Friday, 13 July 2012

Pretty.Little.Things - Brilliant Brights

This week I have decided to take part in Pretty.Little.Things hosted by Vikki over at Love From Mummy. I haven't really taken part in any blog hops since I started blogging earlier this year. I've always watched and admired from afar. Well like I said in my first post, no more lurking! No more hiding from me. From now on, I'm in the game!

This weeks theme for Pretty.Little.Things is Brilliant Brights.

I will fully admit that I am guilty of dressing my Princess in lots of pink colours. In fact, inside her wardrobe I would say 90% of her clothes are different shades of pink. Including her actual wardrobe. However, there aren't many pink clothes out there that are bright. There's nothing that really pops and catches your attention and makes you think "phwoar that's bright!". Incidentally because of this I actually struggled to find a picture to fit in with this weeks topic.

Trust me to pick now to join in (haha!)

However, this is what I have come up with, my Princess in her Brilliant Brights!

True to form, there is pink in each of these photos. (Ignore the chocolate stain in no. 3!) Not all of them are quite as bright as I can imagine some peoples pictures will be, but it's the best I can do. I realise the first picture isn't particuarly bright, however on closer inspection the blue top is infact really bright when seen in real life. It's also one of my favourites. 

So there you have it, my first contribution to Pretty.Little.Things. I plan on taking part every week from now, so if you see me slacking, call me up on it. It's open for everyone and anyone to take part if you so wish, and I happen to know they both love new people to take part.

Make sure you hop on over to Hollybobb's who will be hosting next week to join in and link up. The theme will be Coming Home Outfit. I already have my picture picked out!


Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Aww your little princess is utterly adorable and definitely suits pink! Love her little dress in the last pic. Thanks for linking up sweetie xxx

Misty Bird said...

Aww, thank you! And You're more than welcome, I enjoyed it! Looking forward to next weeks post already x

Charlotte R.B said...

Your little one is soooo cute!! look at her hair gorj =] xxx

Misty Bird said...

Thank you! I love her hair too, she's quite well known for it :) xx

Louise said...

What a cutie - I actually like the blue top on her best - maybe because it is a bit different.

Lisa said...

I love that blue top!! And what a lil stunner! Thanks for linking up x

Misty Bird said...

I love her in different colours, she looks especially adorable in yellow! Thanks for commenting x

Misty Bird said...

Thank you, I love it too! And no worries, looking forward to linkin up this week too x