Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Grumblebees

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Princess has taken to school life like a fish to water and I have no doubt in my mind that she loves every second of it.

She will often tell us stories of what she's been up to that day, what stories they've read and charm us with newly learned nursery rhymes. The last week or so however, she's been different.

She won't sleep.

Now in Princess world, this is nothing new. She stopped napping at 10months old, will often still be awake gone 10pm at night and bright as a button in the morning. This time though, it was something different keeping her awake. She was scared.

This is new for us. There's not much that scares Princess. Don't get me wrong, she has the odd small anxieties like shadows in her bedroom and she was rather freaked out by the Scream masks during the Halloween period - but nothing has ever scared her enough to stop her from even venturing upstairs.

I've been on annual leave from work for nearly a fortnight so I initially thought it may be the change in routine. After about the 4th or so night of melt downs, tears and tantrums whilst trying to get her to bed, she finally succumbed and told us the reason.

She was frightened of the Grumblebees.

A flash of recognition came in to my mind. Earlier that day, on the way to nursery, she had told me that once we got home she was going to help me tidy my bedroom. When I asked why she said that if my room wasn't tidy, then the Grumblebee's would come and get me. I didn't think much of it at first, just assumed it was a story she'd heard, or even one she'd created - her imagination is huge.

Later that night though, after again another round of tears trying to get her to bed, we gave in and left her be on the sofa. She was quiet for a while, fiddling with her fingers and I assumed it was because she was tired. Eventually she came over to me crying and showed me her hands. She had picked her nail right down, and then had even started picking it across so only half of her nail was left.

When I asked her why she had done it, she said because she was tired.

I could have cried. My happy, confident and bright girl had physically hurt herself in order to stay awake. She was that terrified of going to sleep.

I was furious. I googled the Grumblebees and found the book online. It's about 2 older bee's who teach their niece & nephew a lesson by showing them how 'gross, uncomfortable and horrible' things can be when you don't 'clean up after yourself, get enough sleep and misbehave'.

In some ways it sounds fairly innocent, but I don't agree that the nursery should have read it to her. For a start, the reading age is 4-8years which is not within the right age group anyway. I've had a word with her teacher, and explained how it's effected my girl. The teacher herself was shocked as I explained the lengths Princess had gone to in order to keep herself awake. She too was worried, and rightly so. She agreed to speak with Princess and explain to her that the stories we read in books aren't real. I'm not sure if it will work, but hopefully hearing it from someone else will help her realise.

 The nursery haven't mentioned anything since, but Princess is still afraid of the Grumblebee's; even after Grandad said he had captured them all and put them in the bin. She's not slept properly in nearly 2 weeks. The lack of sleep is causing her to be grumpy and misbehave. Ross and I are struggling to handle bedtime because she simply refuses. We've relented and agreed to let her sleep on the sofa until we go to bed, but that just means she'll mess around for as long as possible, fighting sleep.

There's not much more we can do. We've spoken to the source who have agreed to help. We've tried reading her different stories at bedtime in the hopes it will take her mind off of monsters. We've tried having her in our bed which doesn't make much difference.

All I can hope, is that it is another night time phase she will grow out of. We've always had trouble with her sleeping routine and bedtime habits - she's incapable of sticking to a routine for long. Most of the time she settles in to a routine that suits us all by herself, but after a few weeks, that routine can change. It doesn't matter how strict, persuasive or adamant we are - if she doesn't want to sleep, she's not sleeping.

In future, I will have more interaction with the nursery about the books they are reading to Princess.  I don't want it to get to this point again. I think her overactive imagination and the fact she's an intent listener has just allowed her to misinterpret the story. But even so, I think parents should have more involvement in the books they read to our children. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Weeks That Were - Sports, Reports & MOT's

Since my Clean 9 results, I've been pretty quiet over here - I've been enjoying my new found weight loss. Also, not much interesting has happened.

Although over the past few weeks, TONNES has happened. However, because so much has happened, I haven't had the time to update the blog.

We saw Princess take part in her very first sports day! I won't bore you with loads of pictures - mainly because the school doesn't allow any to be shared on social media - but I was so proud of how well she did.

We were a bit worried at first - Princess can be competitive. However she's not the most sportiest of children. Our fears were soon dashed though as we watched her eager to take part and actually begin to enjoy herself once she got in to the swing of things. There was a hiccup during the running race, reason being because she didn't win. At first she was at the back, but next thing you know, she's overtaking kids like she's Michael Schumacher and speeds her way in to 3rd place. She could well have come 2nd if she hadn't given up at the final hurdle after realising she wasn't going to come first. There were a few tears and was adamant that was IT, but she eventually got herself back in there and went on to win the tomato & spoon race.


As well as her very first sports day, we also received Princess's first school report. I was so pleased to read the comments the teachers had written about our girl. She's confident, sociable and eager to please. She's attentive, imaginative and helpful. All of this we already knew, but don't get to see as much of at home. They don't set targets in the first year at nursery as the teacher said all children start with a clean slate - neither of them better or worse at something than another child. When September starts the will all receive individual evaluations that they will base their reports on. Right now though, we are so proud of where she is. She has fitted in to school routine so well, and I know that given the chance, she would go at least 3 days a week rather than the afternoons she does now.

 Unfortunately, all of this wonderful praise coming our way over our brilliant daughter, could  not help the car pass it's MOT. When Ross called me and told me it had failed - I wasn't surprised. We had expected it to fail over the CV boot (I don't know what that is - I'm just pretending) However, it failed on more than that. The handbrake wasn't working properly and the brake pipes were severely corroded.

