Thursday, 16 February 2012

Oh the joys of moving home.

Now I stated in my last blog that I am excited about moving. After 3 weeks of non stop packing, repainting and check-up's from the Estate Agents, my excitement has now dwindled to stress.

I'm still looking forward to looking at new houses and all the new prospects that come with it, but I am absolutely hating the running up to it. As I said before, it took absolutely ages for me to pack up my one bedroom back at my Mums house, this time around I have an entire 3 bedroomed house to pack aswell as redeorating it.
In the last 3 weeks, the OH and I have so far repainted Princess's room back to white, reglossed the entire house minus the 3 bedrooms, painted the living room white, repainted the study, bathroom and stairs. I have packed up ours and Princess's bedroom, including a tip run and a council bulky waste collection. Suitcases are half packed whilst simultaneously living from a clothes rail. 
Majority of my shoes have been sold on ebay, including 2 more I need to post. This coming from someone who had well over 70 pairs of heels is a shocking achievement. I very nearly cried when I threw out the pairs I would most likely never wear again - including a pair of metallic gold wedges. Why, I will never know.
The only things left to do are pack up the last remaining bits we don't need, sort out the garden (which I'm doing today!) and repaint the very top bedroom.
This sort of leads me into a ranting area. We have never used the top bedroom for anything except storage. All of Princess's old baby things went up there in bags & boxes, tables, computers etc, everything was in there (including boxes I failed to unpack 2 years ago when we moved in, oops!) There was a bed up there too for when anyone stayed over. Now when we moved in, the top room had marks all over the place. Seeing as we didn't use the room, we never felt any need to redecorate - plus the fact we actually had to get permission from the landlord and also, we didn't cause the dirty marks so why should we? Anyhow, now it's getting closer to the date to move out, we've had the estate agents round for a 'pre-check inspection' where she basically told me what needed doing to the house in order for us to get our deposit back. At this stage the packing had only just started and so had the redecorating so the house was full of half packed boxes and half-painted walls. The estate agent told me she was happy with the house and the way we were redecorating so there wouldn't be a problem - as long as the top room was painted.
Now don't get me wrong, I understand the house has to be clean and back to it's exact decor before we moved in, but why should we spend our money righting something that was already wrong when we moved in? The dark marks and dirty handprints on those walls are not ours and were caused by someone who lived here before. It's been stated in our inventory about these marks so they can't even turn around and say they were caused by us. 
This has now started a mental panic. I spend 2 and a half hours cleaning the bathroom the other day terrified that any speck of dirt left would mean we would say goodbye to our deposit. I researched horror stories on the internet of families who were refused their deposit because the toilet had limescale or they left a plantpot in the garden. I am in full panic mode and only have 10 days to make sure this house looks like a palace - despite it looking like a slum when we moved in. I have arranged a meeting with the landlord on Saturday so he can come and take a look for himself because at the end of the day, it's his opinion that matters. If he's happy then there's nothing the agency can do about it.

I would like to apologise for my incessant rambling and what was a random post being turned into a slight rant, but this is exactly what it's like to be inside my mind at the moment. Nothing is fitting together in complete sentences and as soon as I manage to finally finish something, there is always something else that needs to be completed.

And on top of all that, I have chipped yet again, another tooth.

I will leave you with that!

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John Mason said...

I can completely relate to you, my wife and I were so excited about moving into our new home with our second child on the way (were being the important word), but it's just so stressful. All of a sudden it dawns on you just how much stuff you have, where did this stuff come from, what do you do with it? Our new home isn't even miles bigger so as a compromise we're looking into using someone like ABC Selfstore just until we find some time to properly go through it all and throw away the stuff we don't want anymore. It seems like a good temporary fix, whilst we deal with the other troubles of moving home!