Monday, 9 January 2012

Sleep is overrated... but then again I wouldn't know.

I must warn you before I begin, that this may turn in to a bit of a rant. Not intentionally, but I have a tendency to go that way.

My daughter, we'll call her Princess (because I always do) is 15months old exactly today, and doesn't sleep through the night. On average I have about 5 wake up calls a night. During these wake up calls I simply wander into her bedroom like a zombie, and pop a bottle in her mouth and she drifts back off to sleep within minutes. Now you may be screaming "WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HER A BOTTLE!?" The answer is simple: if I don't, she will scream the entire house down for the rest of the night.

Believe me when I tell you, I have tried every possible means of getting her to sleep through. I have tried refusing her a bottle, which just results in incessant screaming. I have tried dummies - but she has refused them since she was 2 weeks old. I have tried substituting milk for juice - she'll just wake up for that too. I have tried controlled crying - trust me, it's Princess who does the controlling. Every single idea the Health Visitor has thrown at me, I have tried but to no avail. Princess simply doesn't want to sleep.

Usually it doesn't bother me, but after a particularly bad Saturday night in which she woke up more than 15 times, I feel that this is hugely unfair. I have not had a full nights sleep, no scratch that, more than a six hour block of sleep, in over 17 months. The last 2 months of my pregnancy made it impossible for me to sleep through the night, between the constant leg cramps and needing to pee, it just wasn't happening. Princess has not slept through the night ONCE, since she was born.

I've come to terms with this now, sort of. I've accepted she probably won't sleep through for a while. Lets face it, she's not going to be waking up in the night for a bottle at the age of 16 now is she? *crosses fingers*

Although I have now turned into one of them women who will give you evil daggers if you declare to me you are tired. Couldn't sleep? At least you have a choice. Know what I'm saying? If you've been ill, I'll allow you that, it's hardly your fault. But the ones that annoy me the most, are those who's children sleep through the night 99% of the time, yet the one night they don't, all they can do is moan and whinge about it and declare that they are a zombie through lack of sleep. I would very much like to give them Princess for a night and then wish them well waking up in the morning. 

This post isn't for sympathy, far from it. In fact I would love it if somebody else came on here and proclaimed that their child also doesn't sleep through the night. At least I would know at 3am in the morning when I'm sleepily trying to mix formula into water and miss the bottle resulting in a pile of powder on the carpet, that I am not the only one. 

People often say that sleep is overrated. I would very much like the chance to find out for myself.

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PoshBird said...

Hey misty :-) love your post ! I know where you're coming from. My first daughter slept through from 9 weeks but the second didn't sleep through ntil she was 4 yrs old ! Sorry hon don't mean to depress you but even th she didn't sleep through the waking up g ot less as she got older, say just once a night. It does get easier and you do get through it, and yes i too wanted to punch mothers with sleeping children on the nose ! I am sure princess won't be as ace as my little monkey was ! Hang in there x x