After a quick trip to Ross's friend at the garage at the top of our road - we were informed that the pipes weren't corroded, just had surface rust. At most, it should have been an advisory, nowhere near a fail. We panicked. We didn't have the money to replace them at £300+. So we did the next best thing... we cleaned them. That's right, yours truly got underneath a jacked up Vauxhall Vectra with a scrubbing brush, some sandpaper and some grease and cleaned away. Ross changed the brake pads to get the maximum hold from his handbrake and I scrubbed until the pipes sparkled.

It passed!

The most annoying thing about the situation is that if we'd have had the funds to replace the brake pipes - we would have. But it turns out that the fail was completely unnecessary and all they needed was a clean, not replacing. They didn't even get an advisory on the retest! That's how good of a cleaner I am! It feels like the garage failed it, hoping Ross would have paid them to fix the car when it didn't even need fixing. My tip would be that if you ever feel like your car was unfairly denied an MOT, then remember most garages will do a free brake/tyre/engine check. Get a second opinion!

So there are my weeks that were.

I feel like I'm falling behind again, but I'm trying. Things are tough, but they're looking up. We're getting on with life day by day and enjoying the good parts whilst we can.

Monday, 30 June 2014

10 Random Facts About Me

So I'm totally bored, suffering from insomnia and I've had a few too many glasses of wine. This has all lead to you've guessed it.. 10 facts about me! I will try to make them as random as possible, but really.. who knows? Let's see..

If I were 2 inches shorter I would be classed as a dwarf. I really am that short. I just about reach exactly 5ft (or so my Doctor says) so stood next to most people, I'm very little. And people like to point this fact out. All. The. Time. They also tend to pick me up when they hug me. Just so you know.. that's not okay.

I was offered the chance to go to a private girls school on scholarship. That's right bitches, I'm actually quite clever. I aced my SAT's in Primary School and my teacher put me forward for a scholarship to continue my education and it was successful. Unfortunately being so young, I turned it down in favour of going to secondary school with my friends. I was also a bit nervous about the uniform. It didn't end too badly though, I passed all GCSE's with Grade C or higher and I have A Levels in Sociology and Psychology *pops collar*


I was not named after the film "Play Misty for Me". Seriously. Every single person who I have ever had to say my name to (usually at work - so for the past 8 years) has asked me this question. For the record, my Mum has stated I was named after the song Misty Blue (the one David played for Carol on Eastenders *sob*) although my Grandma would always state it was because of the colour of my eyes. I would have been called Misty Blue were it not for my surname.. That's just child abuse.

I can roughly type up to 300+ words per minute. Clearly I spend too much time on the computer, but I once timed myself whilst typing - it's actually ridiculous. As you can imagine I also touch type, I don't look at the keyboard whilst typing which I'm sure most of you don't. I'm surprised I don't have carpal tunnel. Customers are usually quite impressed with this skill.

My favourite food is onion ring crisps. I'm not even joking. I will eat those bad boys until I can't feel the roof of my mouth. I refuse to buy them anymore because I'm convinced they are the reason I am fat.

I have no tattoo's or piercings. Apart from my ears, and I cried when I had them done. I had my ears pierced originally at the age of 8 (I think - correct me if I'm wrong Mum!) but after a bash to the head in the school playground, they fell out. I didn't pluck up the courage again until I was 14, and I cried whilst walking around Primark. Since then I've never dared have any other piercing and tattoo's terrify me, despite wanting one desperately.

I prefer my own company. Whilst I love going out with friends or spending an evening on the sofa watching TV with Ross.. I like to spend time by myself. I enjoy getting lost in a book, creating a blog post (more creative than this, obv) thinking about my novel, painting my nails or even just cleaning up. If I spend too much time around other people I start to get stressed and anxious and retreat in to myself. I need my alone time.

I can't swim. Like seriously.. I just can't. I took lessons all of my life - even took private lessons. Tried to teach myself, had friends try to teach me.. but it just won't happen. I have an inexplicable fear of deep water. I could probably swim enough to save my life (if a boat started to sink right next to the beach) but I've never been able to get the hang of it. I've nearly drowned several times in my attempt to learn to swim, but I just can't do it. I don't float.. I sink. Fat bitch.

I can drink most men under the table. Srsly. I may be short, but I can handle my drink. I am usually the last person standing at most parties and apart from my strange inability to do shots in one go, I can handle my liquor like a sailor. I don't drink pints - pints are for pansies. What are they, like 4% alcohol? Be a man and drink a glass of wine! I once drank a large bottle of malibu, several alcopops, 4 beers, more shots than I can count and a bottle of wine, and was still standing. My poor, poor liver.

I had my 16th Birthday party in a police station. And not because I was locked up for being drunk and disorderly. My Grandad was a police officer and they had a bar upstairs in the station - seriously - most stations have these. Most of the "orange juices" laid out had vodka in them, I remember sneaking off to the toilet for fags, having a tour of the room where they kept confiscated items (including drugs and weapons) and some random bloke playing the bagpipes. We had karaoke, where we belted out Bon Jovi, I had friends sneaking out for spliffs outside (I'm actually serious) and going home pissed as a fart. That was also the year I got my Tinkerbell suitcase which Ross's niece Millie-Jayne now owns. That was a GOOD birthday. Did I mention.. it was a surprise party?

So there you have it.. 10 RANDOM facts about me. Took me ages to think of those.

What random facts about yourself do you have?