Monday, 20 February 2012

What a difference a weekend makes...

If I carry on harping on about the big move then I'm gonna end up losing followers, but I just have to share this with you. Well those of you who bother to read this!
I sent a letter to my landlord 2 weeks ago asking him to come for a meeting at the house so I could discuss a few problems with him. I told him I'd been having issues with the Estate Agents and that I wanted his personal opinion on the house, whether there was anything he thinks we should be doing or needs improving before we leave. 
He came round on the Saturday (he forgot mind you and I had to call him and ask if he was still coming!) and all I can say is: PHEW! I couldn't be more happier that I asked him to come round. There's a few problems with the house, for example, in our study there is a brown mark on the vinyl floor which for the life of me I can't get off. I showed it to the landlord to which his reply was 'don't worry about it'. Massive load off my mind considering that floor was put down whilst we were living here so any damage to it can only have been caused by us. 
At the side of the chimney breast in the kitchen, a huge crack had appeared which was making the paint chip off the wall. There's several cracks all over the place if I'm being honest but this one looked particularly bad. Ross offered to paint over it and the landlords reply was "that would be great, as long as you don't mind!".
The man is a bloody saviour. He's told us the marks on the wall up the second flight of stairs is fine, he will speak to the Estate Agents and tell them it's not our problem. Once he'd said this I nearly fist pumped the air with glee imagining the face of Jodie, the agent in charge of our property. It was her who had told me that we would have to repaint it even though it was there before we moved in. 
In all honesty, if we had just had direct dealings with the landlord then everything would have been smooth sailing. He's a lovely guy, he doesn't take anything too seriously and to him, as long as someone is moving in when we leave, the house could look like a crackden. 

I'll move on to a slightly happier subject now. We spent Saturday at Charlotte's house where we had dinner and just chilled out really. One thing that was different this time though was the way Princess and her cousin Tyler played. They spent the whole day chasing each other round, wrestling and laughing. It was so lovely to see considering they'd never really played together before. Usually the day would consist of one of them taking toys off the other whilst the other burst into tears. Or attacked them in Princess's case. 
I'm bursting with pride this week, Princess is coming on so quickly it's almost scary. Last week I taught her how to say 'Me'. It's nothing big, but now when I ask her 'who's gorgeous' her reply is 'meeeeeeee!' or 'who's done a poo!?' she happily shouts 'meeeee!'. She shouts down hoover pipes copying her Dad. She sits on the sofa with her blanket and beaker. She watches 'Little Einsteins' and pats & claps along with them, as well as raising her arms in the air when they do. She puts her own arms into her coat and t-shirts. 
At 16 months she's growing so dramatically. Not in just the physical sense but mentally too - although she is incredibly tall for her age! She's not a baby anymore, she's a little person with a personality and an opinion. She might not be able to express it verbally yet, but she will definitely let you know whether she likes something or not. The other week I asked her to bring me a book, and that's exactly what she did. Tottered off to her toybox, picked out her favourite Humf book and came and sat with me on the sofa whilst I read it. Sometimes I'm sure she understands exactly what I'm saying.

As much as I would love to sit here all day and type about Princess or moving home, I think I should actually get a move on and do something that resembles packing. We have 5 days left before everything needs to be out of the house and the majority of stuff is just sat around waiting to be organised. 

I'll get to it in five minutes.

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