantrums end within a manner of minutes, but not this one. Oh no. This tantrum lasted well over an hour. An entire hour of constant crying, screaming, heaving and throwing herself on the floor. Twenty minutes in and she was sweating like a pig. I managed to ignore most of it, but eventually it really was funny. She was still screeching about "My Peppa!!" and nothing would console her. Not even a teddy Peppa Pig, or Peppa Pig on the tv.
Over an hour later she stopped. The silence was bliss. This particular tantrum was so epic, it will forever be known as 'Peppa-Gate'.

Girl's obsessed. Check out the blanket!

So that finishes off this weeks Mischievous Monday! I look forward to reading everyone elses posts.

Middle Mans Mischievous Monday is open for all to join in and take part. If you have a mischievous toddler or like me, a bit of a diva, then pop on over to Louise at A Strong Coffee and link up your post.

I don't think I could have endorsed Peppa Pig much more if I tried. That was not intentional...


Charlotte said...

Bob is a terrible sleeper but she has never been up until 1! She used to be up until 11 and then unsettled throughout the night. Now she goes to sleep at 8 but is still unsettled all night. I've tried everything and have now given up and I am just hoping that it eventually passes!

Love the new design! It's fresh and fun! x

Misty Bird said...

Thank you! Now if only it would work in mobile view!

Princess has always been a bad sleeper, 1am is nothing compared to some nights. I can't complain too much though, the later she stays up the longer she sleeps in so I get to enjoy a lie in haha x

Louise said...

It is soooooo hard when they need to drop their nap but can't quite cope without one isn't it? I am sure the tantrum just shows she has great determination! Thanks for linking up x