Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nap Time... Four Days On.

I thought I would give you all an update on how the no napping situation is going. I can sum it up in two words.

Not well.

After I finished my post on Thursday morning, Princess's cousin Tyler came round to play. Well let's just say she was less than impressed. Poor lad had to deal with what I can only describe as a pre-menstrual toddler. One moment there was laughing and toy sharing and then the next Tyler would be on the receiving end of a punch. He was more than happy to leave when his Dad came to pick him up a few hours later!

I succeeded in the no nap area however. There were a few accidents where she fell asleep for a few minutes or so before I realised and promptly woke her up. The girl sleeps like a rock. At one point I was dancing around the living room with her loudly singing "Boom boom boom! Let me hear oua say wayooo, WAYOOOO" just to get some sort of response from her. But there were no proper naps. That probably counts as child abuse.

Because of this, I had a lot of tantrums. I think she had woken up in a bad mood that morning anyway (as was demonstrated against poor Tyler) but without her nap, she was worse. There were many moments when I contemplated giving in, but I knew I couldn't. If I let her sleep than I was going to lose the battle. Surely an hours peace wasn't worth a few hours of relaxation later on that night?

However, despite waking up at 7am and having no naps throughout the day (minus about 6 minutes of micro-naps before I caught her) she still managed to stay awake until 9.30pm. That's right. Somehow it didn't seem worth it. I was so tired and ready for bed after the day I'd had that I couldn't really enjoy myself.

Friday went much better. Although, she did have a nap. She woke up at 7am but had fallen to sleep by 1pm. This is unheard of and I was in quite a shock. I decided that in the name of research I would let her have this early nap and see if it made any difference. Surprisingly, it did. She was in bed by 8.30pm. 

When Saturday came around, I knew I wouldn't have the same luck. We had Tyler round again for a few hours, in which they both promptly fell asleep at about 2.30pm. Even though Princess used to nap from 2-4pm, I knew that by having this nap, it would mean a late bedtime. It didn't make much of a difference to me that day because I was out for my friend Chrissy's hen do in the evening. My Mum and I got dressed up (as punks which was the theme!) and headed out the door for 8pm. Princess had her pyjamas on but was showing no signs of sleeping. Ross said she fell asleep about 11pm. 

I slept in Princess's room last night and she slept in my bed with Ross. Ironically, she didn't wake up until 9.30 (isn't that always the case when it's Daddy's turn to get up with the baby!?). So far, she hasn't had a nap today. Although I have just literally checked in on her in the living room and she's out for the count! So at 9.10pm, Princess is asleep. This means I have the rest of the night to myself!

And when I say myself, I mean all by myself. Ross is babysitting his niece and nephew, and I'm home alone. It's a shame I didn't prepare and buy myself a bottle of wine. Although after last night I'm craving cherry sourz and coke. Every time I take a sip of Pepsi I'm expecting to taste sour cherry and am desperately disappointed.

So for now I am off to enjoy some free television time. It's not often I have the remote all to myself. 

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. Let's see if I can keep up the anti-naptime routine!

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