Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Yummy Mummy Meme

One of the last things I would describe myself as is a yummy mummy. It's not often I get to dress up to the nines without a toddler clung to my leg or tipping the contents of my makeup bag on to the floor. However, I was tagged in this yummy mummy meme by the lovely Leoni-Fay over at Cakes, Babies and other ramblings and am honored to take part. Mainly because she even considered me to be a yummy mummy! So here goes..

The Rules

When answering the questions, give as much detail as possible. It’s all about the finer details people!
Leave a comment here (Busybeemummybex blog where the meme was created)
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What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Princess is my daily alarm so the first thing I usually do is grumble "go back to sleep" whilst she stands at the side of my bed slapping me in the face. I then roll over and try to ignore her whilst she climbs on the bed and starts using me as a bouncy castle. Usually I will lie there for 10 minutes trying to muster enough energy to get out of bed whilst Princess trashes the bedroom, then I'll get up and get dressed.

Do you shower daily? Are you an early morning shower or an evening bath type?
Neither. I am an evening shower type. I can't shower daily as it really dries out my skin, to the point I have fish scales that look like skin dandruff (told you I'm not a yummy mummy) but I'll shower every other day. I don't usually have time to shower in the morning so will shower at night when Princess is in bed and then moan about sleeping with wet hair because I'm too lazy to blow dry it. I can't stand baths because I'm too short to lie down in them so I just sort of sit there, bored and uncomfortable and feel like I'm stewing in my own dirt. Lovely.
Do you wear make up daily?
Yes, because I'm too vain not to. Even if it's just popping out to the shops, I will always have on a touch of mascara and concealer. Concealer is a must have because the suitcases under my eyes are horrendous, and mascara I need to make my eyes look less droopy and tired looking. It works, sometimes. I don't think I'm fooling anyone though.

What's in your make up bag?
Not that much really. There's my favourite mascara Maybelline Define-A-Lash, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, blusher, foundation, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss and a few eyeshadows. I don't wear a lot of it, but I like to keep it handy just in case I'm feeling ever so adventurous (which isn't often). My make up is usually very simple, mainly because I'm not very good at doing it without looking like the bride of Dracula.

When you're having a slummy mummy day, what do you normally wear?
It's not very often I get to have a slummy day, I'm dressed every day before I come downstairs. When Princess is in bed I'll throw on my pyjamas but that's about as slummy as it gets. I love my pyjamas though, there's nothing better than being comfy.

Nails - How often do you get them done?
Never. The last time I had my nails done was for my 21st birthday when I was pregnant. As much as I love getting them done, I'm too tight to pay the price and then continue paying to get them filled. My nails are usually always painted though, or I'll wear false nails. I'll always find time to make my hands look pretty despite my horrendous cuticles.

You top tips for tired eyes?
When you find them, pass them on to me. Even sleep doesn't get rid of the bags under my eyes, they're constantly grey. This is why I love my concealer and foundation. 

Are you a Starbucks or Costa Coffee kind of girl?
Again, I'm neither. I don't drink coffee. In fact I don't drink any hot drinks. The only coffee shop I ever visit is Cafe Nero for a Mango & Passionfruit Fruit Boost. They're absolutely A-MAZING.

How many children do you have/want?
I have one, my Princess who is 20 months. I would like 1 or 2 more in the future, but not until I'm ready. Would definitely like a boy too, just so I have the experience of raising both. Plus I think I need a boy to keep up with Princess who I'm pretty sure should have been a boy.

Where is your favourite place to shop for babies/childrens clothes?
If I'm being honest, I will shop anywhere. If I like the clothes, I'll buy them. I like Primark because the clothes are cheap and children never keep their clothes clean or untorn so are easy to replace. I'll often shop in ASDA or Next. Boots are quite good too although the sizes are often too small. My absolute favourite is vertbaudet, their clothes are adorable and not badly priced, although I always have to buy 2 sizes bigger than what I need to ensure they fit.

Flats or Heels? Everyday shoes are?
I absolutely adore heels. Ask anyone who knows me what I'm like when it comes to buying shoes and they will tell you, I'm obsessed. I used to buy a new pair every weekend and would often plan my outfits around my shoes. I sold a lot of them in the move because I never have time to wear them anymore. The amount of running around I do it's just not practical. I definitely wear flats more than anything, but I'll still always make sure they're pretty.

So there you have it, my yummy mummy meme! I have chosen to tag:

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Nikki @ The Girl Next Door said...

oooh errr, my first meme, what ever that is, can you tell I was born a blonde! Still new to all this blogging malarky! I only found out you tagged me by visiting your blog, I take it that tag is just a link to show people my blog or would there be a notification on my blog from you ?

Misty Bird said...

Yeah it's just a link to your blog. Usually you'd just tag on twitter so people would know they'd been tagged. A meme is just basically a bunch of questions that you tag people in, sort of like a blog hop x

mother.wife.me said...

Couldn't be feeling less yummy at this very moment in time, but I'll give this a go at the very least it might give some real yummy mummies a laugh! Thanks for the tag x

Nikki @ The Girl Next Door said...

oooh errr, well I tweeted to you, not sure if you got it! But on the last day of my course and won't be back till around 1pm to be able to do it at my end! Will tweet you when I have done it and let you have a read lol!