Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Call me a big kid if you will, but there's something magical about when it snows. Don't get me wrong, I moan along with the rest of you about how much more difficult it's going to make everything, but inside I'm buzzing like a five year old after a can of coke. 

Snow seems to make everything peaceful again. The slate is wiped clean and everything looks so gorgeous. I never thought it would snow, only that morning I had been on the phone to my Mum saying "it won't snow. They've been saying it's going to snow since November and it hasn't. It's not going to happen". Imagine my surprise when later on that day, a quick glance out of the window proved me wrong. It was't falling thick or fast, just a light sprinkling of snow falling. However, that light sprinkling of snow continued for 6 hours straight and absolutely covered everything in sight. It wasn't quite the 10-15inches we'd been promised, but it was definitely just as exciting. Being the big kid I am, I had to put my footprints in the first falling of snow. There is nothing better than walking in untouched snow!

My excitement continued, even as the snow stopped at the thoughts of Princess waking up in the morning and seeing it! She's seen snow before, we had it last year, but at that point she was only a few months old and didn't understand. This year however, she's walking, running and getting excited over anything and everything so I couldn't wait for her to see it. I also couldn't wait for her to finally be able to wear her Vertbaudet snow suit that she got for her Birthday back in October! Unfortunately, a bunch of students who live across the road came out during the night and trampled every single piece of snow having a snow ball fight. Fair enough, they built a snowman, but c'mon, leave it to the kids. I'd have quite gladly built a snowman in my own back yard, but when I know children are going to be playing in it, I'd leave it for them. 

The next morning was a slow one, we were late getting up, late getting ready etc etc, you know how Sunday mornings go. We had to make our way to Charlotte's and would the pushchair go through the snow? Would it hell! So out of the pushchair Princess comes and straight into Daddy's arms because there is no chance in hell I can carry her up the street! (Lets be realistic, she's half the size of me already and at her last weigh in was just under 2 stone!) Daddy put Princess down on the floor and let her gaze in wonder at what the white stuff covering the ground was. She loved to walk in it! Didn't like the touch of it so much, but she couldn't get enough of walking over all of the lumps and bumps and stamping her feet in fresh snow! By the time we got to Charlotte's and the kids had convinced their Uncle to build a snowman, Princess was back outside playing in it. At one point she face planted the floor, and bless her heart, she didn't so much as whimper. 


Sadly though, snow has now ceased to exist. It has been replaced by an ugly looking grey slush and has made it impossible for me to leave the house. Ice I can handle, I can cling to the handles of the pushchair for balance and skate my way to wherever I want to be, but slush, now that's a different story. I needed the Post Office yesterday and I didn't even manage to get half way up the street before I had to turn around and drag the pushchair back home. There is no chance the wheels can be pushed through, and everytime it gets stuck and I have to push it forward, my soaking wet feet go sliding behind me. 

Don't be fooled by the expression!

So the snow may have only lasted for a few hours, but it was everything it needed to be. Princess got to play in it for the very first time, I got to feel the excitement of a child at Christmas, and it made everything feel new again.


Miss Dazzling Purple Horses said...

Lovely topic and gorgeous pictures x

MistySrsly said...

Thanks Linz! x