Saturday, 24 March 2012

The 'Orrible Ones?

Since the dawn of time - or so I imagine - people have been talking about the 'Terrible Twos'. The certain age at which our once little bundles of joy become great heaving terrors. 

Princess has had her fair share of tantrums, and ever since she was old enough to wrinkle up her face until she turned red and belt out an ear piercing scream, I have heard the phrase "just you wait until the Terrible Twos kick in!" However, after a recent trip to Tumble Town softplay area, I have decided that the Terrible Twos do in fact come early. Or at least I hope so.

I've seen other children have tantrums. You know how they go: kicking, screaming, crying, shouting. Well Princess exceeds that... by about a million. During my trip to Tumble Town with mine and Scarlett's friends, Chrissy and Liam, I decided to take her down the slide. All was going well, she climbed up the soft stairs, we sat down together at the top and enjoyed a smiling and laughing trip down the slide. Then the fun stopped. Princess wanted to climb back up the slide, no doubt to enjoy the tremendous fun we'd just had. However, another young girl was waiting at the top to come down, plus several other children. Being the obvious worst Mummy possible, I took Princess away from the slide so the children could come down. That's when it began.

The screams I can handle. The kicking too. What I can't handle is the way in which she attacks my face with the vengeance of a savage pitbull, and if she can't reach my face, she'll go for whatever is nearest. The rest of our time at Tumble Town was spent with Princess having the worst tantrums for absolutely no reason. If she couldn't get into the ball pit fast enough, she'd throw herself on the ground and kick, scream, smack. If another child took the ball she wanted, I'd have to physically restrain her to stop her going after them and doing God knows what.

Majority of the time, she is the most well behaved and caring toddler you've ever met. She'll give you cuddles and kisses if you ask. She'll give you anything she had. 90% of the time she's excellent at sharing and will happily let another child take something from her and it's unusual for her to snatch. But that extra 10% of the time, when she's feeling particularly sensitive that day, or whatever her reasons are, she becomes the spawn of the devil and I'm not even joking. You might think I'm exaggerating, and even people who know Princess that read this blog might even be thinking "she's not that bad" but I wish they could have seen her that day. Even Chrissy made the remark "I'll never say Liam's bad again. I've never seen a tantrum like it!" 

This leads me to believe that the Terrible Twos have made themselves at home just a little bit too early in our household. I've witnessed the tantrums of Princess's 29 month old cousin and she can quite easily match him. My Princess is clearly in the midst of the 'Oribble Ones and not afraid to show it. 

And I pray to God that this is the case because if things are about to get worse, then it doesn't bode well for me. Anyone else agree that the Terrible Twos are on the way out and the 'Orrible Ones on their way in!?


Lena said...

Hmm you see girls pick things up much quicker than boys. The trick is not to let her anywhere near your face. In our house we used to pick the girls up and carry them under our arms. This saves any scratches or black eyes.

Misty Bird said...

I have quickly learnt that picking her up face forward during a tantrum is not an option. I was definitely getting the stink eye from other Mums as they watched me scoop her up backwards as she continued to claw at my arms in pure rage LOL. If it gets worse, I'm hibernating!